Real Housewives of Atlanta – Reunion: Part 3

One Sentence Summary:  The “epic” reunion concludes… Will it end in tears or tirades?

OK think, if I were my car... where would I be?

Our Thoughts:

Melissa:  It’s the final night for the Atlanta ladies and Andy.  Geez, I’ve barely gotten over the headache from Part 2 – really the pitch of these ladies when they get to fighting is amazing.  Heaven help me tonight.  Yes, and by heaven I mean a glass of Alegría Cariñena Old Vines.

A Tale of Two Sugar Daddies – kinda

Kim gets called to the carpet for her comments of Marlo dates older men, “who does that?”.  According to her she was in a relationship with Big Pappa and he was getting a divorce.  Which is completely different from Marlo’s plethora of older men – OK, I’ll buy that one.  Then again I’ll buy anything that is anti-Marlo.  Cynthia takes the charge to challenge that he was in fact married, but yet none of the Talls challenge NeNe’s “boyfriend” (her words) while she was married to Greg.  Geez, Cynthia has found her inner voice.

Sugar Mamma

Kandi thought it was funny that Marlo was trying to be the pot stirrer calling her a Big Pappa for her men.  Marlo takes a shot asking if Kandi’s new man has a job and why does he drive her car around.  Way to try to turn it Marlo, Kandi handles is well defending her man.  WOW, my head hurts every time Marlo starts talking and an argument ensues.  I say if Kandi wants to take care of her man, go on girl.

Talls vs. Smalls

Oh come on Cynthia, don’t try to say you don’t change when NeNe is around.  She thinks when NeNe joins the group the dynamics change in the group – um no, you just start running your mouth channeling your inner NeNe.  I really don’t get Marlo, what is with all the attacking the other ladies – first Kim, then Kandi, then Shereé.  Seriously woman, you’re stomping my nerves more than NeNe right now.  I really wish Bravo would provide subtitles because all the women talking over each other I can’t understand any of these screaming matches.

South Africa Hostile

Ah, the fight that only my dogs could hear.  Seems they can’t remember what they said other than Marlo was upset she wasn’t invited to dinner because she’s fabulous and what gay man wouldn’t want a fabulous woman at his party.

Shereé the Pot Stirrer

Seems fights and pot stirring are Sheree’s forte.  She blacks out when she gets pushed over the edge… I think that’s just an excuse.  Maybe I should start using that one… “I have no idea where those shoes/purse/coat/armoire came from, I must have blacked out”.  Hmmm, I know how I’m going to get my kitchen renovation… sorry, tangent… Back to the ladies.


Before sending her off, Marlo gets a chance to try again to dig herself out of the infamous “faggot” comment.  <sigh> I really don’t want to even give this any more page time because it was just a showing sign of who she really is.

Times they are a Changing

Back in the day when they first started, NeNe was the happily married one while Kim was in her “relationship” with Big Pappa getting gifts galore from him.  Fast forward and today NeNe is being showered with gifts from her business partner while Kim is happily married to her new bank account I mean husband.  NeNe claims she’s a little taken back by John’s advances through gifts, though we never see her refuse them.

Next Up For The Ladies

  • NeNe is still screening for shows and has her own wine Miss Muscato (gonna need to dig into that one).
  • Cynthia is still the owner of the Bailey Agency who loves teaching the classes.
  • Bedroom Kandi is bigger than she could have ever expected and she’s in love.
  • Phaedra is not only targeting the funeral business, but also looking to target the booty with a line of exercise tapes.
  • Shereé has teamed up for She by Shereé and fitness apparel and a shoe.  But as of press time off the show.
  • Kim has the new show “Tardy for the Wedding” out this week and a new country song.

Bottom Line:

Farewell ladies, until we see you again next season.  I’ll miss you all, keep it crazy for the cameras and enjoy.  Psst Bravo, could you do me a favor and not cast Marlo to replace Shereé?


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