America’s Next Top Model British Invasion – Week 11, Jez Smith

The final three girls are given male model escorts to help them find their go-sees.

Rachel:   We’re back and down to the final three; Sophie, Laura & Annaliese.  As we all know, my favorite, Azmarie, was eliminated after she pulled attitude with Tyra.  But I will say that Sophie & Laura are both very strong contenders and worthy of the final runway.  I like Annaliese a lot but I’m not sure she checks as many boxes on the “Top Model” qualification list as the other two.  Just ask Kelly Cutrone who has tried to knock her from the competition every week.  Let’s see if she finally gets her way…

Back at the hotel, the girls are still traumatized by the surprise exit of both Alisha & Eboni.  They respect Alisha for leaving for her own reasons as her spirit was very low.  And by respect they mean are thrilled to pieces that she left.  Just puts them all one step closer to the prize.  And once again, we hear about Laura having to grow up fast.  Yeah, we get it.

But it’s time for another round of go-sees.   Laura is sick of them and isn’t thrilled to have to go on a third round.  Yeah, you might want to get un-sick pretty quickly since you’re not ever going to stop going on them if you’re going to be a model.  Just a thought.

The girls meet Kelly Cutrone on a ferry headed over to Hong Kong.  She tells them Hong Kong is one of the top fashion cities in the world and they will be meeting with the top 4 fashion designers.  For every job they book, they will bank $1,000 Hong Kong dollars.  That is a potential total of $4,000 Hong Kong or $500 US.  That’s far less exciting after the conversion.  Even better news is that they will be escorted by 3 male models who will take them around town to their appointments.  No hysterical drama of not being able to find a designer this year.  Somewhere Brittany Hatch is screaming that it’s not fair.

Oh Sophie, you wore the wrong undies for a go-see!  Bad girl.  Nude thong, girl.  Nude thong.  But the first designer likes her even if we can all see her black undies through the pink dress.  And Laura, you’re supposed to wear your hair back.  But most people are noticing that she doesn’t have a great walk than the fact that

Annaliese models bananas for a designer who is clearly bananas himself.

she’s not sporting the “model ponytail”.  Designer William Tang thinks Annaliese has flair.  Henry Lau was less impressed with her.  But can we talk about the fact that someone named their fashion line “Nude Is Rude”?  That can only be pulled off if the clothes are super cool…. And they’re kinda cool.  Jury’s still out on the name.  And the banana at House of Siren who put rhinestone bananas of his own on a bra & undies set.  Definitely not the usual suspects here.

Back at the pier, Kelly is waiting for them to give them the results.  Laura – All the designers loved meeting her, but a few were on the fence about her ability to walk and present their clothes in a show.  Annaliese & Sophie both had stand-out go-sees.  The designers thought Annaliese was exotic, bubbly and had a great walk.  Sophie charmed the pants off of everyone.  Laura booked 2 of 4.  Annaliese booked 3 of 4.  Sophie booked all 4 shows and is the challenge winner.  Along with her $4k, she will be shooting all of Nude Is Rude’s campaigns for the whole year.  She’s also getting free clothes from all the designers.  The girls get to take their money and party in Hong Kong with their male escorts.

For tonight’s photo shoot, they’re shooting for the ANTM fragrance, Dream Come True.  They’ll be posing inside a life-sized bottle where it’s all about appearing youthful and joyful.  Ben Bennet, the girls’ client today, says he’s a tough client because the image for a fragrance ad has to be captivating.  Laura is nervous because she is not a girlie girl princess.  She doesn’t know what she’s going to do in a pretty pink dress.  Please get over yourself already, Laura. But first is Sophie who was “magical” according to Mr. Jay.  Annaliese couldn’t feel the excitement and happy until the final 20 frames.  Laura has a hard time turning down the sexy and bringing the innocence.  No sexy, no Laura.

Panel – Laura is first and pulled off a beautiful ethereal shot.  Jez agrees that it’s beautiful but doesn’t think the client was as sold on her.  Kelly says youthful is hard and this doesn’t look aspirational for 18-year-olds.  Tyra says the photo was beautiful and she’d want to buy the fragrance, but she’s not the target.  Annaliese won Kelly over this week with her go-sees.  She thinks she’s come a long way and is really proud of her.  Nigel says the photo doesn’t look like a model, but booking so many go-sees just shows the power of presence.  Jez thought she froze up and didn’t bring her natural bubbly self to the shoot.  But she didn’t give up and he really respects that.  Tyra says it’s Michelle Obama meets Venus Williams meets catalogue.  Her smile saved it from being disastrous.  Sophie – Jez says this brief was made for her.  Nigel says he doesn’t think she looks that youthful in the picture, but that doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful.  He would have liked it if she had

Sophie gets best picture sending her to the finals.

more of a sense of humor in her face.  Kelly thinks it’s more youthful than some of the other photos they’ve seen, but she would have liked to have seen “I’m fun” in the photo.

Best Photo:  Sophie

Going Home:  Annaliese

Bottom Line:  Sophie and Laura are going to stomp to the death next week for the title in a Forever 21 show.  Being that Laura’s weaknesses are her runway walk and bringing the sweet to photos when it’s Cover Girl shoot time, I have a feeling it’s Sophie’s to lose.  That’s who I’m pulling for anyway.


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