Jerseyicious: Friends and Family Fiasco in 200 or less

Our Thoughts:

Gigi is going to try her hand in dating… That’s right friends, we’re going to get to see some of Jersey’s finest!

You hired a barber with a faux-hawk mullet??

Melissa’s 200:

Olivia decides Gigi needs to get out talking to men, but no Guido tuxedos (track suit – love it!).  Olivia forces and awkward intro, but Gigi gets digits.  At Ant’s new salon work is progressing, and interviews begin.  Gayle is still smarting over Olivia’s mobile salon move and needs to do something like promoting Tango’s barber skills.  Ant brings his old and new staff together and suggests a soft opening.  Tracy gains a new rival at the salon.  Again, Olivia takes charge and calls Gigi’s guy from the bar for a date.  Gayle calls Olivia to the carpet for her “treachery” and plans to talk to Anthony.  OMG, this opening will be a disaster… They don’t have a bathroom (sending clients to 7-11)!!  Who opens anything without a bathroom?  Gigi’s date eats cheese so he’s out… who dislikes cheese Gigi??  Gayle stops to check Ant’s salon and points out the barber at the salon – because she has the only rights to a barber.  Cathy flips over Gayle’s comments about Filly being a manager… Hello crazy, glad you could stop by.  Ant heads out in a huff.  Gigi thinks she’s ready to move on and date.


One response to “Jerseyicious: Friends and Family Fiasco in 200 or less

  1. Gigi , what was she thinking she never noticed the nice things frankie did for her,always expected something from him the reliationship between her father and mother should not had been compaired to her relationship with Frankie

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