Dancing With The Stars 14 – Week 3 Results

One-Sentence Summary:  The second star goes home and the Two Winey Bitches fail to see it go down…

What Happened:

It came down to Gavin DeGraw and Jack Wagner in the Bottom 2. Seems the charm won out over the choppers as Jack was bounced.

Melissa:  Another night with of tears (Even more with my bitch having gone home.  Yes, we are slightly codependent.  It works for us.) reliving the memorable year stories our stars have, and the dreaded elimination round.  The office manager at my doctor’s office thinks it will be Gavin, unfortunately, but she hopes she’s wrong… Just in case you’re interested…

… and then it was 5am.  I completely passed out just after the intro of the elimination episode.  What can I say, it was along weekend with my Winey Bitch.

Turns out it was NOT Gavin, but Jack Wagner and Anna eliminated this week, which I’m OK with because he kept making me think of some strange universe where everyone looks like a vague version of themselves crossed with Dick Van Dyke.

Rachel:  My story isn’t much better.  I spent the better part of the evening en route to Florida from New Jersey with some quality time on the tarmac in Atlanta waiting for more fuel.  How does Delta not know how much fuel it takes to get from ATL to FLL?  There was also a mechanical issue, which turns out meant they couldn’t figure out how to turn on the in-flight television.  I don’t think ABC is an option in-flight, but I still blame Delta for not seeing the elimination.

I had every intention of watching on DVR when I got home, but turns out my mom showed up at the wrong airport to pick me up.  That really happened.  So, while I waited for my dad to save me with the Hail Mary pick-up, I couldn’t help but Google the results.  Well, I looked on Yahoo but no one says they Yahoo’d something.  Anyway, having seen that Choppers was eliminated, I skipped watching all the hullabaloo.  Lazy?  Yes.  Honest?  That too.  Can’t say I’m sad to see him go.  Mostly because it means Gavin and his hat stay.

Bottom Line:

Well, both Winey Bitches dropped the ball this week.  But coming off 5 straight days of cheese & wine binging, it isn’t surprising.  In fact, it should be admired.  It’s hard work clogging arteries and battering kidneys.


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