America’s Next Top Model British Invasion – Week 5, Beverly Johnson

Well it’s a good thing that there wasn’t an ANTM episode this past week so I only have to apologize for missing one episode due to being drunk in NYC.  And I’m really not sorry for that as I had a really fabulous time.

OK so we’re back at home with the girls when they get a video message from Jay Manuel. He tells them that they’re going to Toronto to go on go-sees.  Suddenly they’re calling it castings but aren’t they just go-sees?  Do they call it something different in Canada?  The go-sees/castings are for Toronto Fashion Week.  Book the job and walk the runway.  OK, so let’s see how many girls are smart enough to get on the plane ready to go, because you know that will be part of the challenge.  There’s no way they’re landing, going to a hotel, napping and then going on go-sees… Sorry, castings.  That’s gonna trip me up all night.

The girls, who all look ready to go, meet Jay  who tells them they will have the opportunity to walk in up to 8 shows; including one for his clothing line.  Wait, Jay has a clothing collection?  Nice.  I would rock some Jay Manuel.  The model who books the most shows wins clothes and gets to come back for a surprise event.

The first designer, Pink Tartan, doesn’t like swinging hips.  Um, that’s weird.  You’re just clothes hangers she says.  So personality doesn’t win here.    Laura, Kyle & Sophie book the show and let’s notice they’re all skinny white blondes.  Just an observation…

Next stop is a casting for six designers.  Each girl walks for all six at the same time.  Five of the girls book shows – Azmarie (2), Annaliese (2), Ebony (4), and Alicia (2), & Sophie (3 – includes Pink Tartan).

Jay is up for the final casting.  They’re walking for his stylist and his casting director as well as him.  Four girls are walking in his show – Laura (2), Kyle (2), Azmarie (3) and Sophie (4).

At final count, Sophie & Ebony each have 4 shows booked.  So whoever does the best tonight, wins.  Is it wrong that I’m rooting for Sophie?  I know I should be all “America, f**k yeah!”, but I like Sophie.

As rehearsals at Pink Tartan start, the clothes hanger lady cuts Laura & Kyle because they’re not bringing it anymore.  A bad walk can wreck the show, you know.  Not loving this woman.  Remind me never to buy Pink Tartan clothes… not that I’ve ever seen Pink Tartan clothing.

Meanwhile, on the “I didn’t book any shows” front, Seymone’s bad attitude about it finally gets the attention of Jay, after irritating the other girls all afternoon.  Jay tells her that she needs to smile and dazzle.  AKA – Stop being a pouty brat.

After walking in the shows, both girls, Sophie & Ebony, win the challenge.  Oh come on, Sophie kicked her ass!  And their big prize is coming back to Toronto for a Rodeo?  Really?  A rodeo?  After that exciting news, Jay tells them that today’s shoot will have the girls covered in maple syrup.  I guess we’re now doing photo shoots of the food of the country we visit.  Greece – Feta salad.  Canada – maple syrup.  I’m afraid of what happens if they go to the UK.  Rolling around in bangers & mash seems wrong on a lot of levels.

Everyone does pretty good on the shoot except for out little Scot Ashley.  Jay asks if she’s ok and she says it’s hard being away from her kids.  You have to sympathize with that.  Well you do unless you’re Kyle who says if you leave your kids, you leave your kids.  It’s a competition.  Uh, weren’t you crying and stomping around about leaving last week over mean girls?  Stuff it, sister.

Tonight on panel is Beverly Johnson, one of the most beautiful women ever.  Happy to see her, but it’s time to rate some photos.  Catherine is up first and has a meltdown about not booking any jobs. Then bam!  She pulls out a great shot.  Kelly tells her she needs to keep her head in the game.  Ashley brings joy in person, but she’s just not connecting with the camera or the runway.  Laura tells Kelly what was going on in her picture – she lost her best friend 2 weeks before the competition and she was channeling the pain. Kelly appreciates the story.  The struggle shows and her picture is strong.  Ebony finally worked the sexy and the sweet.  Tyra says it’s slammin’.

Best picture:  Ebony

Bottom Two:  Catherine & Ashley

Ashley goes home this week.  Tyra says she should be a TV announcer and she has an “era-descent” face… Um, I believe it’s iridescent but I’m not gonna argue with Tyra.  Not now.  Not ever.  You’re fierce, Tyra!


Bottom Line:

Phew, all caught up… Sorry to see Ashley go.  Her pix weren’t great but she was adorable.


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