July’s Featured Wines – First Flight

Hope everyone out there had a happy 4th and managed to stay cool in the parts of the country that are burning hotter than the fireworks we watched last night.  It’s a strange feeling when you’re living in Florida and half the country is experiencing hotter weather than you are.  But it’s really nothing a little wine can’t help out with and I’ve got two I think you’ll enjoy…

Darioush Signature Viognier 2011 

What They Say:  Enchanting aromas of honeysuckle, jasmine and orange blossom laced with exotic notes of lychee and clove usher in in our lively, floral-spiced 2011 Signature Viognier. With a lightly chalky texture that coats and broadens the palate, the wine’s vivid notes of Asian pear, kumquat and orange zest are supported by classic flavors of white peaches, apricots and rose petal that linger on the fresh, well-defined finish.

What We Say:  I first had the Darioush Viognier years ago at a girls’ dinner where I was lucky enough to be in the company of a friend of the restaurant’s chef.  He sent over a bottle of the wine and it blew all of us away.  We couldn’t stop talking about how much we loved the wine, which I’m sure the chef loved.  That being said, it’s been one of my consistent favorites ever since, even though it’s not readily available at the local Total Wine.  However, it’s worth the effort to order online.  The delicious notes of honeysuckle, orange & peach make it a crowd pleaser; especially on a hot summer day.  There’s a reason the 2010 vintage made the Robb Report’s Best of the Best 2012.

Blend Information:  100% Viognier

Region:  Napa Valley

Price Point: $41 on the winery website

Website:   www.darioush.com

Radio Boca Tempranillo 2010

What They Say:  Radio Boca is from Valencia. You’ve probably heard of Valencia in reference to its famous oranges, or its famous dish, the Paella. There’s also a raucous festival in Valencia, The Falles known worldwide for its all night revelry. But Valencia also produces a very fine Tempranillo. The Tempranillo in Radio Boca grows mostly on the mountainside, on head pruned vines 25-50 years old. Altitude with attitude. The soils vary from dark miocene to chalky lime. Balmy days, brisk nights. What’s not to like for a vine living in Valencia?? The people from Valencia make a point of getting the most out of life. So do the wines. (They don’t say much about the wine itself as far as taste/finish/etc as they leave it to “the people” to give feedback on what they think… I dig that.)

What We Say:  I was at a birthday party at one of those wine bars where you pay for a debit card and taste wines from self-service machines.  I actually happen to love these bars because you can sample so many different wines without having to buy a full glass.      I have to be honest that I was disappointed with a lot of their offerings and really didn’t want to fall back on old stand-bys.  That’s when I saw Radio Boca.  I thought the name was odd (I live in Florida so I immediately think Boca Raton – not the epicenter of the wine world) but I do like a Tempranillo, so I tried it.  What a surprise!  It’s got moderate tannins and tastes of chocolate, cherry and spice.  Yum!  When I looked it up later and saw the price, I was even more surprised.  A bottle of this little gem is the $10 & under category.  Hurry up and order yourself a bottle or two.

Blend Information:  100% Tempranill0

Region:  Valencia, Spain

Price Point: $7.99 on their website

Website: www.radiobocawines.com


4 responses to “July’s Featured Wines – First Flight

  1. Darioush is a favorite of mine too. If you ever get the chance to visit the winery, do it. It’s definitely an experience.

    • Yes, I’m dying to go there. I’ve seen pics online and it looks like the property is as impressive as the wine. I’ve been to wine country a few times but never managed to get to Darioush. It’s on my ever-growing list of things to do.

  2. If you ever do make it to the winery, call ahead and see if you can get a private tasting. The owner’s son(I believe) gives the most interesting explanation of their process I’ve ever heard. Plus the story behind the building is quite entertaining.

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