Bethenny Ever After Season 3 Week 8: Paradise Found

One Sentence Summary:  Finally it’s the birthday day week and Bethenny is going to drag everyone off to Mexico so they can’t escape the drama so easily

How is it possible this trip can be about anyone but me?

Melissa’s Thoughts:

Yes, it’s finally vacation / birthday time for Bethenny and you all know what that means!  There are hopes of a meltdown with international flair.  Hopefully this time Bethenny won’t lock herself in the bathroom to completely freak out that it’s her birthday.  I get it B, 40’s aren’t nearly as “cool” as your 30’s, but no need for all the drama, well, OK a little drama because you know I love your crazy.


You had better check yourself... This week here... ALL ABOUT ME!

Bethenny and the crew hit the One&Only Palmilla in Cabo San Lucas Mexico and let the festivities begin.  I’m going to just stop here and say (and I don’t mean this like a mean girl) I actually want to see one of these fights that cut Bethenny to the core, because I really don’t believe they exist.  I think Bethenny hears what she wants to hear – a stray comment and that’s the only thing she can focus on and wrap everything around that one singular thing.  OK Bethenny, just let the kid hold the popsicle.  So what if it drops or she gets it all over herself.  Jason hopes their trip will help them get away from the rut of New York and the exhaustion it’s bringing to their lives.  Bethenny worries the Jason doesn’t trust her which sends her fears spiraling.  Bethenny and Jason decide they want to ask Veronica (RaRa) to be Bryn’s guardian should anything happen to them.  That’s a pretty big move on their parts.  WOW, holy whiplash of how Bethenny can turn on Jason at a simple joke while eating.

Driving a Hard Bargain

While my cleavage and cameras distract you I'll get you down on the price

Bethenny turns even a poolside day into a shopping spree.  Oh my, I have to totally respect Bethenny’s haggling for her beach coverups.  That was some impressive work my dear.  Tip of the hat to you.

The Gang’s All Here

The girls arrive to break up alone time for Bethenny and Jason

The Skinnygirl staff arrives in Mexico to help Bethenny celebrate her big day which can only cause Bethenny reflection on last year’s abomination of a birthday spend crying in the ladies room.

Ding Ding – Round 1

I don't care how mean I am to him, he's mean to me

Yes, it’s fight time again for Jason and Bethenny and we get a glimpse into what Bethenny is always trying to pull us into.  Wisely Jason decides to stay behind and give B her space to have lunch with RaRa.  RaRa tells Bethenny that all couples fight.  Bethenny doesn’t want Jason to say mean things to her… Um, Bethenny, people say mean things.  That’s what happens when you know what buttons you can push.  Bethenny shares her unhappiness with Jason and her frustrations.  What I don’t understand is she’s looking for someone else to take care of her emotionally.  Bethenny dear, that’s your first mistake.  You need to take care of yourself, don’t depend on someone else to do it for you.

To Their Corners

We need to turn off this anger, and by we I mean you.

At lunch Bethenny and RaRa discuss how her drive might be having an impact on her relationship with Jason.  Bethenny doesn’t want to be “these people”, but guess what… It happens.  Maybe she needs to visit me instead of Dr. Amador.  I’ll (figuratively) knock her right into place with all of this.  Come on B, it will be a Winey Bitch Therapy session.  Jason makes his way down to lunch to try to work on things with Bethenny.  Bethenny doesn’t see things changing – mostly because she refuses to give it up.  So as an olive branch to just having a normal conversation Jason asks if what she is eating is Bethenny’s favorite salad to which literally you can watch the bitch haze cloud her eyes as she snarks back this is what it’s gotten down to, you’re asking each other what our favorite salads are?  Geez B, chill the F out, you just said it’s turned off – looks like you just turned it on and turned up the volume.

Happy Endings

After the motorboat Jason is hoping for his Happy Ending

Bethenny and Jason head off to their birthday massages to relax and unwind a bit.  OK, I’m sorry, she’s not going to let him go to the bathroom?  Really Bethenny, you are off your rocker.  Oh this poor massage therapist having to watch this exchange, but OMG Bethenny, I just laughed out loud at you motor boating Jason during that massage!!  You do really have moments of brilliant humor.  After their massages Bethenny and Jason head to relax in the shade and thinks about her mother since they share a birthday.  Bethenny takes the time to reflect on her relationship with Bryn and hope they will always have that relationship.

Present Time

Well, it's not the 250 diamond rework of my engagement, but for now it will do

Jason is starting to understand Bethenny wants her personal moments to be private and they share a quiet moment outside to open her gift – the beautiful necklace Jason picked out.

You Say It’s Your Birthday

Does this hat make my ego look big?

The team dines on the beach to celebrate Bethenny’s life and career.  OK, I must be PMSing because I’m getting a little teared up over such a touching gift her girls gave her.  The evening winds down with everyone sharing a dance on the beach to celebrate Bethenny.

Bottom Line:

There’s still time for my international breakdown, come on Bethenny don’t fail me now!!


2 responses to “Bethenny Ever After Season 3 Week 8: Paradise Found

  1. I love my two winey bitches…your BEA blogs are spot on!

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