Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding: At the Fifty Yard Line in 200 or less

Our Thoughts:

Kim un-invites her mom and stresses over Brielle’s first Homecoming – hoping her daughter isn’t like her.

See, we didn’t keep this much space between us when we were “dancing”, and that’s why you have the little brother you hate.

Melissa’s 200-ish:

More story-time with Kim and KJ – this the dumbest start to a show ever.  It’s the night of Brielle’s homecoming and Nana won’t show – hello dysfunctional family.  Kim worries about Brielle’s date scoring tonight so confides her concerns to send Kroy.  I adore the sanctimonious attitudes of these two, you’d think they waited until they were married before they touched each-other.  Hello, I’m not a fan of Brielle’s Fraggle Rock dress.  Colin Cowie is in town for Kim’s tasting (which she told Nana was cancelled), and ew there was a hair in Kroy’s salad. Way to keep your cool, I would have upchucked that salad.  Kim and Jen plot the wedding wigs with Derek who wants to wait for the day of for the final decision.  Kim thinks she should send the dog down the isle in a wig for the rehearsal.  Kim’s mother isn’t happy being cut out of the tasting (FYI, don’t tweet about it if you don’t want people finding out Kim) and it turns into a yelling match with Kim hanging up on her mother – good to see they can both behave as adults.


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