Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding: The Biermanns are Coming in 200 or less

Our Thoughts:

Kim needs to win over her future In-laws… Something tells me they won’t approve of her antics.

Way to roll out the welcome wagon for the family with take-out mom.

Melissa’s 200-ish:

Yes, apparently we are going to be forced to start each show with Kim doing the intro to KJ.  With 5 weeks to the wedding, Kim visits Rose the psychic who tells her the wedding will be fine even with her crazy mom.  The bombshell though is the in-laws don’t want Kroy marrying her – shocker.  Kim (read: Kendra) is busy trying to get the house ready for the ILs forcing Kim’s need for a cigarette.  The Biermann family descends and Kim… Man, I would love to know their thoughts on all the Kim photos.  How did I forget the naked Mommy photo was in the nursery??  That kid is going to need therapy.  What a wonderful family dinner of take-out – way to step up Kim, at least take it out of the containers!  Oh man, and Mama Biermann is teaching Kim to cook??  Holy fish out of water!  Quiet moment with Kroy for Kim to share her worries about his family’s acceptance.  Shun shows up with samples for Mother Of dresses, with one mom short – I smell trouble.


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