From The WTF Files: Bikini-pants

Oh no, I totally want to look like a tramp but all my thongs are in the wash!!  Thank goodness I have  Jeans Bikini-pants for the night.

Jeans Bikini-pants ($88) for girls

Melissa:  $88?!?  Man it’s not cheap to look… Well, cheap!  They also come in black and white, you know for when you want to get gussied up.  I can’t stop thinking of what an odd muffin top that’s going to make on someone – because you know someone who isn’t a 00 is going to want to rock this look.  Not to mention the necessary waxing that needs to happen before you head out in these.  I’m also imagining multiple pairs of these stuffed into the back of  Christina Aguilera’s closet from her Stripped days.

Rachel:  Well finally there’s a clothing line for those who want to look like strippers in their off hours.  I mean you can’t count on Lucite heels alone to generate the kind of attention you’re craving.  And these jeans are screaming for someone to “make it rain”.  Can you just imagine what that looks like from behind when in a seated position?  That’s just gotta be full ass on chair… and not even in the realm of comfortable.  Then again, I’m going to assume that you’re not really putting comfort at the top of your priority list when you’re making this your choice in party wear.  I mean going to bathroom alone is going to take a level of effort that I stopped being interested in exerting about 15 years go.   I guess that’s why the site says they’re for “girls” and not “women”.  Wait, but now that just makes it even creepier…



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