Project Runway All-Stars – Episode 6

One-Sentence Summary:  It’s time for a head-to-head competition between the designers which triggers the first head-to-head drama of the season.

Don't make me go all Heidi on your ass!

My Thoughts:  

Rachel:  Alright peeps, I’m gonna try a different approach to tonight’s write-up.  Instead of giving you all the facts under the photo and my thoughts underneath, I’m gonna go crazy and mix them into one paragraph.  I know!  Phone the news!  This girl is out of control.  Hey, I’m anal about formatting.  I am.  So, this is a big deal to me.  And that being said, I’d be thrilled to hear feedback on which style you’d like better… or if it’s the same and I’m just crazy.  Just do me a favor and pour me a drink before you go the crazy route though.  Thanks.

Anyway, tonight the designers are going head-to-head and that always brings out the beast in competitors.  So, here’s hoping that we get a nice little bit of drama out of it. (I didn’t see any previews to see if they teased us with any.)  They’ve all been so well-behaved this season thus far – even drama queen Kenley – and it’s driving me a bit crazy, to be honest.  So let’s crank it up people and get this drama party started!

Bag Lady For All Seasons

Mondo picks his bag and awaits his assignment.

Angela shows up on stage with a bevy of “weekend getaway” bags.  She has one bag per designer and Mondo gets first pick of the litter since he won last week.  In each bag, there is a luggage tag with one of the four seasons inside.  This challenge is about making sportswear for a weekend getaway based on the seasons.  Two designers each get the same one making this a fashion face-off.  One designer for each season will be in the top 4 and one in the bottom four.  Now I have that song “Girl For All Seasons” from Grease 2 in my head.  And please don’t tell me you haven’t seen that piece of genius in film.  Michele Pfeiffer singing about a “cool rider” alone is worth the price of admission.  It really is so bad that it’s good.  Trust me.


Spring: Austin & Kara

Summer: Kenley & Mondo

Fall: Mila & Rami

Winter:  Jerell & Michael

I’m so glad this is a face-off and not a group challenge.  I don’t know why group challenges bug me so much, but they do.  I think the designs are just never as good when it’s design by committee.  Kara & Austin are direct competition and I love that because they have butted heads in the past.  Might this be the week where Austin has had enough and slaps Kara about the head with his leather gloves?  One can only dream.  Mondo vs Kenley should be interesting too since he just called her obnoxious in the opening scene.  You know they are setting us up when they show the designers in the apartments.  Think we aren’t wise to your games Reality TV producers?  Oh we are.  We are.

And So It Begins

Joanna talks to Michael about his design as Jerell listens in.

How come Joanna doesn’t have to go to Mood like Tim Gunn does?  Is she too good for Mood?  Seriously, this is the easiest job ever; show up for 10 minutes in the workroom, drop some opinions and go home.  Ok, well go back to work at her high-power, high-pressure job running a huge fashion magazine.  Fine, maybe she actually does work hard… Moving on…

Mondo thinks Kenley is doing the same thing over & over every week which is just “doing her”.  She sure does have an affinity toward polka dots.  But I say hey, let her do the same crap over & over, Mondo.  Maybe she’ll get her walking papers for it.  I mean if it’s not gonna be Austin, I’d like it to be Kenley.

Meanwhile, the real friction is happening in the frozen tundra of Winter.  Seems Jerell and Michael are doing basically the same jacket. Jerell thinks Michael stole his idea since he started his before Michael did.  Michael says he can belt his, which clearly makes it a totally different design.  Quick thinking Michael.  What we need here is an impartial jury and in walks Joanna.  Fashion magazine’s Tilda Swinton to the rescue!

First she starts with Spring since it is the first season – She thinks Kara’s Palm Beach casual chic high-waisted pants is fashion forward in a good way.  Austin is also going with high-waisted pants and she is excited to see his look.  When will high-waisted pants go away?  Seemingly never.  Sigh…

Next up, Summer – Mondo’s girl is going to his mom’s birthday since he missing his actual mom’s 60th.  This is his gift to her.  Really, how sweet is our little Mondo?  He is mixing prints with a polka-dotted top, which Joanna likes.  However, she does think of Kenley when she sees polka dots and there Kenley is with polka dot shorts.  She’s doing hers in a romper.  Another romper.  Just what the world needs.  I’m sure there are women on the Bachelor that would love it.

Saving drama til the end, next up is Fall – Joanna could tell the pants Mila is designing are hers anywhere she goes.  That makes Mila feel good.  She thinks Rami’s blue is very on-trend.  Yeah yeah yeah…

Finally time to get to the chill settling over Winter – Michael shows Joanna his sketch and he says his jacket inspiration came from muslin that he was playing with.  She points out that Jerell is doing the same jacket with leather detail, but Michael stands by his assertion that his design is his own.  Jerell isn’t playing nice and makes it known that he is not pleased with the similarities, so Joanna calls a team meeting with all the designers.  It’s time to ease tensions through conversation.  How very Al Gore of her.  Those that speak up are behind Jerell saying he did the jacket first.  Joanna, seeing a different perspective, throws out the idea that if you see someone doing something and you think you can do it better, is it wrong to do it?  There’s a lot of what I think is honest agreement at seeing a point they hadn’t thought of.  She says it behooves them to do the best work they’ve ever done and leaves everyone feeling good & motivated.  Um, can we vote for her for President?  That was so diplomatic. I’m not even kidding.  And being that she’s British, it’ll give Birthers something else to get their panties in a wad over.  It’s a win-win.

Dinner Conversation

Jerell joins Michael & Mondo for some dinner, which turns into Michael doing his best imitation of a huff and leaving in it. Yes, I stole that from Will & Grace.

During a dinner break (who knew that they actually ate), Michael tells Mondo that he feels like he is being hated on for having been doing well in the competition.  Uh, you were in the bottom two last week.  Maybe it’s not that.  But Mondo agrees with him, which is silly.  Jerell walks in to get dinner and we know it’s about to get real.  I mean it’s clearly not coincidental that it’s just the three of them in the room.  We’re smarter than that, but we’ll play along because we love the drama… And by we, I mean me… and perhaps a few of my other personalities.  Jerell says he doesn’t want there to be any tension and then proceeds to create tension by telling Michael that his inspiration came from looking at his jacket.  Yes, when trying to ease tension, accuse the person across from  you of cheating.  Great plan.  Not surprisingly Michael doesn’t take the tension tamer well, and after a few choice words, storms out saying something about wiping his ass with his vest.  I guess the spaghetti isn’t the only saucy thing in the kitchen tonight.

The Runway Week 6



Oy vey. Maybe I'm not fashion forward enough to know that Palm Beach Grandma is the next big thing in sportswear. Regardless, I hate it.


Much cuter than Austin's. Nothing special but I like it. Simple & elegant.



It's very cute but I'm so sick of rompers. And Kenley's polka dots.


I love how Mondo mixes prints. It's cute.



I like the blue jacke but hate the green turtle neck.


I like Mila's too but it looks... not fitted enough.



It's a great look. I'd wear that in a heartbeat.


His is good too. A bit more tailored than Jerell's. Hard to say.

Good News/Bad News

Tonight the designer face off head-to-head. Cynthia Rowley is the guest judge.


Austin – Cynthia – It’s almost so dorky that it’s cool.  High-waisted makes it more modern.  Isaac – You’re attempting to do this new khaki trouser.  It goes a little moderate.  She looks a little boring.  I wouldn’t have lunch with her. Georgina – Can’t see a modern everyday woman in this.  Angela – She’s a small town woman going to church.

Kara – Angela – It’s a very wearable comfortable look.  Cynthia – I don’t see anything original.  Isaac – I don’t feel it – grey, purple & white – unless you’re just running out to the store.  Georgina – I like the fabric choices actually.  It’s a nice look.  I wouldn’t mind looking like this.

Results:  Kara – high score, Austin – low score


Kenley – Cynthia – I really like this.  I think it’s really simple & chic.  Isaac  – I like it a lot.  Georgina – The only criticism is the alignment of the polka dots.  Angela – I would love to wear this outfit.

Mondo – Cynthia – I’m confused by the styling – it’s a lot of different directions.  Isaac – Because of the textiles, it goes a little junior.  Very 80’s/Desperately Seeking Susan.  Georgina – The fabric on the shorts is not as flattering as the fabric last week.

Results:  Kenley – high score, Mondo – low score


Rami – Georgina – The jacket is absolutely gorgeous.  Love the way the back hangs.  Isaac – Wish you’d get rid of the green in the blouse & too much drapery around the neck.  Cynthia – The diagonal lines on the blouse makes her look lopsided a little bit.

Mila – Georgina – I like the pop of red but don’t think it’s the most exciting.  I see you as a designer in it.  Angela – I like the cape.  Cynthia – Like the geometry in it.  It’s chic & wearable.

Results: Mila – high score, Rami – low score


Georgina asks how two such similar looks came about.  Jerell said he wanted to show separates and went right into the workroom after Mood to start on his jacket.  Then, he looks over a few hours later to see Michael doing a jacket just like his. Jerell sums it up with, “I guess we got struck by the same creative bug.”  Code for: He cheated but I’m not gonna call him out in front of the judges.  Michael says he didn’t notice in the beginning that he was doing a similiar look until after he cut his jacket.  Mmmm…. yeah, not buying it.

Jerell – Georgina – I like how you take the tribal/bohemian aspect and bring it to a full look.  Isaac – I think the coat is gorgeous.  Don’t love the buttons on the cardigan.  Cynthia – I love the hat, hair, sleeve length, leather trim and it’s true to your style too.

Michael – Isaac – I think the belt on the coat is so beautiful.  She is resolved. I find the leggings with the shoes to be nasty.  If you could have put her in a boot it would have been so much better, I’m sorry.  Cynthia – It’s more of an ensemble to me.  She’s Jerrel’s mom.  Georgina – It’s very very polished.  It’s very sophisticated.

Results:  Jerell – high score, Michael – low score

And The Winner Is…

I guess all that energy spent on Michael was a waste of time as Jerell takes hom the win this week.

Jerell wins the challenge and actually wishes Michael luck on his way off the stage.  Amazing how generous one can be after the fact.

Week 6 Loser – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Rami is going home.  How can Austin even be still in this competition after showing that hideous outfit?  Seriously, these judges are delusional.

Bottom Line:

Well, I’m disappointed Rami is going home, but being that Mondo was in the Bottom 4, I’m jut happy it wasn’t him.  Finally, we had some drama in the workroom!  Here’s hoping it continues next week!


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