Bethenny Ever After Season 3 Week 4: Shrink Resistant

One Sentence Summary:  The couple gets ready for their 3 hour tour, but get lost before they even leave Manhattan.

Why won't Jason just do as I tell him?

Melissa’s Thoughts:

OK, I’m slacking this week and will admit and hang my head in shame that I actually watched GCB on the DVR before I watched this week’s Bethenny… Listen, I had 3 hours of Bachelor Ben and needed a little break from reality!!  I’ve let you down I get that, plus I still haven’t gotten my hands on any more Skinnygirl Sangria to taste test.  That’s it… this weekend, I swear!  Really, I do… For real!  I owe it to you all!

People Magazine Photo Shoot

Let me tell you what he did this time...

It’s the cover shoot for the holiday entertaining edition, and after the shoot the topics turn to Bethenny’s explanation of Jason’s birthday weekend that ended in drama and argument after she planned a perfect weekend.  Granted, this isn’t until after we hear of Bethenny’s hairstylists boob falling out during yoga session.  I digress, continuing on at the shoot Julie and the rest of Bethenny’s support staff think Jason needs his own therapy to work on his sh*t so he can see his side of everything and maybe take some ownership.

Renovations… On hold

Just tell me who I need to yell at today

Bethenny has her (multi) million dollar dream team raising all sorts of issue flags holding them up for at least a month… Until Bethenny steps in.

The Designers @ The Shop

Can they hear me now?

At the Gomez girls showroom Jason flips on the designers about their lack of abilities to get work done.  What I don’t get here, is that Bethenny is “walking on egg shells” with these people.  Here’s the thing Bethenny, you’re the client which means you are paying them.  You are also on national television… If you are not happy, it’s their reputation… Speak the F up woman, we all know you can!  You’ll go to the bathroom on camera but you don’t want to tell your designers they need to step up and do a little work??  Anywho, after all is said and done they manage to right everything and get as back on track with the apartment work as they can so Bethenny doesn’t become homeless.

Chiropractor’s Office

Either you fix my neck or I'm going to force matchmaking on you - I've done it before doc.

All of Bethenny’s stress is getting to her and it’s settling into her neck giving her tension headaches… Welcome to my life Bethenny, have a seat, may I pour you a drink?  AW LAWD, she wants to set her doctor up too??  YOU MUST CHILL WOMAN!  Now hang on, without a session at all, he advises her to rest and then call him if she wants treatment.  Call me crazy, but isn’t that the whole point of visiting the office?  I never just popped into my Chiropractor’s office for a chat.  I mean his house yes, but that’s because he was married to my college roommate, but most chiropractors know when you walk in the door you need an adjustment and they better get the heating pads and the stim ready… just saying.  I question this quack.

Website Meeting

What do you mean you don't plan to grow old working for me??

Before meeting with her web development team Bethenny checks in with her assistants to see how they are and clear the decks on their commitment and their willingness to be there for the long haul.  Julie practically has a breakdown at the thought of having to think about herself and her life.  She’s hoping that one day she’ll wake up and “just know”… Geez, I hope so and I hope my day is coming soon!!  Bethenny is looking for a world within a world for her website where her fans can talk to each other and discuss the brands.  Fair enough a request though her web developers don’t seem to know what her brand is.  Their take:  Positivity, empowerment, authenticity and connection with the audience… And fabulous.  Um, what??  You do know she built this empire on booze right?


I really don't like to let people into my private life

Again Bethenny tells us about how Jason ripped her for throwing him a fantastic birthday.  She thinks he wants the relationship you have when you’re 26.  The one where you’re fused and do everything together, but only one of them has reached huge success and he resents her for it so they can’t have that relationship which makes him more resentful.  Also, and this is just a little side bar… Bethenny, no one thinks your life is perfect because we watch your therapy every week.  Of course her doctor thinks Jason needs therapy too.

Boat Trip Planning

Show me how much you love me...

Bethenny and Jason will be taking a helicopter to Block Island (which thanks to my partner now makes me start mentally singing Jeffrey Osborne’s “One the Wings of Love”) to their couples’ therapy.  I guess the idea is the faster they can get him to a point of no return the better off they’ll be when he realizes it’s a ginormous no way out therapy session.  Bethenny wonders which Jason will be on the boat ride with her, the “Inside Jason” that only a choice few see, or the public one.  Switching gears we learn Macy’s picked up the Skinnygirl Shapewear line and Bethenny wants to celebrate by doing a real women campaign which makes perfect sense if you ask me.  Julie isn’t up to the task, but Jackie might be willing as long as it’s not the crochless panty.  I really need to check these things out.  Hey B, hook a sista up with some samples – oh toss in a bottle of Skinnygirl Sangria too please.

Ladies Night

Ladies Night and no emissions of gas allowed

Bethenny and RaRa (Veronica) head out for the evening while Jason is off visiting his parents to have some girl time.  For those of you new to Bethenny, RaRa is the Captain Obvious to Bethenny’s Tennille always pointing out exactly what Bethenny can’t quite place her finger on.  Bethenny thinks the romance has died because of the farting.  Yeah, that’s usually a good indication you’ve settled into the “comfortable with the other space”… Frankly, most of us women really wish there was never that level of comfort.

Go Time… Or No-Go

One last fight before we go

Bethenny and Jason head off to Block Island for their therapy.  Apparently that morning they had yet another argument about Jason’s birthday weekend, and Bethenny is at her breaking point and needs Jason to take responsibility for his part, sadly the continued fight just sends him walking.

To be continued…


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