Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2 – Reunion Part 2

One Sentence Summary:  Round 2 is upon us and Brandi is sitting in tonight’s hot seat.

Brandi squares off with Taylor and goes lip to lip.

Rachel:  Round 2 and, from the previews, it looks like Brandi takes the majority of the bullets tonight.  Lisa must be thrilled.  It’s someone else’s turn to get the wrath from the other side of the room.

And once again the softballs come first.  Are they really giving Brandi shit about her bikini?  I mean the only women who care about the size of her bikini are the women who can’t rock her bikini.  Granted, I am one of those women, but I actually say more power to her.  Maybe we should all be inspired to get off our booties and go to the gym.  Well, maybe tomorrow.  Definitely tomorrow.  Right now, I’m too busy scarfing an almond biscotti.  Priorities…

But the gloves come off soon enough as the subject of Game Night is brought up.  Game Night – The night of cotton ball dominoes and pastel meringue puffs!  Oh, I’m so mad neither Dana nor Kim are here for this.  They both have some defending to do.  Kim for her behavior and Dana for the catering/decor.  But at least Kyle is there to take some heat.  She agrees she was a mean girl that night.  Glad to hear her take some ownership over her behavior, but find it baffling that she still defends Kim even in the face of all we know.   But what’s really impressive is that Lisa called Brandi and apologized for having talked smack about her after having seen the show.  I like that.  Kudos, Lisa.   Boy they really played up that Brandi part in the previews and it wasn’t that bad.  Surprise!

Now it’s time to hear what everyone’s favorite swear word is, which Andy calls his “Jame Lipton Moment”.  You sir, are no James Lipton.  Sorry.  Everyone plays this dumb game and we learn that Camille’s favorite curse word is ass.  Really?  Lame.  Laaaaame.

When we revisit the infamous Tea Party, everyone admits they are surprised by Lisa & Taylor’s friendship but no one confronts the “you’re not my friend” ridiculousness.  Come on… Why are we not talking about the fact that part of Taylor’s frontal lobe melted from her fury over Lisa saying she’s not her friend?  It’s right there on tape.  Right there!  Andy, you’re killing me.

Also brought up from the Tea Party is that Taylor said that everyone talks behind Lisa’s back.  While everyone plays dumb, including Taylor who should have had to defend her accusation, Brandi calls Adrienne out for talking about Lisa.  Clearly Adrienne isn’t thrilled to be on the hot seat but being how she was all over Lisa last week (or earlier in the evening depending on how you look at it), I’m not sure why anyone is surprised at the news…  Still Adrienne tries to deflect it back to Lisa by saying that Lisa was only reaching out to Brandi to get her on “her side”.  What grade is this again?  Brandi immediately gets Lisa’s back and says she never talks about any of the women.  And when Lisa & Taylor’s friendship is questioned, Brandi continues to beat the “Lisa Rocks!” drum by saying she was out with Lisa, said something not nice about Taylor and Lisa 100% defended Taylor.  So there’s that.  Can we leave Lisa alone now?  Good lord, what crawled up Adrienne’s ass and died?  She’s about as pleasant as a bikini wax tonight.

While the friendship between Taylor & Lisa is alive & kicking, the animosity between Taylor & Camille seems to be as well.  Camille doesn’t appreciate Taylor having said on-camera that she felt the same way about Lisa.  Taylor says she called her and told her these things the night of the seance.  I’m thinking Camille disagrees being that she straight-up calls Taylor a liar.  Alrighty then.  Guess not all fences have been mended.

And then comes the moment when Brandi attacks Taylor about writing a book and goes from refreshingly honest to off-the-rails angry girl… or as Kyle calls her, Angry Spice.  Are we allowed to still be making Spice Girls jokes?  Oh Brandi, I was feeling you and then you had to go there.  Granted Taylor didn’t need to be so defensive but let it go.  Rise above it.  Dead husband trumps cheating husband every time.  Sorry.  You can’t win that fight.

So we learn that Kim is on the show because Kyle thought it was a good idea for her to focus on something other than her kids.  Yes, putting your alcoholic sister in front of the whole country to judge her is a great way to sober her up.  I’m thinking that kind of pressure would cause her to drink more.  Well, and clearly that’s what happened.  When asked if Kyle enabled her, she admits it looks like it on camera, but off-camera she was hard on Kim.  Uh, so mixed messages was the way to go?

Now for the part of the show where Camille has the “villain” label officially removed… Andy tells her she’s made quite a turn-around and wonders if it was at all planned for the cameras.  Come on Andy, there’s no way she saw last season and all the magazines and didn’t make a concerted effort to not be awful again.  She admits to having been humbled.  Seems scandal didn’t have the same effect on Brandi.  Man, what a difference a year makes… Kelsey is definitely the asshole this year.  I wonder if he actually knows that.  And I do love that Camille freely admits to enjoying that her show has better ratings than his show.  Rock on, sister.  It’s a rare thing to go from villain to sweetheart in one season.

And we are back with Taylor to hear about her book.  She says she wrote it because she was keeping a journal during her therapy and realized there was something in her writing that she felt could help girls with low self-esteem.  Well, that seems fair, if that indeed is really what it is.  Taylor says the abuse started when she was pregnant and that she didn’t press charges because she didn’t want Kennedy to be alone with him and that he wouldn’t be able to make a living if he had been arrested.  I get that and I don’t get that… the living part.  I mean isn’t that too bad?  Go get a j.o.b. Taylor and let him figure out the rest.  I do admit that I feel badly for questioning Taylor’s honesty about the abuse and am more apt to believe her now, but I really just don’t get staying in an abusive relationship for money.  But as Kyle says, I haven’t walked a mile in her shoes.  I’m just thinking the shoes don’t always have to be Louboutins…

I do have to say that I find it interesting that everyone is so supportive of Taylor now, but on the show there was a lot of suspicion.  Where’s that call-out?  Let’s put Adrienne on the hot seat since she was really the one questioning the abuse.

As the show wraps, we find out that Russell was living quite a secret life and that his business associate also committed suicide.  Wow, I had no idea.  Asked if it’s at all possible that Russell was murdered, Taylor smiles and the show ends.  Guess we have to wait til next week… Or you can watch the Dr. Phil show with Taylor where she emphatically says he was not murdered even though his family has publicly stated it’s possible.  Hmmm….

Bottom Line:  While I look forward to hearing from Kim next week and listening to Taylor’s answer, I’m most excited about Dana showing up next week with way too much fake tan! 


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