Dancing With The Stars 14 – Week 6 Results

One-Sentence Summary:  Only seven stars survive Motown Week, which means someone will be left dancing in the streets.

Our Thoughts:

Rachel:  Well, kiddies, I’m on my own tonight.  Melissa has been summoned by her real-life job to attend a conference and is off somewhere shmoozing with coworkers in a nondescript hotel banquet room.  Poor Melissa.  She’s missing out on the second dance duel that is coming our way tonight.  By the way, is Brooke mandated to wear bejeweled pageant dresses?  Man, she picks some terrible numbers.

And I see we’re back to the house band and Val’s chest with the opening dance number.  Well, I guess this show is nothing if not consistent.  And I guess it’s better that they remake Motown that rock songs.  Hey, I’m a silver lining kind of girl.

Time to find out who’s the first couple on the chopping block.  I do love that they show backstage footage from last night and William says that he doesn’t know what raunchy means.  That’s hot.  Ok it’s not hot, but it’s still hot.  On him it’s hot, people.  Jaleel says he’s bacon on the fryer after the judges calls their dance a “sizzler”.  Awesome.  That goes into the bank for future use.

Anyway, Maria & Derek, Melissa & Maks, Jaleel & Kym and William & Cheryl are up for elimination.  Jaleel & Kym and William & Cheryl are the first couples safe.  Maria & Derek and Melissa & Maks are in the bottom three.  Surprised about Maria & Derek.

Tonight’s featured dancer is a ballerina, Michaela DePrince, with the American Ballet Theater.  Michaela was born in Sierra Leone in Africa during wartime.  Her mother starved to death, after her father was shot while out trading.  Her

Natasha Bedingfield performs her song Wild Horses and Michaela DePrince dances.

uncle took her to the local orphanage where she faced prejudice due to having vitiligo.  They called her the Devil’s Child and everyone stayed away from her.  Thankfully, an American couple adopted her and another girl.  She was sick when she came to the states but all she wanted to do was dance so her parents enrolled her in classes.  Now she is one of the premiere dancers in America and credits her success to having the love & support of her family.  Man, I’m crying like a baby right now and she hasn’t even danced one step.  Damn you, DWTS for making me all weepy on a Tuesday night.  Beautiful dance.  Pretty bad song.

Oh it’s the Macy’s Stars on Ice again.  They’re debuting a new dance company or some such for next week’s Classical Week.  I have no idea what that means, but that’s what Brooke just said… and I rewound that twice.  No joke.  Maybe I’m dense or maybe it’s Brooke’s delivery.  You know how I like to deflect responsibility for my own stupidity.  Well, whatever it its, the dancing is actually really beautiful.

Oh look it’s Boyz II Men performing.  Melissa is going to be mad she missed this.  I, on the other hand, am so distracted with wondering what they’ve been up to for the past 15 years that I don’t actually hear any of the song.  I do know that the one dude is on that show with the a cappella (I have tried spelling that 17 ways and they’re all wrong and there isn’t a consistent way online either) singers, which is actually really good if you haven’t seen it.  So good that I can’t remember the name of it.  Wait!  Yes, I can… The Sing Off!

Anywho, we’re here to find out who’s going home tonight.  The final four couples are up next to find out who is joining Melissa & Maria in the bottom three.  Katherine & Mark and Donald & Peta are all safe.  That puts Gladys & Tristan and Roshon & Chelsea in the bottom… four.  Wait, when did they start doing a bottom four.  OK, they need to stop the shenanigans already.

Roshon & Gladys are the bottom two this week.

Of the four couples, Gladys & Tristan will be facing off in the dance duel with Roshon & Chelsea.  Wow, Roshon is in the bottom two.  OK, we know I’m not a huge Roshon fan but their dance was good last night!  I don’t care what the judges say.

It’s time for the dance off.  They’re dancing a Jive to  “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, though it sounded nothing like Queen.  I think Roshon was better, but can you really send Gladys home on Motown Week?  Really?  I think you cannot.  Carrie Ann says they had different styles of dancing.  Roshon was super sharp but she saw some weird kicks.  Gladys was so in control and so confident. Len says both of them handled the pressure really well.  Len says she dances like she sings, from her heart.  Roshon always comes out 100%.  Bruno says everything she does she manages to make look cool and gorgeous.  She made a difficult dance look easy.  Roshon’s timing is immaculate as always.  It suited his personality and he sold it.

The judges votes:

Carrie Ann saves Gladys

Len saves Roshon

Bruno saves Roshon

That means they are sending Gladys home during Motown Week…  More like Motown Weak. 


Bottom Line:

Rachel: Shame on you.  Shame.


2 responses to “Dancing With The Stars 14 – Week 6 Results

  1. Dominick Stoudymire

    i really love to watch Dancing with the stars because the dancers are very beautiful. ‘..`:

    Till next time

  2. Dancing with the Stars’ has a country look to it this season, as it was officially announced this morning that singers Kellie Pickler and Wynonna Judd will be joining the cast of ABC’s dancing completion. Fans of the country genre will be enticed to tune in as well as maybe some ‘Idol’ fans; as Pickler is also the first former ‘American Idol’ star to compete on the show. ^

    Look out for our very own blog site as well

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