Project Runway All-Stars – Episode 9

One-Sentence Summary:  The runway goes glow-in-the-dark for guest judge Pharrell Williams.

Hi, Pharrell... Heyyyyy...

My Thoughts:  

Rachel:  It’s down to the wire.  One lady (and I hesitate to call her that) remains and she has been warned that it’s time to push her boundaries.  I wonder if Kenley can make something without polka dots that isn’t a jumper.  But the most important news about tonight’s episode is that Pharrell Williams is guest judging.  I lurve me some Pharrell.  Though I kinda wish he hadn’t gotten rid of the tattoos, but I see there’s still one on his neck.  Nice!  I respect him for choosing to remove all the arm tats.  I’m sure he’s thrilled about that.  You know he sits home at night and wonders if I respect him or not.  He can rest soundly tonight.  I do. 

Light It Up

Look at me! I light up pretty!

We meet on the runway and Angela tells us that innovation and technology are as much part of the fashion world as fabric and thread.  And tonight’s challenge is all about using lighting technology to create innovative, avant-garde looks that will be shown on the catwalk under black lights.  Oh boy… Tonight we’re doing glow-in-the-dark dresses!  They may call it avant-garde.  I call it a frat party.  Are they going to be serving Mad Dog too?

The winning look will be worn by of one of Pharrell’s artists.  Not him, mind you.  Some poor struggling artist that is not in any position to say no.  Didn’t the Black Eyed Peas do this at the Super Bowl last year?  I’m thinking if the BEPs have done it, it can no longer be called “avant-garde”.

Make It Work

I can't remember the rule... Is it no DayGlo tape after Labor Day?

Before they go to Mood today, they get to spend $300 at the light store.  There are lots of cool lights there, to be honest.  Mondo is tired of Austin’s drama and tells us that  he thinks Austin is high-maintenance as he sprays some kind of aerosol all over everyone.  Ya think?  I’ve been saying this all year.  Kenley is over her $300 budget and tries to negotiate herself a discount.  No go and some of the lights go back.

Afterwards, they head to Mood with another $100 to spend.  There is a lot of talk about choosing stiff fabrics, but not one person cracks a “stiff” joke.  Guess these designers are more mature than I am.

Another Day In The Workroom

This episode would have been a great product placement opportunity for Head & Shoulders.

Back at Parson’s the designers have been given a room for them with black light to test their outfit.  OK, OK… This challenge could actually be really cool.  I’m coming around to this.  Slowly.  Just creeping into it so as not to jar anyone (and to avoid anyone noticing I was wrong).

Michael was trying to make a big pink jacket but his heart isn’t in it.  So he’s going back to the drawing board and going with Plan B.  He says he is falling victim to his fashion commitment issues.  I believe that’s defined as Chiffonaphobia in the medical world.

It’s time for Joanna’s visit and she tells us this is the most avant-garde challenge ever.  She sure loves to announce that this is the “most” something every time she walks in the door – The “most” talented, the “most” avant-garde, the “most” exciting…  She’s excited about Pharrell as this week’s judge.  Get in line, lady.

She starts her rounds with Kenley.  They chat and we hear that Mondo likes Kenley’s design, but we don’t know what Joanna thinks.  Um, ok.  At Jerell’s table, he says he’s figuring it out as he goes.  It will have an ethnic flair and again we’re not sure what Joanna thinks.  I guess if it’s not posing an underwear situation, there’s nothing to discuss.  Austin says he is making his woman into the starry sky.  Joanna wonders if that is too romantic for Pharrell.  Finally, an actual thought!  Michael shows Joanna both his designs – Plan A & Plan B.  This week, he has stayed away from draping and that excites Joanna.  She says the pink coast is very Lady Gaga.  On the black dress, the tape puckering stands out & she doesn’t want to see him get called out for that.  She likes what Mondo is doing, but doesn’t want him to rest on his laurels and pushes him to push himself.  Yes, Mondo, push yourself.  Imma gonna be mad if you go home this close to the finish line.

Phone Home

Austin talks to his mom and gets some bad news.

Austin says Jerell’s design is weird and poorly constructed.  Clearly, Austin has an issue with Jerell since he takes exceptional point with his design every week.  Why so angry Austin?  Could it be that mustache?  Maybe you should shave it off.   Just a suggestion…  Oh snap!  He’s got it shaved off in one of his video diaries.  Way to hear me, Austin.

Oh my… Now that I’m actually listening to what’s going on with Austin’s Skype call to his mother and not focusing on the mustache, I realize that he’s talking to her about her home being in foreclosure.  Ugh, that’s so sad.  I’m feeling a little less animosity toward Austin.  I know, I’m generous that way.

The Runway – Week 9

Everyone’s rushing to finish their dresses.  Michael hasn’t gotten his lights done.  Mondo is having technical issues.  He can’t get the dress to light up.  That could be a problem.

Let’s see who got lit up on the runway…


I like it. It's fine but I'm not sure he pushed far enough.


Yikes. The silhouette is very old fashioned.


It's very Nicki Minaj. It's pretty cool. I have give this one to her.


It looks like what he wanted it to look like; very princess/starry night. It's pretty cool.


I'm not sure about how good it is but I actually think it's pretty hilarious. Samurai Sister.

The Good & The Bad

The good, the bad & the glowing.

Kenley – Pharrell – I like the shape of it.  Wish you could have used the lights woven into the outfit, not draped on it.  It’s one of my favorites.  Isaac – I think it’s divine.  You managed volume on top & bottom but she doesn’t look huge.   Georgina – The proportion is really great.  Job well done.  Angela – So thoughtful in creating a plaid with the tape.

Mondo – Georgina – I see so much of you in this.  Perhaps if you had brought the tracks in a bit as it makes her look a bit up & down.  Very Tron-esque.  Isaac – Love the use of technology.  I wonder how avant-garde it is though.  Pharrell – The shoulders look like old Cadillac wings.  Angela – The breast shape is very strange.  Georgina – It reminds me of Madonna.  Isaac – Reminds me of a Tele-Tubby but they’re my favorites things on earth, so it’s a compliment.

Jerrel – Georgina – I like the movement in it.  She looks like a little tribal raver.  Isaac – It’s fun that you have a light in her mouth.  The rest looks like she bought it in a joke store; especially the glasses.  The shoes go joke store.  Angela – There’s this amazing shaped skirt but why is there a long black dress underneath.  Pharrell – The styling came off as grandma and her body gets lost.  Georgina – Can you make it into a mini-skirt? (He does) So much better.  Angela – She just went from grandma to sexy.

Austin – Angela – I would have liked to see the lights incorporated into the dress vs just draped on it.  Isaac – I love this.  I think there’s something mysterious about it.  Pharrell – It really is a beautiful piece.  Georgina – Very romantic.  The problem is that it’s just lights put on a dress.  I’m really enchanted by it.

Michael – Isaac – I like the idea of this but the execution falls short.  It looks like tape on a dress.  The chaser lights are very noisy on the shoulders and around the waist.  A person doesn’t want to draw that much attention to her waist.  The bow in the back hides her waist and that’s a big problem.  Georgina – Don’t just put something on.  If you’re going to do it, do it properly or don’t do it at all.  Angela – I really like these shoulder pieces.  They’re whimsical and crazy.  I kinda like the ninja thing too.  Pharrell – When I see this, I keep seeing Mortal Kombat meets Grace Jones.  She’s more fit for Comic-Con.

Angela doesn’t disappoint and gives us her standard “the judges have a lot to talk about” line.

And The Winner Is…

Austin & his mustache bring home a win.

Austin get the wins and Kenley is the bridesmaid again.

Week 8 Loser:  Jerell goes home for his granny dress.  I like Jerell, but he has been skating by they last few weeks.  I think the judges are right when they say he has an editing problem.  If he just did half of his idea, he’d probably be in the finals.

Bottom Line:

One last challenge before the Final Runway.  I am still pulling for Mondo.  I think the judges favor Austin.  That means either Michael or Kenley are the two I’m putting on the chopping block next week.  I’m on Team Michael between the two, but it’s anyone’s game really.  It will depend on the challenge and whose strength it plays to.  Until then…


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