America’s Next Top Model British Invasion – Week 8, Georgina Chapman

Tyra and this week’s guest judge, Georgina Chapman of Marchesa

We’re back and I’m still fuming about the Jays and Nigel getting fired.  I’m telling you that it really has changed the way I watch the show.  They should have waited until after the final episode.  Am I the only one feeling pissy about this? I mean Nigels’ been playing nice-ish in the press, but I can’t imagine that’s how he really feels.  Well, I guess I need to get over myself and start watching this week’s show.

We start back at the house and Laura is celebrating the elimination of Kyle.  It’s like her birthday and Christmas all rolled into one.  Meanwhile, Aleisha doesn’t understand why they keep telling her that she’s commercial and not editorial.  She gets told the opposite in the UK.  She needs to be successful to repay her family who works three jobs a piece to support her.  OK, that’s sweet.  Wait, is Sophie really eating celery & hot sauce?  Ah, the diet of a model.

The girls are momentarily interrupted from their drama to watch a video from brand guru, Martin Lindstrom.  I wish Martin he would stop doing this show.  He’s too smart for this shit.  Seriously, his book Buy*ology is phenomenal.  But we’re not here for intellectual pursuits, obviously…. Martin wants to remind the girls that they have to remember their personal brands.  He tells Sophie not to lose her bubbly personality by getting too full of herself  Eboni – Her youth is her strength but she also can come across as arrogant.  Seymone speaks with confidence but her body language says the opposite.  Aleisha shows fierce determination but she can crumble under a bad critique.  He says all the girls should believe in themselves always.

For their challenge, the girls go to the Beverly Hills Hotel where they are met by Kelly Cutrone.  She tells them that the hotel is one of the most beautiful in the word and is owned by The Dorchester Collection.  They are there to walk in tehe fashion shows for the Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize.  The Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize carries an endowment of $40,000 to be awarded by a panel of expert judges to a gifted designer of ready-to-wear or premium accessories to help establish their brand.  Each designer will select one of the girls to open their show.  The models the opens the winning designer’s show will win 2 nights at any Dorchester Hotel in the world.

During the auditions, Catherine trips during a jewelry designer catwalk,  Seymone can’t figure out what to do with her arms and overall they’re not bringing their A games. Kelly says Eboni looks like a robot on oxycontin.  Ha, love it.  Kelly thinks they all need to step it up.  There’s no” slayer” – a girl that just outshines everyone else – in the group.

Before Kelly announces who will be opening shows, she offers some critques of the girls’ performances.  Eboni needs to relax her face.  Catherine is the only girl Kelly has ever had fall.  I find that hard to believe.  Seymone’s walk is not happening.  She cannot be swinging her arms.  Seymone says Kelly talks a lot of crap.  Uh, Kelly is your judge.  You may want to take a spoonful of crap and swallow it down with a smile.

Sophie walks in Siki Im’s show.

Now for the winners:

Aleisha is opening for Anndra Neen
Annaleise is opening for Julian Louie
Sophie is opening for Siki Im and Giulietta

All Brits… Seems Uncle Mo has shown up for the Brits.  The American girls had better start stepping it up.  Anndra Neen wins the Dorchester Prize and Aleisha wins the challenge.

Next, they head to their photo shoot where they will be wearing couture dresses made of Hello Kitty products.  Filipino designer, Francis Libiran, was tapped to design the dresses and worked for 3 months to create the looks for this shoot.  Ann He is the photographer and she’s only 16 years old.  She was a finalist in the 17 Magazine Pretty Amazing Contest.  Damn, way to make me feel like an underachiever.  During the shoot, Jay says that Catherine brought her “regal” with her.  Sophie didn’t bring much of anything.  And Seymone is complaining about her wig before she takes one shot.  This child is on my last nerve.  She sulks and bitches constantly.  I actually can’t blame the girls for ripping her to shreds.

Time for panel and Tyra is cat talking because it’s a Hello Kitty photo shoot.  And they wonder what is causing the ratings to slump… Yeah, news flash, it’s not Nigel.  Anywho, Georgina Chapman, Marchesa designer & Dorchester Prize judge, is the guest judge.

Time for critiques:  Seymone – Nigel says it’s modeling 101.  Kelly says the angle is so disturbing.  Laura – Nigel says she loves to bend. Kelly thinks she should maybe have winked to add to the 50’s housewife vibe of the look.  Eboni – Georgina would love to see some quirk with the girlie.  Tyra & Kelly say she makes that fierce face all the time, and it’s not working.  Tyra says she has novacaine face.  Catherine – Nigel likes the face but the body is too obvious.  Georgina loves the strength in her face.  Aleisha – Kelly loves this picture.  It’s fierce.  Nigel thinks it’s best picture he’s seen this year.  Tyra loves the snarl of her lips.  Sophie – Kelly loves the silhouette and outfit but not the face.  Georgina likes that it’s slightly off.  Annaleiase – Nigel likes the pose and body but not the face.  Kelly likes the neck down but not the face.  Georgina & Tyra like the face.

Worst picture of the week.

Best Picture:  Aleisha

Bottom Two:  Eboni & Seymone

It’s the two girls with bad ‘tudes… Not surprising.  Eboni stays and Seymone goes.  Also not surprising since Kelly told Tyra about Seymone’s rudeness at the challenge.

And after Tyra talks to her about her attitude, she throws a temper tantrum in her exit video.  Genius. Way to leave like a lady.

Bottom Line:

Can’t say I’m sad to see Seymone to go.  She was such a brat.  I wonder what will happen if all the American girls are gone and it’s just the Brits?  Seems Laura is going to be the only left standing.


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