Jerseyicious: Farewell Frankie in 200 or less

Our Thoughts:  Wait, did I miss an episode?  How is that possible?  Did my DVR stage another coup?  Frankie and Gigi are done… AGAIN… I’M SHOCKED!  What I’m not shocked about is the “Breakup Letter” Frankie left – classy dude, what didn’t want to waste a text message?  I’m also starting to wonder what else I missed last week.  Let’s face it, I barely remember lunch yesterday let alone what I did last week.

Bro, I'm so happy we can talk about each other's bodies and admire them without it being all weird and shit.

Melissa’s 200:

Mikey and Filippo share bromance time talking about pecks and breasts (chicken that is) and Olivia decides to be more echo friendly… Yes ECHO, not eco.  Gigi tells Dr. Joe she feels shut off and numb since the breakup, and he recommends a good bye letter for closure.  Gatsby hopes to help the Fashion Societé of NY break into NJ but so does The Glam Fairy and Mama Giove too.  Anthony doesn’t think they have the time, but the crew is too convincing.  Doria plans her wedding but Gigi is crushed that it’s not her, and tells the Gatsby about the breakup.  The team rallies for a burn party for her closure letter.  Gayle and Cathy exchange taunts over their bids for the Societé workshops.  Olivia helps Gigi with her closure letter – at the donut shop.  Bromance decides to shop for “green things” for Olivia – Heaven help her.  At the Societé workshop The Gatsby pulls volunteers but the stage turns into a cluster with too many people.  Glam Fairy has a legit presentation and the fairies win.  Olivia likes Bromance’s efforts, minus stringing a laundry line in the living room.  The letter burning for Gigi releases her from Frankie.


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