Bethenny Ever After Season 3 Week 10: Unregrettable

One Sentence Summary:  Bethenny catches up with Daddy’s old Buddies sending her Daddy issues into high gear – can’t wait for therapy THIS week!!

It’s the end of the season and I didn’t have enough footage for a full show??

Melissa’s Thoughts:

Yes, I’m a mess lately.  I write posts and never hit the actual publish button and I take a good week to detox from visiting the Winey Bitch South Florida office.  Now, here I am, hat in hand (yet again) with last week’s Bethenny for your reading pleasure and a promise not to let you down for the rest of the summer (quite the promise since the season finale is the next episode).  I’ll even start drinking all the bottles of Skinnygirl I have in the refrigerator.

The House that Booze Built

Listen, I want a shrine right here to my booze – with mirrors and lights, and maybe something spinning that draws attention to me.

We catch up this week at Bethenny’s new apartment with her frustrations out in the open that no one is on the same page with anything.  Booze bought the apartment, so she thinks there should be a proper bar / shrine to what made her who she is today – so OF COURSE we need a Bethenny montage with a few reflections from her crazy face pregnancy.  Anywho, the bar can’t be hidden behind a television armoire looking thing… It needs to be big, bold and take center stage – kind of like Bethenny


I’m teaching you frio because I’m so caliente

Bethenny takes Bryn to the Tribeca Language School for Children & Adults to learn Spanish.  OMG, how cure are all these kids?  Not to mention Mr. Teacher.  Bethenny and Jason think to make her more well rounded Bryn should be able to speak 2 languages.  OK, clearly this is the memory lane episode because I’m having flashbacks again and there’s Bethenny with her huge ass pregnancy jaw talking about her pregnancy and Bryn.

Pappa’s Pals

Your pop… He loved you… I mean, he loved me, so I guess he loved you too.

Ah, it’s the sit down with Daddy’s boys.  Louie starts things off saying he loves Bethenny’s father, and wishes she had a different relationship with him.  Bethenny didn’t have a proper relationship with her father and actually called her step-father “Dad” and called her father by his first name.  Oh no Louie didn’t just call Jason a Johnny-come-lately not understanding the relationship.  Out of loyalty Louie tries to get Bethenny to see how much her biological father really loved her, but didn’t express it the way she needed it.


OK, so tell me, how does Wendy do everything she does?

Bethenny brings some swag for Wendy for an appearance.  We need to catch back up because Bethenny was looking for an opportunity to have her own talk show… or rather a 6 week test.  Her focus is on Wendy because she was the first to ever do the 6 week summer run.  Being the quick to see an opportunity present and act, Bethenny takes the opportunity with the make-up guys to ask all the questions she can to understand what Wendy did for her show.


So wait, you’re telling me I’m growing as a person. Does that mean I might not have to shell out money for this anymore?

Things are good with Jason, so what shall we focus on for this week?  She shares her visit with her step-father and how it made her feel.  Dr. A points out her that her sense of family is growing and how she stepped up with her biological father and how she reached out to him.  Ugh… Of all the times NOT to have a magical memory montage.  Dr. A tells her she’s had a great breakthrough in not running.

Baller Bowl

Ever wonder what a 5 grand toilet looks like? Bethenny does, and is ever on the look out for the perfect throne.

At Davis & Warshow (Kitchen and Bath) Bethenny and Jason shop for toilets and sinks.  I swear to all that is holy, is she constantly looking for toilets??

Take A Moment

shhhh… I’m having my Mary Tyler Moore moment.

Bethenny is starting to really love their new place and gives Jason props on all the work and help he’s been with everything.  WOW, that was genuinely pleasant of Bethenny and completely non-confrontational.  zzzzzzzzzzzz… Oh sorry, I nodded off during that last montage.  Jason and Bethenny discuss the road that brought them to their apartment but the idea of a second child.

Bottom Line:

Thanks for the walk down memory lane Bravo.  Did you run out of legit film and that’s why we had to have the Scooby-Do flash back episode?


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