Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding: 2 Months to the Alter in 200 or less

Our Thoughts:

Yes, folding like a cheap lawn chair is what I’m doing… This is were obsession with all horrid television saunters up to bitch slap me in the face.   Here I sit, remote in hand watching the latest Housewives spin-off.  I figured out of my love for the Atlanta ladies I’d toss some love Kim’s way and give her my 200 cents/words on her show, hopefully I’ll survive though the previews alone don’t give me the warm fuzzies for this one.

Budget? There will be no such foolish talk around this wedding!

Melissa’s 200:

Of course Kim needs help to plan her wedding, she needs it for everything else.  She wants to get married on 11-11-11 because 1 symbolizes new beginnings… OK, but what about 11… 2 new beginnings, double beginnings?  I’m confused.  She wants it to be the wedding of her dreams – with a .5 million budget (Lord I have zero patience and I’m only 7 minutes in).  Kim meets with Shun her stylist (now we know who to blame) to help with the wedding.  She wants a dress from Baracci she saw 3 years ago.  To plan the party of her dreams she needs Colin Cowie to come up with dream.  As Colin walks her through ideas she’s all in, even with the potential 7 figure price tag (I almost swallowed my own tongue over that and it’s not even my money).  Her Matron-of-Honor arrives to help with dress decisions, but Kim worries about wearing used clothes.  Ring shopping… 50K for Kroy’s ring (is that expensive she asks) – nah, Kroy will pay for it.  Can’t believe she just pushed her daughter in the pool – I’ll set the therapy over/under at 2 years.


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