Jerseyicious: Olivia’s Beauty Betrayal in 200 or less

Our Thoughts:

Of course the Tracy / Olivia truce is gone when Tracy finds an opportunity to stab Olivia in the back and score points with Gayle.  Man, I love these crazy women!

You better not make fun of my Jiffy Pop hairdo

Melissa’s 200:

Anthony finds himself in a vacant salon behind schedule.  At Thomas Lavone’s Studio the “Olivia” line will feature live mannequins to look like Olivia.  Fun with Siri convinces Michelle Siri can help her get Tango – so lessons it is.  Tracy dishes the Gigi/Frankie breakup with Alexa and agree they have wonderful men.  Anthony tells the crew the bad news and Olivia thinks the Thomas Lavone job is a perfect solution.  Michelle’s idea for Tango times turns into a group date (wha-wha-wha) with Olivia wearing a leotard and leopard tights (WTF??).  Tracy and Alexa look for engagement rings… 84K?  Alexa starts changing her tune about marriage.  Tracy dimes out Olivia’s event going to Anthony which angers Gayle and Christy.  Alexa is in another world finally wanting to get engaged after all her posing.  Michelle is still confused why Tango doesn’t ask her out (she’s pretty!!).  HA, Tracy shares her usual spitefulness about the Army of Olivias.  Alexa flounders with her 180 telling her man about her ring shopping experience.  Miguel helps Michelle’s cause with Tango.  Gayle confronts Olivia about the event and Anthony backs Olivia but Gayle sees betrayal and is done.


One response to “Jerseyicious: Olivia’s Beauty Betrayal in 200 or less

  1. Tracey is a bitch

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