America’s Next Top Model British Invasion – Week 4, J. Alexander

The girls visit the site of Greased Lightning to see if they can bring some lightning themselves.

The Americans are up one this week.  The Brits think it’s because they work better as a team, which can only mean one thing… It’s time for the wheels to come off the American party bus.  Eboni is pissy that the judges don’t realize she’s an adult. Um, they say you have a baby face.  That’s different than being called a baby… not that your behavior is proving otherwise right now.

Martin Lindstrom, the brand expert, is back.  Wow, seriously, how did they con him not once, but twice?  The girls have to develop their own commercial to sell a product.  Remember, people judge you on first impressions.  The Brits do a good job… Well, minus Ashley.  The Americans on the other hand, not so great.

How is it my fault the focus group hated you?

Annaleise says they’re like toast with no butter.  Ha, exactly.   Turns out the judges are real consumers that will be watching the commercials & rating their personalities.  Oh, the dreaded focus group.  They love Kyle, Annaleise & Sophie.  Pretty much dislike everyone else.  The girls who weren’t like take it out on Kyle. How is it Kyle’s fault that the group liked her?  These girls are terrible & it makes Kyle wants to go home.  Mr. J convinces her to stay.  Annaleise takes home the prize.

Today’s photo shoot is being done in the Sepulveda Damn.  Yep, the same place where the infamous car race in Grease was shot.  The girls will be modeling crazy British hats in American cars for Nigel.  Everyone is waiting for Kyle to suck, but she rocks it.  So far all the girls are rocking it.  Well, until Candace & Sophie show up.  Their shoots were, shall we say, less inspiring to Nigel.

Kyle’s still questioning whether or not she wants to say, which is never a position that goes well in the model house.  I guess she’ll see how judging goes.  Kelly says Sophie looks like a pregnant mom that hit the road… Um, okay.  They tell Eboni once again to stop being sexy and embrace the youth.  Kyle nailed the photo so will she stay?  Probably.  They’re bored with Candace.  I’m bored with Candace.

Best photo:  Azmarie

Bottom Two:  Seymone & Candace – Candace is sent packing.

Candace tries to throw Kyle under the bus since she wants to be there and Kyle doesn’t.  Tyra says there were times she wanted to quit too, but it’s the people around her that kept her going.  I’m sure Candace missed the message on that one.  Hopefully, Kyle was listening.

Bottom Line:

I was hoping they’d have forgotten about their superhero, but we are talking about Tyra.  Lord knows she likes some make-believe.


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