Real Housewives of Atlanta – Reunion: Part 1

One Sentence Summary:  It’s the Talls versus the Smalls… There can be only one!!

Thank goodness I got my own show and don't have to deal with these women much longer.

Our Thoughts:

It’s part one of the three part Atlanta Housewives reunion from the Biltmore Hotel and what I want to know is why did they make Kandi sit with the talls?  That just doesn’t seem fair if you ask me.  I’m a bit under the weather tonight so it’s just some ginger ale for me… Hopefully the ladies don’t send me to topping off with some Jack to make the show bearable.  That said, I can’t wait to see what my girls are up to since the Bedroom Kandi party.

Name Droppers

I love it, and entire montage of who the ladies wear.  I wish one of these days one of them would just drop “Gap… Sale Rack” – how did Kandi put it… Fake it ’til you make it?  I assume that includes making sure your labels are showing.  NeNe decides she’s going to try to say she’s not about her labels… yeah right NeNe, we all saw your luggage for South Africa, not to mention you weekly dropping some designer or Trump’s name.

What’s all the Buzz?

Wait, Kandi is winning sex toy awards?  You go girl!!  Wait, you can get toys sent to your room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago?  Damn, why and I am staying at the Conrad??  She’s full on running tupperware for grown ups.  Oh NeNe, you need to get the stick out of your ass.  No offense, you were a stripper, you don’t get to roll your eyes and the idea of sex toys.  Oh, but NeNe is over the women, but yet she’s going to stay on the show and say she has better things to do than sit at a party and gossip about everyone.  But, I must ask here, isn’t that what you were doing at the Bedroom Kandi party?  Amen Kandi, thank you for calling her on being a stripper.  Sheesh, I can’t even follow this conversation with the two of them talking over each other.

Kandi is in Love

She’s in a relationship with the show’s production manager.  Oh, and in love, moving in together.  Yay Kandi, so happy for you!!

Kim’s Fantastic Financial Season

Oh, we see Kim’s progression of her relationship with Kroy.  You know, I’m happy for her, but I mean really.  OK, so I was wondering why Kim’s boobs looked huge… It’s because she’s pregnant again.  OK, side bar, how many times is NeNe going to roll her eyes at everyone?  Kim goes on to tell us how wonderful her life is and how she made more money than Kroy last year, but in the grand scheme of things the 2.5 million house is nothing… Well, I suppose if you’re just renting no, it’s not.  I just hope Kroy gets a mighty big contract because I’m thinking she’s spending his money while tucking hers away.

Shereé’s Tough Season

Apparently it’s going to be kick her while she’s down time for Shereé as we falsh back through her court proceedings with Bob.  Unfortunately he’s still not helping with child support.  OK, come on there is a bit of a man up aspect here, but also it might make her look better if she’s not driving around in new cars every season… Bentley included.  It turns into a war of words between Shereé and Phaedra who both think the other should have done something with regard to taking Bob to court.  She also must defend her 10K handbags when her children are sleeping on air mattresses.  I have to question that as well, but apparently the mattress in question was a pillow?  Oh, it’s Chateau Shereé question.  It’s still unfinished because her contractors were fired for misappropriation of funds.  But NeNe referred to it as Neverland.  Now let’s try to fire things up shall we, tonight wasn’t a good night not to have a cocktail by my side.

She’s Rich Bitch

Ugh, come on with the NeNe I’m so fabulous montage.  Yes, she was on Apprentice, yes, she has a “business partner” giving her gifts, and yes she shopped for 9M houses in Miami… Can we move on?  Funny, the only time we see NeNe smile is when she’s watching video of herself.  Oh my how catty can women really be?  Really, insulting someone’s need for getting her teeth bleached?  Wait, I’m so not following how this conversation spiraled to stealing from WalMart to multiple baby-daddies.  Is it not OK for people to talk about her child but she can talk about others?  Again, this is why I have issues with NeNe.  Leaving her son in jail was NOT hard for her to do.  She was angry and she left him there.

Miami Bitch-y

Now we’re going back to attacking Kandi after the Miami trip going back to “snitch” on NeNe.  I don’t really get what they think she snitched about, but apparently it got NeNe’s hackles up.  Oh, and Cynthia, you need to settle down and try to jump in to defend NeNe.  She’s a big girl and doesn’t need you to fight her battles.

Has NeNe Changed?

Um, I’ll field this one… Yes she has.  She has tried to claim she is better than everyone now.  Cynthia (naturally) claims she’s changed for the better, Phaedra takes the high road and claims she can’t say for certain.  Oh, now they all rent their houses.  NeNe tweeted that Kim rents her house and it apparently chapped Kim’s ass.

Bottom Line:

Next week we get some new asses on the sofa… Peter and Marlo join the fun.


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