From The WTF Files: A Nose Above The Rest

The Japanese really never cease to amaze with their inventiveness:

Beauty Lift High Nose – Create the perfect profile with electric vibrations

Rachel:  According to the description, this little contraption will vibrate your nose for 3 minutes a day making it “higher & firmer”.  Um, I had no idea that I needed my nose to be high and firm.  As if I need something else to worry about as the grips of aging take over my face… and ass.  I wonder if this is the nasal equivalent of doing squats.  And if so, can I strap a bunch to my derriere and work a high & tight booty?  Something to ponder on a Sunday afternoon as I come up with excuses for not going to the gym…  And to think the Housewives have been wasting their hardly-earned time & money on the plastic surgeon’s operating table when they could be fixing their noses in the privacy of their own manses!  The horror!

Melissa:  OK, this… I just don’t get.  Granted there are a lot of things I don’t get, but this just takes the cake (mmm, cake).  I can only imagine it feels like the equivalent of that pre-sneeze tingly sensation.  I can barely tolerate 5-10 seconds of that let alone 3 minutes!!  That being said, I’ve never been told I have a droopy nose to feel like I have to lift and firm it.  Maybe if I were to hear people whispering “That Melissa, she really let her nose go”… I, in a moment of panic, I might look to this product as a way of getting my nose back to the 20-year-old version.

From: Japan Trend Shop


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