Jerseyicious: Who’s Knocked Up in 200 or less

Our Thoughts:

Oh yeah, someone’s got a bun in the oven… Leave it to Sherlock Olivia to get to the bottom of it!

Oh no! Only one color and no animal prints? Not at my wedding!

Melissa’s 200:

Tracy and Corey double-date with Anthony for his “brotherly” approval.  Gayle wants to look at the new volume product line by herself (to Christy’s annoyance) before launching nationally.  At Christy’s insistence the crew will make the trip to the factory.  Tracy shares her life plan with Corey as well as wedding details.  Miguel upon finding a pregnancy test runs to Olivia to determine who it belongs to.  Anthony’s striped socks confuse poor Filippo… Then again, I’m sure simple arithmetic does too.  They scare poor Corey about Tracy’s wedding thoughts and tell him he needs control.  Christy goes behind mamma’s back to check on other lines for the salon.  Corey attempts to slow Tracy’s marital thoughts and leopardlicious wedding.  Tracy can’t hide her sadness at work and the guys realize they may have attributed to the argument.  The Gatsby crew tours the lab and Gayle clearly should have left the “kids” at home.  “Big Ant” meets Corey to over and offer advice and it’s a happy reunion when he stops to see Tracy at the salon <smooch!!>.  Shot time to reveal the pregnant woman… Doria!  Hang on, it wasn’t her pregnancy test… duh-duh-duhn!


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