Bethenny Ever After Season 3 Week 9: Grab Your Balloons

One Sentence Summary:  Back to work for Bethenny and the crew… Well, minus the one that bailed.

Look, we have the same smile!!

Melissa’s Thoughts:

Yeah baby, my second favorite blogger Nick is back to spend some QT with Bethenny.  Yes, my favorite blogger is of course my wonderful partner in crime.  Yeah, I’m shameless, but the girl is awesome and makes me seem funnier than I really am.  I digress, Bethenny tortures Nick with some yoga in hopes of… I don’t know, a chuckle maybe hoping he pops something in her presence.

Hey, hey, hey… Good bye

Oh look here, a resignation letter sent the second we touched down in New York.

Well, we all knew it was just a matter of her planting her feet back on US soil… Maggie quit.  She is very grateful for the opportunity Bethenny gave her, but she’s going with another (less psychotic) opportunity.  Um, yeah it was too much for her would be my guess.  Julie thought it was bound to happen and suggests Jason step into a Skinnygirl role running the hen house.

Tile Searching at the Bar

pssst… don’t tell my husband but I want to marry you, this store/bar is fantastic!!

Bethenny and Jason are off at the tile store to try to tie all the elements of their home together via bathroom tile.  But first… The hit the in shop bar.  I think if more companies had alcohol people would be much happier and make better decisions.  Here me out folks… Who out there hasn’t has some of the best conversations and come up with the most creative solutions to a problem after knocking back a couple of cocktails??  Seriously.  Not many is what I’m thinking.  Sorry, I digress.  Bethenny is all in with the owner thinking he’s her soulmate now that he has a bar at his shop.  See how quickly these decisions are happening after the booze starts to kick in?

Yoga with Nick

I thought it would be hilarious to capture your torture on camera

Aw, my buddy Nick is back meeting Bethenny at Yogaworks.  Why?  No idea, maybe it’s her idea of a practical joke.  Poor guy, this will be completely awkward for him I think.  Clearly Nick is having difficulty remembering to breathe while trying to get into his proper positions (who doesn’t).  I feel ya my friend, I didn’t really break my wrist doing Crossfit, it was a downward dog gone bad… OK, I jest, but it could totally happen with my lack of coordination and complete absence of grace.

Whose down with OCD… Yeah you know Me!

Yes, I judge people who don’t color coordinate their underwear bins, and clear bins for thongs only, no one wants to see the granny panties.

While planning the closet Bethenny seems shocked to learn that her “clutter” is really only clutter in an OCD world where everything needs to be symmetrical and color coded by season and cross referenced with a sticky dot system for the time and date of purchased.  When it comes to the vanity for the room, they need to get a new one for the side wall away from the windows because of the heat – apparently the one she currently has is loud and this room is quiet.  OK, my two cents would be to put the vanity up against the windows so you have natural light.  Maybe that’s why I’m not a designer.

What’s in a Name?

OOOHFAH, you want to actually pay them NOT to live here? That won’t be cheap.

Bethenny thinks there might be a solution to the people moving into the apartment before the new space is finished… Pay them 15 grand to stay in an apartment to save her sanity.  Jason thinks it’s not worth it to pay rent, hotel and a mortgage.  Bethenny thinks he needs to step up and get things done, but he realizes her name has more pull than his (wise man), but Bethenny doesn’t understand why she has to do it.  OK, here’s the deal Jason… Log into Bethenny’s email account and send the emails with her signature.  Voila, problem solved.  Maybe you should hire me as your assistant.

In or Out

Can I fire my husband even before I hire him?

Jason’s first Skinnygirl meeting with the ladies, and the first argument begins over who is handling what.  Poor Jackie can’t keep up with anything other than “sorry” when she misses something.  Here we go, Bethenny lays the challenge down to Jason that he needs to make the call if he’s going to be in or out.  He’s concerned the relationship will turn into just a working relationship.  The plan is an intern to get them through the holidays.

Girls Night

Who feels like an idiot for finding the balloon guy hot? I DO!!!

Bethenny and Jake head for a Girls Night at Lucky Chengs.  She’s not sure who the women are and asks the waiter for clarification to be informed they are an equal opportunity employer an occasionally hire “genetically real” girls.  Pre-Bethenny Jake was Queen of the night scene and chats up some old friends.  They get a visit from a tarot reader who has balls… And is willing to t-bag Bethenny to prove it.  She tells Bethenny to watch out for shady bitches and in the love department, Bethenny has to “spread her legs to get the turkey”.  I have no clue what that even means.  Next up the balloon maker to create for Jake a chick with a d*ck and for Bethenny a c*ck ring… And a fun time was had by all!!


Bethenny is back on the Dr. A’s couch talking about the arguments in Mexico.  She thinks she’s given Jason the impression she’s going to run, so that causes a lot of issues.  They managed to turn the ship around on the trip, which they know how to do – yet don’t do it enough.  She talks about Jason becoming part of Skinnygirl, because she wants him there (God forbid she ask him nicely without a demanding put up or shut up tone).  She thinks it’s complicated, but it’s not points out the good doc.  Seriously, I work with my husband… We’ve managed it for 12 years.  Trust me, we can go full on Broadway production of Stomp on each other’s nerves, but you figure it out.  The solution is to make it part of them, who they are and also the business.  There isn’t an exit strategy though if it’s not working out.  What do you want to bet Bethenny will have one by the next episode?

Snack Time

I can’t believe you eat… You are disgusting.

Apparently Bethenny is annoyed with Jason (shocker) because he eats all of her snacks.  Really, this is what you’re going to pick to argue about?  Wait, did she just deny him any more snacks?  The people who are to move to their place will let them stay, but they don’t want to come out of pocket for their hotel and storage to the tune of 10 grand plus everything else making it just shy of 20 grand.  DAMN, that’s an excellent idea!

Walk Through

Maybe if I squat like this long enough I’ll start shitting hundred dollar bills to pay for this place.

Jason and Bethenny visit the new space to look at the progress.  Every week there’s a purpose to the work says their Million Dollar Contractor.  Jason reluctantly confesses that Bethenny does in fact have a good eye for the work in the new place.  They are on schedule so far, but Jason wants to be more practical in their approach versus Bethenny’s just wanting everything.  According to Bethenny, she hunts and Jason gathers, facilitating, and orchestrating it all… They are a perfect team.

Bottom Line:

I was hoping for more of a Maggie eruption… sheesh… I’m still holding out hope for full Mt. St. Helens when Julie closes the door behind her.


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