Jerseyicious: Born to be Jerseylicious in 200 or less

Our Thoughts:

Man, it’s a How to get your Jersey on!!  Maybe I should take notes since I have no Jersey what so ever.

Time to get your Jersey on

Melissa’s 200:

Tracy features nails… Of fug proportions!  Olivia talks cocktail rings – yeah, that term is used VERY loosely.  We get the Jerseylicious hair help from Tracy and Frankie… I appreciate bald guys even more now after that.  Alexa shares her smoky eye prom story.  Olivia’s diet tips are gummy foods consumed to nausea then dancing in the living room.  Gigi is a golfer??  Ah, the Buglione family… Ah, nothing says Sunday dinner like wife beaters, smokes and pasta.  Filly the pizza prince dough tosser – not sure how that makes him Jerseylicious.  Christy’s secret skill is competitive cheerleading… anyone surprised at that one?  Ah, the Jersey Shore, watch the stilettos on the board walk, could be a tragic end to a Jersey Date Night.  Club Nights and fights.  Oh stop, teen club nights?  That’s awesome.  Um, What’s up with the Filly and Corey with the whitest free-style? That was awful.  Tracy’s inner soft side is volunteering at homeless shelters?  Wow, color me impressed.  Alexa is a former tap dancer.  Oh, for the love of Jersey these folks are why I cringe when I tell someone where I live.  That being said, I adore these crazies.


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