Bethenny Ever After Season 3 Week 6: Who Coordinates the Chaos

One Sentence Summary:  Julie is packing her bags and running from the Chaos and we all wonder why it took so long.

Melissa’s Thoughts:

Nobody puts Baby in a Corner?? Well I will, and that's the corner she's going in.

This week is the skinnygirl shapeware photo shoot with the “real women” of Bethenny’s staff.  Now what would be fun for me (and the viewers I think) would be teaming up with the People of WalMart and have THOSE real people modeling Shapeware.  Also, Julie drops the bomb saying goodbye to Bethenny and Skinnygirl.  It was a fun run we think, but how will Bethenny react?

Bombs Away

Hug it out, I'm about to make your life hell until you're gone.

Julie is obsessed with Bethenny coming to the couch to tell explain her “Life Decision” to move back home to Pittsburgh at the end of the year to be with her BF Drew and start her life there.  She was tortured with how to tell Bethenny (and I’m sure scared as shit) she is burnt out and needs to focus on herself.  Bethenny is a shocking voice of reason that she appreciates her choice and wants happiness for her.  Yes ladies, hug it out. Hug it out before you drop the bomb on the rest of the folks.  Yeah those assistants are shitting themselves with having to take on Julie’s Controller Of Chaos responsibilities.  Jason seems the most terrified of losing her… His Bethenny buffer.  A toast raised to Maggie’s first family dinner and the staff being invited to Mexico.  Wow, that’s a nice bonus if you ask me.


I thought Drybar meant they only served dry martinis.

OK, I totally wish I had a blow out bar!!  I literally would go every time I had a dinner or a party or fantastic event – that by the way I NEVER have except at Christmas.  OK, so maybe it would have to be before my nephews’ birthday parties, and Friday Night Dinners.  Man, Bethenny in everything… Now she’s in blowouts??  At Drybar the co-owner Alli Webb explains all the hairstyles are bar themed… that is awesome, but do they serve the cocktails too??  Bethenny is trying to go for her signature skinnygirl pony and showing her hairdresser so she can whip up the skinnygirl ‘do whenever she needs.  While there, there’s a quick interview with People magazine to explain the relationship.  Bethenny takes over the interview to understanding how Alli and her husband manage to work together in hopes she can persuade Jason to pop all his eggs into the Skinnygirl basket.

Puppies In The Park

DO NOT tell me you're name dropping me is a panty dropper

Meeting her business partner Matt at Sarabeth’s for a quick nosh Bethenny digs into his whole “are you a dog” hooking up with models and working the Fashion Week scene.  His working with Bethenny it seems is the equivalent to taking a puppy to the park in the lady department.  Way to go Matt, work the Bethenny angle if it works for you.  She asks his thoughts of Jason working with Skinnygirl since Jason is very passionate about the business but not completely involved.  Bethenny is concerned whether she asks Jason to step in and help out in Julie’s absence.

Um, Where’s The Bargain Back Room??

Does IKEA have anything that looks like this stuff?

At the Park Avenue Armory Bethenny and her designer Brooke ooh and aah over pieces until she sees a $22,500 table lamp and isn’t sure what to do with herself and how not to touch any things.  She spies a gorgeous mirror that runs 76K and realizes she’s completely out of her element and wants to make sure her designer understands that’s never gonna happen.  She does find 2 bargain basement bars for 35K… That (let’s be honest here) Bryn will end up playing hide and seek in.

Ass Pads and Hooker Heels

Who knew all the ladies were rocking curves like these?

To prep for Skinnygirl Shapewear photo shoot, Julie in a going away moment of ballsiness strolls out carrying Bryn with Bethenny’s booty bumper shorts and heels to jump start the action.  The ladies are full on rocking those shape wear pieces!!  For real, they all look amazing… Props to you ladies!  Bethenny questions (finally) the idea of the 35K bars… At least she’s aware there might be a 6K happy medium.  Just because you have it dear doesn’t mean you need to spend it… Look at M.C. Hammer!!  OK, I have NO idea why I made that connection, but I did.  Maybe because I believe back in the day he was outfitting everyone’s powder rooms with those 76K mirrors.  I digress, MC is a legit (2 legit to quit) business man today.  Hello tangent, pleasure to meet you.  Sorry folks, I’m back now.  Bethenny shares her shopping experience with Jason who as the standard voice of reason reminds her they have a 2 year old and to think about it.  As a mother of a now 7 year old, I’m just going to say, there will be a day you walk in a room and you’ll see your child driving their electric track car (with the lovely metal spike on the bottom) over the living room coffee table gouging the top of it.

Princess Throne

And it plays music!! Get me my paper I'll test it out.

Who doesn’t love a pink toilet that plays music?  Well, let’s be honest, every man in the world I’m thinking – well at least the music playing aspect.

Parenting Magazine

You can only do your best and how your don't screw up your kids

To promote her Parenting cover Bethenny speaks a Parenting group and learns Gina worked for another family.  Bethenny shares with her girls that she feels the energy is changing and asks Julie her thougths about living back at home.

Chaos Transition

Please make her get it before the shit hits the fan

Jackie is going to have to step up and pick up a lot of slack that Julie shields her from, and Bethenny is worried she’s going to implode just as the shit hits the fan.  As a side not, I’m loving that sweater Bethenny has on.


Bethenny confides in the good doctor about Julie’s leaving and how she’s shutting down seeing Julie’s contributions at work.  Bethenny can compartmentalize because she wants Julie to be happy and healthy in her life.  Jason is a little excited because he wasn’t to be part of the business and have some responsibility.  Bethenny relives meeting Julie and the how she couldn’t afford to hire her and the help she gave Bethenny when she was starting out.  Wait, I’m not sure how this spun to talking about her marriage.  Did I miss something?

Skinnygirl Shapewear Shoot

Sisters Working It

The ladies are working it and rocking all they’ve got in their Skinnygirl Shapeware.  Julie shares some pearls of wisdom:  if you’re dying inside, don’t show it on the outside.  Seems fair enough, especially in front of Bethenny.  Bethenny muses that she’ll have 24 year olds running the show in Julie’s absence.  Hey Julie, the next time I’m visiting the folks, let’s hook up, check in… you know, cause we’re peeps!

Bottom Line:

Oh, next week everything is going to spiral out of control for B and we’ll get to see all the carnage coverage.


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