Jerseylicious: Firing and Hiring

Our Thoughts:

Olivia tries her best to hide by blending into her surroundings so she doesn't have to break the news to Mikey that she's changing plans from a week long party in AC to a weekend at an Amish B&B.

Melissa:  Sorry for the no coverage last week.  While I was on vacation my evil DVR staged a coup and didn’t record my Jersey Girls!  Never fear, I doubled up on Doomsday Preppers and Hunt for Sasquatch to spite it… it’s playing nice now.  Anyway, I’m sure last week went a little like this:  Olivia waving her hands while talking, about her dislike for Tracy.  Gayle hasn’t hired anyone.  Anthony’s new place isn’t open thus Tracy and Gigi are still unemployed.

100 or less

Olivia and Mikey’s party week in AC takes an odd turn when it’s replaced by a weekend at an Amish B&B in Intercourse, PA.  Gigi and Tracy give it a go in Anthony’s shop, and can anyone say “cluster *”?  Gigi might be better off washing her clients in her kitchen sink.  Christy goes behind Gayle’s back to interview Gigi after the over the top trial hairdressers.  Well, Anthony the barber being the exception.  He’ll bring more male clients and a little eye candy to the shop – Gayle, you cougar you!!


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