America’s Next Top Model British Invasion – Week 9, Barney Cheng

The girls arrive in Macau, their new home for the rest of the competition

Rachel:  OK, I’m feeling calmer this week, though I’m still watching the rest of this season in protest.  Just so we’re clear on that.

Anywho, we’re down to two Americans and Laura feels the wrong one – Seymone – was sent home.  So much so that she feels the need to tell Eboni, who was in the bottom two with Seymone, that she doesn’t like her and that she’s so vain it’s sickening.  Man, Laura, back down.  You’re like a pit bull with a bone.   It’s not up to you to decide who stays and goes.  It’s starting to get really tiresome.  We know you’re a hard ass.  Just go be a hard ass somewhere else.

Nigel shows up to the house with Chinese food for dinner.  He tells the girls that modeling is all about their eyes.  If there’s something there, he can work with you.  Then he hands them giant fortune cookies.  Each girl reads hers and then it’s time for Nigel to read his.  His says, “Your fortune awaits you in Macau!”  Finally, they’re going overseas!  I don’t know why I love the foreign bits so much, but I do.  And I would love to go to Macau.  Ah, so jealous.

The girls arrive & are enamored of Macau.  They are welcomed at their hotel with singing, dancing dragons and Mr. Jay.  This hotel is ridiculous   I gotta figure out how to score me a trip there.  The excitement from the day wears off quickly though and the girls have had it with Sophie’s sloppiness.  Alisha is especially annoyed that Sophie took her clothes out of her suitcase, tried them on & left them on the floor.  Yeah, I’d be annoyed too.  Hey, an actual legit gripe!  Sophie apologizes, but Alisha continues to harp on it.  And harp on it.  And harp on it.  Damn girl, you got an apology.  Shut up and move on.

Time for their challenge.  The models arrive at Chee Hon Monastery to be greeted by Ms. Jay and Clement Chan, a Chinese Astrologer.  The Chinese believe that everything is tied to five elements:  water, fire, wood, metal and earth.  He is going to do a reading for the girls to see what element they are and what’s missing.  How fun!

Alisha – He says she’s very close to her family; especially her mom.  She has to

Learning about Chinese Astrology

make sacrifices of either family or work.  She needs black, grey, blue in her life.  She can be stubborn & arrogant.

Laura – She’s very emotional but tries to be strong on the outside.  Just be yourself.  Her primary element is metal but she needs water as well.

Sophie – He can sense positive energy from her.  She is destined to be famous, but at the cost of jealousy.  She is metal, but she needs fire.  So she could wear red.

Catherine – She is metal but needs more wood, which is green.

Annaliese – You’re a great entertainer or even a class clown.  Primary element is wood.  Water compliments wood.

Eboni – He can see youthful energy, but her childhood is a mess.  He sees things getting better with her family so focus on the competition.  Just remember that you are young.

The girls now have to recreate their aura based on what they were told with make-up and clothes.  The girl with the best look overall will win a spa treatment for herself and a friend. Laura wins with her simple look that impressed Clement.  She gets to share her win with Eboni since she’s her only team member left.  How relaxing, going to the spa with someone you don’t like.

Next, the girls are doing a fashion shoot wearing gowns made out of the famous Chinese export silk.  They are also going to be wearing the producer of silk… worms.  Gag.  Oh, that’s gross.  Jay wants them to push the photo shoot and really show emotion through the eyes.  I have to tell you, the worms are weird and don’t bring much to the shoot.  Just an attempt at shock, I guess.

Barney Cheng, influential Chinese designer, is the guest judge today.  Laura is up first.  Nigel says the photo is stunning.  Tyra says it looks like she was doing a dance and was caught in a moment.  Kelly says she should have black hair all the time.  Eboni’s photo is liked by Kelly, but Nigel doesn’t see the emotion.  Tyra doesn’t like that she has no neck and she lost her waist.  Catherine – Tyra thinks she’s so much better than this.  Barney says she just froze.  Alisha – Barney likes the top half but the dress doesn’t look good and it’s about selling the dress.  Kelly thinks she looks like the girl that didn’t get into the Supremes.  Tyra says modeling is not about selling yourself.  It’s about selling your product.  Annaliese gets love all the way around.  Sophie – Nigel thinks the look is a little extreme.  Tyra says it’s more actress than model.

Photo of the week, Laura

Best photo:  Laura

Bottom Two:  Alisha & Catherine

It’s time for Queen Catherine to go home.  I like her but it was really just a matter of time.

Bottom Line:  I’m still wishing Azmarie was still in the competition but that’s my problem, no?  Looks like next week the battle of the American girls reaches a fever pitch… Can’t we all just get along?


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