Jerseylicious: You’re Fired, Now What?

Our Thoughts:

Melissa:  OK, so I’m bringing Style Channel’s Jerseylicious to the blog… Why would I want to write about the Gatsby Salon in Green Brook, NJ?  This show represents all that is stereotypically wrong with my home state… The reason I cringe when people ask me where I live… Loud girls with big hair, long nails and too much makeup.  That being said, I ADORE THEM.  So I’ll bring my 100-ish cents to you and hope you fall for these crazy Jersey Girls’ antics and over the top make up like I have.  ** See below for the “cast” of characters.

Sadly, I missed an entire season because I live in the middle of nowhere and have the worst cable company on the face of the earth (and I’ve had Comcast in the past), so it’s time to catch up for the new season. Gayle, the owner of The Gatsby and Anthony (or Ant’ny in Gayle’s perfect NJ accent) had planned to open a salon together, but it didn’t work out, so Anthony went to the local pizza matriarch (Cathy Giove - she reminds me of Jennifer Coolage’s Sherri Ann Cabot from “Best in Show”) because that makes sense... Pizza and Haircare. Rumor had it that Gayle was going to sell the salon, so 2 of the stylists Gigi and Tracy do a little going behind Gayle’s back and talk to Anthony about chairs at his new salon - bad move girls, you’re fired! Gigi and Frankie got back together... Again. Tracy and Olivia’s feud reached epic proportions when Tracy spit in Olivia’s face (literally) in the parking lot of Sonic (yeah, they were thrilled with that PR)... OH BOY it’s going to be a wonderful season!!

 100 or less… 

The Gatsby’s loss of 3 stylists and an assistant weighs heavily on Christy but Gayle is still hurt over the “poaching” of her family by Anthony and Cathy.  Her workaround?   Have Olivia to work hair as well as make-up – mistake… BIG mistake – like asking me for directions mistake!!  Meanwhile, to make ends meet, Tracy tries her hand at Jersey jewelry making, while Gigi tries to talk to Gayle (unsuccessfully) to get her old job back.  Sparks fly at the CPSA gala between Cathy and Gayle but sadly there were no weave pulls, just wagging fingers and butchered English.

**In an attempt to help you understand the crew of Jerseylicious, we offer a guide to the “cast”…

Who’s Who at the Gatsby 

  • Gayle Giacomo: Owner of The Gatsby Salon in Green Brook Township, New Jersey
  • Christy Pereira: Manager of The Gatsby Salon. Gayle Giacomo’s daughter.
  • Olivia Blois Sharpe: Makeup artist at Anthony Roberts Salon (part-time) and co-lead makeup artist at The Gatsby Salon, former employee at Glam Fairy. Enemies with Tracy.
  • Tracy DiMarco: Hairstylist at The Gatsby Salon and former employee at the Glam Fairy. Enemies with Olivia.
  • Gigi Liscio: Hairstylist at The Gatsby Salon. Dislikes Michelle DeCarlo.
  • Anthony Lombardi: Owner/Manager of Anthony Roberts Salon in Verona, NJ; Part-time employee at The Gatsby Salon.
  • Alexa Prisco: Former lead makeup artist at The Gatsby Salon; Owner of The Glam Fairy in Hoboken, New Jersey ; Enemies with Gayle and Christy.
  • Briella Calafiore: Hairdresser for Glam Fairy. Tracy’s and Olivia’s friend
  • Filippo Giove Jr.: Gatsby intern and assistant.
  • Frankie Buglione Jr.: Gigi’s on again/off again boyfriend
  • Doria Pagnotta: Co-lead makeup artist at the Gatsby Salon.
  • Lorenzo Gangala: Both Olivia and Tracy’s ex-boyfriend. Assistant at Anthony Roberts Salon.
  • Mikey Aktari: Olivia’s boyfriend and Tracy’s ex-boyfriend.
  • Patti Lombardi : Anthony’s Wife.
  • Jaclyn “Jackie” Bianchi (née Carbone ): Olivia’s Childhood friend, Stylist at Anthony Robert Salon.
  • Alexa “A2” Hand: High school student. Assistant for Glam Fairy.
  • Jon Kutlu: Glam Fairy Client Liaison. Alexa’s BFF.
  • Miguel Allure Rodriguez: Olivia’s assistant stylist.
  • Krystle Couso: Tracy’s assistant stylist.
  • Michelle DeCarlo: Hairstylist at the Gatsby.
  • Anthony Tango:  A barber

2 responses to “Jerseylicious: You’re Fired, Now What?

  1. You girls are on fire this week, I can’t keep up! I’m on board with Jerseylicious…..F Tracy, I’m on Team Olivia……

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