Project Runway All-Stars – Episode 7

One-Sentence Summary: The designers use their flair for the dramatic to create an outfit for the new Broadway production of Godspell.

Yeah, you try rocking this hair.

My Thoughts:  

Rachel:  OK, I have to keep apologizing for being so far behind this week.  Sometimes life has to take over for a minute.  But I’m back and we’re down to the Sporty Seven.  Yep, just came up with that one on my own.  I’m so clever.  These designers have nothing on me and my creativity.  I must say that I’m sad that Rami’s gone.  He isn’t playing on my team but I liked looking at him.  I really did.  And I also disagree with him getting sent home for that look when Austin’s outfit was just dreadful.  I’m starting to really wonder about the judging this season.  I’m thinking it might be a rookie thing; like they haven’t gotten their sea legs quite yet.  Seriously, some of the stuff they let pass would never get by Nina & Michael.  No how.  No way.  Let’s see what gets through this week.

On Broadway

The designers meet Angela at a theater on Broadway.

What Happened:  The designers meet legendary composer Stephen Schwartz who informs them that his show, Godspell, is being brought back to Broadway.  Their challenge this week will be to design an outfit for one of the characters in the play.  The actress/character they are designing for is Uzo, whose role is a very wealthy woman that goes out of her way to make sure everyone knows how rich she is. The true material girl.  The designs should express her personality in a colorful, humorous, and exaggerated way.  The other cast members will have to put the outfit on her on-stage, so this is a separates challenge.  The winning designer will have their outfit featured in the new Broadway production of Godspell and their bio will be in the Playbill.

Rachel:  Oh I love this challenge.  I’m actually in agreement with Austin on this one – Theater is truly magical.  Aren’t we so dramatic?  I think the designers have some real freedom here to do some amazing designs.  But I really need to understand what the hell is happening on Kenley’s head.  I didn’t realize Lucille Ball on her way to the beauty shop was a fashion statement.  When did going out in curlers become acceptable?  Meanwhile, Mood must make a fortune off of this show…Random thought, I know.

The Workroom

Kara gets her groove on as she enjoys a moment of happiness on the roller coaster ride that is her moods.

What Happened:  Kara and Kenley are having a love affair which includes a dance party in the workroom.  Their sorority sister behavior is really starting to irritate Mila… and all of us watching.  Mondo, on the other hand, is hating his outfit and starting to spiral into a very dark place.  But have no fear!  Joanna is here!  She thinks this is the most exciting challenge prize yet.  She visits Austin and thinks he looks like he robbed a bank with all his gold.  He’s going Marie Antoinette ostentatious and she likes it because it could be hideous or fabulous.  Kara confuses Joanna a bit with her top and ultimately she finds it to not be very ambitious.  This drives Kara to tears.  She really is a roller coaster of workroom emotion.  Joanna thinks Mila’s natural inclination to do a pencil skirt is the right way to go.  Mondo, who seems to have pulled it together, is giving the character a story which includes her wearing her father’s smoking jacket.  Joanna likes the idea because it plays up her deceitfulness.  Joanna hopes that Jerrel goes minimal with the accessories since his outfit is rather over the top.  Kenley shocks her by actually not going with polka dots for the first time this season.  Overall she’s super impressed with the talent in the room.

Rachel:  Well, that was a fast.  Kara went from Dancing Queen to Sad Clown in record time.  Look, it’s Joanna’s job to push you and you have been taking the easy way out the last few weeks.  Come on lady, pull it together.  Let’s all have a group hug and get back to work.  It’s ok though because Kenley loves everything Kara is doing.  But Kenley also loves everything Kenley is doing.  She let’s us know that she’s flawless.  Yeah, if by flawless you mean mind-blowingly irritating.  I do like that Kara keeps Mondo from fully melting down by telling him that workroom drama is her territory.  You hear that, Mondo?  Let’s get it together.  I want you on that runway.  I need you on that runway.  I can’t have you self-destruct now.  And once again, Austin has issues with the sewing machines.  Isn’t this an every week occurrence?  But don’t get it twisted.  Austin doesn’t let anyone push him around and he announces that no one dare touch his machine for the rest of the challenge.  This is met with laughter since really he poses a threat to exactly no one in that workroom.  He’s be hard pressed to take one of the models who hasn’t eaten in weeks in an arm wrestling contest.

The Runway Week 7


I like it but I'm not sure it feels Broadway to me.


I like the jacket. I like the skirt. I don't like them together.


What the hell? It is Marie Atoinette but I think it's fug. The judges are gonna love it though.


Hmm... For sure I get rich woman but I also get older woman.


She looks rich, but I don't know if it's that exciting. Seems she didn't heed Joanna's advice.


This is definitely a stand out. I love it.


Seems like street wear and not something you'd see on Broadway. Don't quite get the jacket & skirt together.

Good News/Bad News

The good news: Michael, Austin (told you) & Mondo are in the top 3. The bad news: Kara, Mila & Kenley are in the bottom 3. Boys v Girls again.

Tonight’s guest judge is Broadway star, Sutton Foster.  Here is what she and the other judges think about tonight’s designs:

Michael – Georgina – It’s very lovely.  Just wish it was more eccentric.  It’s relying too much on the hat.  Sutton – It draws my eye.  Feels like a rich party girl.  Angela – I get that vibe too and there’s something about her that almost is a little bitchy.  Isaac – Congrats because that is a really difficult color.

Kenley – Isaac – You are flying in our faces.  You need to tweak it a little bit.  She doesn’t live in the East Village, she lives in a doorway in the East Village.  Georgina – You cut the coat so well, but I do think you have one too many elements going on here.  Sutton – I want to wear that in real life, but on stage, the colors muddle it and it won’t pop.  Angela – She seems eccentric but I’m not sure if she looks rich enough.

Austin – Georgina – I get the nod toward Marie Antoinette.  Love it.  Sutton – Love the color & it draws attention.  Angela – I like the silhouette.  Isaac – It’s wonderful but borders on too young.

Mila – Isaac – I like the top and sort of like the crazy asymmetrical skirt but something doesn’t go together.  Sutton – Borders between rich party girl and someone who walks the street.  Doesn’t feel wealthy.

Mondo – Isaac – She’s so sexy in a passive aggressive way.  Dress is really good too.  Georgina – What’s so amazing is the layering of the fabrics.  You just have to refine the length.  Angela – Well done.

Kara – Angela – Love the red pop of the skirt but the silver bow gets very bulky and takes away form her richness.   Isaac – It’s the best you’ve done but it needs to be developed.  Georgina – It’s just that there are little tweaks that are needed that throw me.  The ideas are really good but needed resolving.

And The Winner Is…

Mondo's going to Broadway!

Talk about pulling it together and rocking it out!  I just love Mondo.  I feel like he’s back after teetering last week on the bottom.

Week 5 Loser:  Kara can’t skate through another week.  I think Mila’s outfit was worse this week, but it seems Kara just hasn’t really pushed herself and that’s what the judges were seeing.

Bottom Line:

Down to the last two ladies.  Competition is getting fierce.  Loving the challenges this season.


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