America’s Next Top Model British Invasion – Week 2, Evil Kris Jenner

Cutting my hair will ruin my non-career.

Yes, this is an inexcusably late post.  All I can tell you is that I was in LA for work and Top Model just didn’t make it into rotation.  However, I came back home to a DVR full of shows to catch up on.  So, here I am, freshly landed, in my bed and attending to the British invasion first.  I guess I do still have love for Tyra even though I’m still not squarely behind this idea.  But I’ve only got 500 words and it’s makeover night so let’s get to it.

How about those balloons showing the girls which room is theirs?  Someone’s production budget got slashed.  Anyway, the girls see a video where they pretend Tyra’s phone got hacked & their makeovers were leaked to the public.  Things like magenta and one side shaved are on the list.  Need I tell you the girls freak?  How many times does this joke get played and how many times do the models fall for it.  Seriously, way to live up to the model stereotypes girls.

Off to Sally Hershberger’s for the makeovers.  Wow, Sally let the ‘do grow.  She looks great.  So, maybe I’m the dumb one.  The girls are getting the makeovers they saw on the paper.  There is pink hair and red, white & blue hair.  Azmarie gets ANTM shaved into her head.  For real?  Then, being the giver she is, she helps shampoo & condition the other girls.  She’s enjoying it and the girls seem to all be crushing on her back.  Smooth moves there lady.  Wink wink.  Louise doesn’t want her hair cut.  There’s always one.  And the bitching doesn’t end when she’s told they’re also dying it.  They should start sending home girls that bitch at the makeovers.  That’d shut them up.  Fast.

Back at the house there are two tables of food set-up; one with American foods (pigs feet, grits, peanut butter, etc) and one with British food (Marmite, haggis, cockles, etc).  The Brits have to eat the American food and visa-versa.  Gnarly.  The American girls rock it

This week’s special guest is Kris Jenner.  The girls will be dressed as toddlers and

Rating are down. Call in the Kardashians.

pose as her kids along with Kylie & Kendall.  Great, more children’s lives for her exploit for monetary gain.  Sorry kids, I can’t take the Kardashians in any form.  Sadly, my girl Azmarie didn’t wow Jay today, but there were a lot of girls that didn’t wow Jay.  So, I hope that’s a good sign.  Candace just made a weird pouting face the whole time, which was awkward.  No one really blew me away.  Should be an interesting panel.

Panel number is off and Kelly is not mincing any words.  She’s a tough customer.  That’s for sure.  The Brits definitely had the best pic, but there was not a lot of love in the room tonight.

Best picture:  Laura

Bottom Two:  Simone & Mariah.  Mariah goes home.

Bottom Line:

Please stop with the Kardashians. Please.


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