Bethenny Ever After Season 3 Week 5: Adrift

One Sentence Summary:  The 3 hour tour takes the typical turn and the crew is lost at sea.

LOST? Define Lost at Sea for us please doctor.

Melissa’s Thoughts:

It’s time for the boat ride to hell for Bethenny and Jason.  I’m pitifully late on my recap and can only beg forgiveness.  I also have NOT gotten any skinnygirl, and would really consider running to “Lou’s” (my liquor store) but unfortunately it is too late in the evening to make the trek, and I don’t think a B&E would really be a good idea.  Even though I think if I told Lou and George my reason they might let me go with a warning.  Anyway, you know this week is going to be a rough one for me since it’s basically an entire episode of therapy – so here I sit with my La Crema Pinot to drown my sorrows as Bethenny and Jason try not to drown.

Baby Please Don’t Go

What do you mean this really isn't "team building"?

We pick things back up with the shot of Jason’s back as he’s walking away from Bethenny in refusal of their team building exercise as the helicopter arrives.  He finally does return for further verbal ass kicking from Bethenny – while confined on a boat.  Chad and Luz arrive for the non-therapy couple’s therapy and Jason sees a soulmate in Chad who apparently was simply told he was going (he’s seems skeptical that he even had a choice).  Jason gets first turn to take the boat out and the not-so-subtle jabs begin.  Man, that is ridiculously noticeable annoyance from Bethenny when Jason asks her for help with steering the boat.  Sweetie, you aren’t even out of the harbor, retract the claws, this was your idea – hmmmm.  Bethenny sees the wonderful opportunity to take some time to just relax on the bow and Jason confesses he likes to push her buttons because he loves her.  Silly man, true to therapy the good doctor clarifies why he’s most likely pushing the buttons – because he’s hurt.  Oh, let the therapy fun begin!  A little social time with the other couple reveals they have 2 children and live separately?  For 20 years off and on?  M’ok.  With Captain Therapy below deck everyone takes turns sharing their thoughts on what they think is happening on the boat and how the Captain will try to relate it to their relationships.

6 hours at sea

If I pretend I'm sick the entire time I won't have to partake in the therapy part of this cruise.

While the other crew takes over on deck the good doctor asks Jason to make dinner.  Unfortunately, poor Jason isn’t doing a great job fighting his sea sickness while Bethenny tells him what to cook for dinner.  Bethenny true to form takes over to produce a dinner for the rest of the crew while Jason tries to rest.

7 hours at sea

Since he feels so awful he won't argue with me and I can win this round of therapy!

Bethenny decides to help the other couple and actively contribute to their therapy session and potentially learn from them.  After some time she realizes Jason might “need her”, but only to ask if they should have the doctor down for their therapy session.  Here’s the skinny as doc sees it:  Bethenny likes herself (yeah, we get that) and would like Jason to like her the same.  He would like her to be a bit more accepting of what is important to him.  Now I go into head-nod as their couple’s counseling starts.  Let me also take a moment to say I’m all for therapy and couple’s therapy, I would never knock someone trying to make themselves better and if therapy does it, more power to them.  What I’m against is it being played out on every single reality show.  OK, soapbox away.

10 hours at sea

Are we sure this isn't the SS Minnow?

On Bethenny and Jason’s shift things aren’t going so well; they are an hour late getting to Nantucket and their request to the Coast Guard went unanswered.  Yeah, that’s right they are jinxed when it comes to boats.  Their map has gone down, and as a result Captain Therapy points them south in an attempt to get to shallow water until they have an escort.  They realize maybe they shouldn’t go on boats anymore – ya think kids??

16 hours at sea

Please tell me how you managed to get a good nights' sleep? My neuroses and the good doctor's updates kept me up all night

Dawn breaks over the crew of the SS Therapy Gone Bad and and after a night of “2-3 more hours” updates from the Captain Bethenny heads up to the deck to get the what’s what from the Captain.  Really, maybe he should stick with his proper day job and not attempt boat therapy in an attempt to claim his boat on his taxes as a business expense.  Bethenny has decided boats aren’t for her and shares her stress with Luz who had a perfectly enjoyable nights’ sleep much to Bethenny’s annoyace.

20+ hours at sea – Land Ho

Doc decides to share some stray thoughts of how wonderful it was that no one argued.  He’s impressed with all of them.  Well doc, I’m thinking it’s that whole “I”m about to die I can’t think of much else right now but survival” instinct.

Well that happened…

Never so happy to see Nantucket

After 22 hours at sea, a non-moving dock greets Bethenny and Jason – a welcome sight after their lost at sea voyage of discovery.  They show Bryn all the boats while whispering in her ear they are the playthings of Satan and never step on one.  After warm showers and a chance to relax they give RaRa the run down of the trip from hell bringing Bethenny to the realization they never made any plans for Bryn should something happen to them.  At the end of the day, they love each other and they may have gained a little insight into their relationship and their love for their daughter.

Bethenny and Jason’s Bottom Line

You're going to cut me some slack? Well, don't expect me to reciprocate.

At brunch Jason tells Bethenny he knows he needs to give her a little slack and they get too caught up in stupid things and then throw everything into their argument that really doesn’t need to be there – yeah, welcome to the world of married couples fighting.  Bethenny realizes that Jason never held anything against her and the end result was something good for them.

What’s Up Doc?

So doc, how many extra hours of therapy do you think this will rack you up now that we both have a horrifying fear of boats?

The good doctor stops by to check in on his crew and wrap up his “session”.  He’s happy with the core of their relationship, and they really would never want to be stuck on a boat with anyone but each other.

Bottom Line:

Bethenny confirms all my theories that boats are evil, but they made it and they’re stronger for the experience – way to go team!


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