Jerseyicious: Tracy’s Big Test in 200 or less

Don't fall for the sweet talk Olivia... cheetahs don't change their spots, but Tracy will switch to a nice zebra print if it looks cute with her boots.

Our Thoughts:

I do believe Olivia going to bat for Tracy is the second sign of the apocalypse… Quick ladies, pull each other’s hair, you’re confusing me and I’m really starting to worry that the Mayans are going to be right come December!!

Melissa’s 200:

Tracy is stunned to see a Gatsby 2 Go fashion even featuring Amber Rose – that was her baby.  Poor Gigi’s still isn’t sure about living with Frankie and their therapy is bringing up old issues, maybe you shouldn’t be together – just sayin’.  Filippo tells Anthony how his brain expands when he works out (um??) and he wants to brand Anthony.  Tracy tells Gigi she wants to work with G2G again, but isn’t sure if she can talk to Gayle about it… Call me crazy, but if you want a job, you need to talk to the owner – I know, insane.  Gigi’s suggests talking to Olivia for help – apocalypse flags!!  Anthony meets with a Brand Consultant to discover “Ant’s Brand”.  Tracy goes to Olivia about G2G (anyone else feel the universe tilt?) and Gayle agrees to a trial.  Frankie’s moving in day has Gigi questioning the idea.  Anthony is against makeup for his photo shoot, personally I’m against that waiters jacket suggestion.  Anthony finally gets the look that is him, and Tracy is back with G2G, much to Olivia’s concern – dumb ass, what were you thinking?  Gigi’s therapy makes her realize they have a lot of work.


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