America’s Next Top Model British Invasion – Week 3, Cat Deeley

It was only a matter of time before Tyra's other personalities starting breaking through again.

It’s all tied up between the Brits and the Yanks.  Are we allowed to call ourselves Yanks?  I mean I guess we can call ourselves anything we want, but is it offensive?  Oh, who cares… The British girls are pulling a prank on the Americans.  I imagine we’re about to see our first fight.  The Brits storm their room and hit them with wet paper balls.  LOL… That’s so stupid it’s funny.  Symone on the other hand is less amused.  She pretty much tries to take the entire United Kingdom on by herself.  There’s a lot of finger pointing & shoving but it stops short of coming to blows.

Alisha tells us she’s dyslexic so this means a lot to her.  She wants to show other girls who are teased that they can be something.  Well, that’s cool.  I’ll give a thumbs up to that.  But the smizing lessons for Alisha come to an abrupt end when Tyra shows up at the house.  It’s clearly been far too long since she had one of her crazy role playing moments so she makes the girls dress up as supermodel superheroes (aka Intoxibellas) with capes and all.  She gives them all their own Intoxibella names and powers.  A few gems:  Alisha is Gam-A-Tronica, Annaliese is Excite-To-Buy and Laura is Zagilicious.  I seriously want some of whatever Tyra is smoking.  I bet Harvard Business School wants their diploma back right about now.

Today’s photo shoot is for Kelly Cutrone’s client  The girls will be working in teams (Brits vs Yanks, natch) and will be creating their own campaign for the fashions website.  They will have to each pick a leader, a wardrobe person, a hair & makeup person, a props person and a talent agent to find a male model.  They’ll have a new Virgin Mobile phone so they can keep in touch and, well, help them sell some phones.  Kelly calls Annaliese out for not being a strong leader before she actually has even processed that she’s the leader.  It doesn’t help that Azmarie already has her team on the run.  The Brits are going mod 60’s.  Americans are doing punk love.  Louise isn’t appreciating Kelly’s way of working with them.  Azmarie feels like she can learn a lot from her.  See where this is going?

The day of the shoot is here and the Americans are way more put together than

Yeah, I rocked it.

the Brits.  However, their shoot started weak but thankfully Laura, Kyle & Azmarie brought the goods.  On the Brit side, they get a late start and have zero idea what to do during the shoot so Annaliese throws a chair into the set.  Louise, who’s trying to take over the leader role, is running around much to Kelly’s chagrin.  Kelly counsels her on how to behave on a set, but Louise has no interest in hearing her.  Yeah, wrong woman to flip ‘tude, Louise.  Last part of the photo challenge is the girls get to pick their own picture for panel.  Choose wisely ladies!

At panel, things are going as usual.  Some good.  Some bad.  Then it’s Louise’s turn… Well, let’s just say that this is when the mack truck came crashing through the room.  Nigel tells her she looks mean in her photo, which is met with a pfft and a muttering of “I can’t win.” under her breath.  Kelly says she might want to put some gratitude in her attitude (which is so going to be my new favorite saying).  Louise, however, is less charmed by the remark and keeps shaking her head even as Nigel speaks to her.  When Kelly says she found her to be rude on the set, Louise says it was Kelly that was rude.  Tyra says she has a problem with authority, which Louise says is really a problem with rude people.  Funny, then she should have a really tough time with herself.  Well, it doesn’t get any better and Miss Thang storms off the set and off the show.  Peace out, dumb ass.  You totally could have won this if you had kept your pie hole (or is it shepherd’s pie hole in the UK?) shut.

Best photo:  Azmarie

Bottom photos – The girls who didn’t make the catalog:  Candace, Ebony, Alisha & Ashley.  But it’s Louise’s departure that saves them all because they can take a critique & show potential.

Bottom Line:

I went way over my 500 words tonight, but it was necessary.  That was some crazy shite… to use a British-ism.


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