Jerseylicious: A Gatsby Bra-tacular

Our Thoughts:

Even the name gives me pause for this weeks Jersey Girls… I barely want to see these ladies in their outfits let alone what’s underneath them!!

You know it's love when you have matching his and hers dog tags.

In 100

Tensions still bubble at Anthony Roberts.  Negative press for Gatsby pushes them toward a bra party… naturally (for charity*).  Tracy and Gigi double-date and the love newbies are rubbing Gigi and Frankie the wrong way.  Prices skyrocket for Anthony’s new salon and the Gioves offer up the money (say no!).  Frankie shockingly decides to cut the cord and move in with Gigi, but she wants couples counseling first.  BTW, what’s with his jib-jab goatee**?  Anthony seeks Gayle’s advice.  Bra Night has Olivia barking for the bras and raising 4K plus winning over – good night for the Gatsby!

* National Breast Cancer Coalition

** For your reading pleasure, the definition for goatee as outlined on urban dictionary (I personally like 5 & 7):


One response to “Jerseylicious: A Gatsby Bra-tacular

  1. Thanks for the heads up…hopefully this is still on the DVR 😉

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