Dancing With The Stars 14 – Week 6

One-Sentence Summary:  Things are getting soulful up in here with Motown night, which will be even more special with Gladys Knight in the house.

I love William THIS much.

Our Thoughts:

Rachel:  Oh yeah, a little Motown in the house.  I love this music and can’t wait to watch the stars get their groove on.  What’s even more fabulous is that the actual Motown stars will be here to sing their own songs, which means a whole night without those tragic remakes that we’re subjected to week after week.  However, I’m already scared for Roshon’s dance.  I mean if we thought his impromptu Michael Jackson moves were annoying before… Yeah, you know where I’m going.  But even Roshon can’t crush the fabulosity that is Motown.  Let’s get it on…

Melissa:  Yeah baby, it’s Motown Week, and I’m ready to get my swerve on.  I adore Motown to this day thanks to Saturdays and Sundays spent hanging out with Dad in his garage listening to Wolfman Jack and Motown on the radio – while rollerskating.  Besides, let’s be honest, I love this season and this cast, so really they could all be dancing the Macarena and I’d still enthusiastically watch, but add in some Motown and really I’m all in baby!

Motown Montage

The show opens with Motown medley featuring Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and Martha Reeves

Rachel’s What Happened:  Dear Lord, what did Smokey do his face?  It’s not moving.  He’s in a permanent state of surprise.  At least he still sounds good… “Take a good look at my face.  You’ll see my smile, it’s out of place.”  Yeah, I’m taking a good look and it’s scaring me a bit as it seems it’s more than your smile that’s out of place.  But the music is fun with Martha Reeves singing “Dancing In The Streets” (which was originally intended to be a ballad … fun fact) and the Temptations singing “Get Ready” (which was produced by Smokey Robinson… more fun facts).

Melissa:  I’m LOVING this Motown montage!!  For real, this is just kick ass!  This is going to be an awesome night!

Gladys Knight

Gladys & Tristan dance the Rhumba to "My Girl" by The Temptations

Rachel’s What Happened:  I love that Gladys is getting the first dance of the night.  It is her night after all.  And I love that her brother Bubba, the original Pip, showed up at rehearsal to teach Tristan the “snap, clap, move and groove”.  They haven’t even danced a step and I’m already cheering for her.  The Temptations get a little song and dance going on to get us warmed up before Gladys & Tristan take the floor.  When they finally do, it’s a sweet dance.  Even if it’s not very complex choreography, you can’t help but enjoy watching Gladys dance.  She’s got great stage presence.  Len says if he could vote purely with his heart, he would be top of the leaderboard.  She’s not the best dancer but she is the most charismatic dancer.  It’s easy like Sunday morning.  Bruno says it’s undeniable that she has star quality.  The Motown moves were spot on but he wants his Rhumba steamier.  Carrie Ann says the night belongs to her.  There were forgetful moments, but the hip action was good.

Melissa:  How awesome is it they get to dance to the Temptations singing live?  Seriously, I wouldn’t be able to dance at all knowing they were there on stage rocking it out.  That was nice, not too flashy, pretty and clean.  I feel like I’m caught in a decadently retro moment in time watching Gladys dancing to the Temptations.

HOLY Oh My Goodness, Berry Gordy in the audience!!

Rachel:  Yes, he is and that’s quite a hot little number he’s got with him.  Go, Berry!

Score – 21

Maria Menounos

Maria & Derek dance the Foxtrot to "Jimmy Mack" by Martha Reeves.

Rachel’s What Happened:  Derek says it’s time to bring out the classy for the Foxtrot.  Maria says it’s bit hard for her because she’s a bit of a tomboy.  I’m liking her more and more each week… I’m starting to not even mind that laugh.  I like that there’s a bit of whimsy incorporated into their Foxtrot.  She messed up and it threw her for a second, but it was still a great dance.  That silver dress looked amazing during that spin at the end.  Bruno said it was sophisticated and elegant.  Her frame is fantastic and her movement is excellent.  Carrie Ann says it wasn’t the slip that was the problem.  It was what came after.  Her shoulders came up and she lost her frame.  Len says in hold it was great and formal.  Out of hold it was fun and free.  Well done.

Melissa:  Oh Jimmy Mack… Awesome!!  DWTS producers, I’m loving you with these amazing songs!!  I’m not a huge fan of their dance, don’t get my wrong, but they seemed kind of off at one point, but it’s still nice – I can imagine it’s not the easiest to Fox Trot to this.

Score – 26

Roshon Fegan

Roshon & Chelsea dance the Rhumba to "Cruisin" by Smokey Robinson

Rachel’s What Happened:  It’s time for Roshon to get sensual, and when he thinks “sensual”, he thinks “huggy”.  Oh boy.  Poor kid is struggling to hold Chelsea up with those little arms of his.  Aw, this is one of my favorite songs of all time.  Well, I gotta give it to him two weeks in a row, the kid found his sexy.  He pulled off a great dance.  Carrie Ann said he definitely had some sexy going on but his movements were over exaggerating and his foot came off the ground on the drag turn. Len says the movement was clipped and jerky.  It was like painting by numbers.  Too much syncopation.  Bruno makes up in fire what he lacks in size.  His body wants to hit the beat naturally but you have to go through it more smoothly.

Uh, did they watch the same dance I did?

Melissa:  OK, does he even know Motown?  Sorry, that was mean.  I’m sure they briefed him before this week.  I’m kidding, he is a fan of MJ, so he has to have some idea… Right?  Really, this music is awesome… Plus, come on, it’s Smokey – live!!  OK Roshon gets bonus points just for the song alone that I know he doesn’t even get to pick.

Score – 23

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine & Mark dance the Samba to "Can't Get Next To You" by The Temptations

Rachel’s What Happened:  It’s hard to hear that she’s doing badly in rehearsals because we all know we’re getting played.  She’s gonna be perfect… again.  She’s so going to be in the finals.  Yep, she’s rocking the Samba and an awesome beehive.  Man, I want to hate her so much, but she’s too damn likable!  It’s impossible to dislike her.  Bitch.  Len says he’s calling her The Midwife because she keeps delivering week after week.  Bruno says she can bounce and funk.  The marriage of Brazil with Funkytown has never been more exhilarating.  Carrie Ann says she let it loose.  That was amazing!

Melissa:  The Temptations are back with one of my favorite songs of theirs.  No joke friends, I will rock the F out to this in the car with all the voice octaves and all.  Oh, this is a great Samba!  The energy, the music, the choreography… I’m smelling 10s again!

Score – 29

Donald Driver

Donald & Peta dance the Foxtrot to "The Way You Do The Things You Do" by the Temptations

Rachel’s What Happened:  I think everyone was as pissed as Donald was about that BS 8 from Len last week.  So, he had better bring it this week and give Len nothing to complain about.  Peta brings a giant cardboard cutout of Len with a 10 into the rehearsal studio as motivation for Donald.  The dance is great and Donald’s huge smile just makes it even better.  One little stumble on the footing, but other than that, it was on point.  Bruno says he is a showman.  Pizazz, confidence, power.  His performances get better and better.  Carrie Ann says he’s so in his zone.  He transitioned from the Motown moves into the formal holds really well which is really difficult.  Len felt he was going to show him some fireworks  but he didn’t… He EXPLODED on this dance floor.  He says that Peta needs to give him more.  The routine wasn’t as big as his talent.

Melissa:  OK, I adored the Foxtrot.  I’ll admit, I completely stopped typing to just watch.  I love that every time the camera catches Donald he’s smiling and genuinely having a fantastic time.

Score – 27

Melissa Gilbert

Melissa & Maks dance the Viennese Waltz to "Ooo Baby Baby" by Smokey Robinson

Rachel’s What Happened:  Hey, cranky, bossy Maks is back!  It was only a matter of time.  She says his methods don’t inspire confidence and he says that maybe he’s not inspired by her.  Nice.  Quite the charmer.  See, even Tom called him a “charm school dropout”.  She still dances with her shoulders up but it’s not a bad dance.  Sorry, I just can’t get excited about her.  She’s the only contestant I’m just totally uninspired by.  Guess it’s not just Maks.  Carrie Ann says she works so hard and it is finally paying off.  Watch the shoulders.  Len saw romance and control but she lost a bit of energy at the end.  Overall, she did it wonderfully well.  Bruno says she had wonderful rotation and she kept her connection with Maks.  She’s going in the right direction.

While waiting for scores with Brooke in the Sky Box, Melissa defends Maks and his attitude saying that that’s only 15% of the time after he says they only like to show his moments.  Whatevs…

Melissa:  OK, I have to give props, that was a genuinely nice waltz.  Clean, I didn’t see any real flubs, just nice.  I assume Maks’s douchiness in the studio is paying off.

Score – 24

Jaleel White

Jaleel & Kym are dancing the Cha-Cha-Cha to "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" by The Temptations

Rachel’s What’s Happened:  My little Urkel hasn’t been doing so well lately and I’m not liking it.  He’s gotta step it up if he’s going to stay on Team Rachel (which is really a big team at this point).  Looks like the stress is getting to him in rehearsals… though he seems to be catching some fire as we go.  Let’s see if he turns it out on the dance floor.  Ok, I can’t hear this song without thinking about Eddie Murphy’s Raw routine when he imitates his father butchering the lyrics.  Still makes me laugh.  Hey now, Jaleel, that’s some fancy footwork you got going on.  He’s definitely dancing for his life tonight and it’s paying off.  Len thought week 1 he was a contender.  Then he went off the rails, but he’s back.  Bruno says he burned that floor.  That was the biggest sizzler of the season.  He’s come back big time!  Carrie Ann says you have to bring your A game every time.  Consider the A game brought!

Melissa:  OK, I have to laughingly agree with Rachel here.  Every time I hear this song I picture Eddie Murphy’s Raw singing “If I have to beg and plead to the symphony”… Ah, every time, makes me giggle.  OK, that was a legit dance, I really liked it.  Jaleel was tight and had some awesome moves.

Score – 29

William Levy

William & Cheryl dance the Rhumba to "Being With You" by Smokey Robinson

Rachel’s What Happened:  In the immortal words of Vanessa Williams:  You went and saved the best for last.  Yeah, I know, I’m Team Jaleel (and sometimes Team Donald with a dash of Team Katherine) but it’s hard to not root for his hotness.  I don’t even think the fire alarms going off are a joke… He’s really that hot.  Calm down people, I know it’s a joke in reality.  But he is that smokin’.  I’m not sure how a dance so hot can give me goose bumps but I’ll be damned if it didn’t do just that.  That was the stuff of late night Cinemax movies.  No, it was hotter.  Bruno says it was absolute and utter filth and he loved every minute of it.  The two of them are wired for sex. (I’m sure his wife loved that.)  Carrie Ann would like to thank him on behalf of all the women out there.  She doesn’t think it was his best dance though as there were moments they were disconnected.  She’d like to see more moments of dancing.  Len says he’s physically impressive and he’s a confident dancer, but for Len it was a bit on the raunchy side.  He wants to see the forward and backward hip motion.  He just can’t get into a frenzy about it like some others.

Melissa:  William… William… <sigh>.  Oh and he’s getting to dance to Smokey, this better be off the charts.  Um, DAYUM.  Methinks William has found his groove with the slower numbers.  Those hips, don’t lie… And I wouldn’t hate them to tell me the truth all day long.

Score – 27 – including a 10 from Bruno for the thrill.

Dance Marathon

All the couples dance in a marathon for extra points.

Rachel’s What Happened:  I’m confused.  Isn’t a dance marathon supposed to be, you know, a marathon?  There are 5 minutes left of the show, how much of a marathon can this be?  And do we need all these new plot devices every week?  Can’t we just dance and go home?  I guess not, so a dance marathon it is… The couples all have to Cha Cha until the judges decide they need to be tapped out.  Whoever lasts longest gets the most points.  Here’s how it netted out:

Gladys & Tristan – 3 points (24 total for the night)

Maria & Derek – 4 points (30 total for the night)

Roshon & Chelsea – 5 points (28 total for the night)

Melissa & Maks – 6 points (30 total for the night)

Donald & Peta – 7 points (34 total for the night)

Jaleel & Kym – 8 points (37 total for the night)

William & Cheryl – 9 points (36 total for the night)

Katherine & Mark – 10 points (39 total for the night)

Melissa:  What’s this all about? Did I miss something last week that I have no idea about this?  OH, got it, the Motown Marathon… An old school dance off!!  I’m totally flashing to Danny, Sandy and Cha-Cha!  I LOVE this dance off!  Hey Producers, can we do this every week please?  Katherine and Mark take it – totally not surprised.  Mark is an awesome choreographer.


Bottom Line:

Melissa:   Sadly, I have a “paying the bills” function Tuesday and Wednesday that are going to keep me from the Dance Duel (insert favorite dance off movie montage here) Results Show.  Yes, I’ll most likely be several glasses into our celebration while the Results are tallied, and I’ll have to frantically search my Blackberry (yes, I haven’t quite moved to this century’s technology yet) for the results while my partner in crime gets to see first hand who is sent packing.

Rachel:  That’s right, it’s all me tomorrow night.  I hope I can do the results show justice on my own.  I hope that Gladys isn’t sent home during Motown Week.  That would be wrong.  So, if the fans save her, my gut says Roshon & Melissa will be part of the dance-off.  That’s my prediction.


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