Bethenny Ever After Season 3 Week 7: My Bad Self

One Sentence Summary:  Bethenny is gearing up for her traditional birthday breakdown.

This is my house damn it, do what I tell you

Melissa’s Thoughts:

We all know Bethenny isn’t a fan of her birthday (really, what woman over the age of 23 is?), and it looks like we’re ramping up for another emotional boil over for this year’s birthday.  Work, Marriage and a New Home might finally push Bethenny over the edge of sanity.

Bethenny’s Money

I don't care if you think it's too expensive, it will look perfect

Bethenny takes a meeting to plan her new place with her designer to pick the pieces, and yes Bethenny, I completely agree that she is excellent at spending your money.  Poor thing though doesn’t seem thrilled that Julie is leaving and she’ll have to deal directly with Bethenny… That’s why you get the big bucks sweetie, you get to deal with clients.

Jim Beam Meeting

Listen up, you may have bought it, but it's MY BRAND, and we're going to do thing my way.

Skinnygirl Cocktails… who knew they were the fastest growing ready to drink brand on the market.  Wow, and with drinks I don’t really care for, how can this be?  I thought I single-handedly keep the wine and liquor industries in business.  Bethenny worries about how they are maintaining the integrity of her brand with the cocktails she would like to see.  Now this is a taste test I would love to be involved in… How fun would that be?   The cosmo apparently was released for the holidays.  How did I miss that?

Stone Guys

Please God of Stone, make everyone talk so my home gets finished

Bethenny is picking out her slabs of marble and stone for the new place, but the pace is glacial since no one actually speaks to each other on her dream team.  I can almost see the vein on her forehead pulsing.

Ring Time

And tell me again why she needs 250 diamonds on one ring? Oh, because you told her she did

Jason heads off to find THE perfect birthday present to try to make up for the disastrous meltdown from last year.  Poor Jason doesn’t understand why she wants her engagement ring re-blinged after only 2 years with about 250 stones according to the jeweler… Um, because it’s B Jason.  Seeing as though they’ve had a pretty rough time of it, Jason thinks buying her a necklace as a communication starter.  Hey Jason, I’ll stop talking to you if you’ll toss a bauble my way.

Gina’s Back

It's all moving too fast

Gina, Bryn’s Baby Nurse stops by to visit with everyone.  Bethenny and Gina slip back into their old banter.  Gina has been on her man hunt but draws the line at gay men and the father of the child she is taking care of.  Gina misses the fun of Bethenny’s house, I’m thinking it’s more like the chaos.  Bethenny shares with Gina that she’s in denial of Julie leaving and admits she’s having a rough time lately and then the tears begin as Bethenny clearly teeters on the brink of sanity.

Quiet Time

Nothing says love like cozying up with your smart phone

Bethenny and Jason sitting side by side on the sofa busy doing their own things and not even acknowledging each other until Matt arrives with new products for the nutrition line.

Dr. Amador

You know me, I'm not going to be happy but let's get this over with

Instead of being happy about getting away to Mexico for 12 days Bethenny feels disconnected and holds in her frustrations and doesn’t discuss things with anyone and is feeling very alone like she doesn’t have anyone to talk to.  All roads lead to her marriage and how bad it is.

Self Magazine Photo Shoot

So what you're saying is I have to just accept my flaws and faults because they make me who I am? Get out!!

Bethenny meets with Self’s Editor Lucy Danziger who tells her it’s OK to be flawed because it makes us human and our character is who we are not when things are good, but when times are tough and Self believes in her.

Bottom Line:  Damn, I thought this week was Mexico!!  I can’t wait to see what craziness Bethenny has for her birthday this year.


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