Project Runway All-Stars – Episode 5

One-Sentence Summary: The designers literally take the shirts off the backs of strangers in a challenge that has them finding inspiration from muses.

Some designers take "the shirt off your back" a little too literally.

My Thoughts:  

Rachel:  Well, the ladies have been on a roll and not in a good way.  Thus far, four challenges have sent four ladies packing.  I gotta say I don’t really agree with a couple of those choices, but they don’t pay me for my opinions… Another thing I disagree with.  Strongly.  My gut tells me, though, that this week we’ll see one of the gentlemen sent packing.  I have to say, I’d be sad to see any of them go… Well, any of them except Austin.  Yes, I’m still hung up on that mustache.  I just can’t wrap my brain around it.  I know it’s the hipster thing to do, but I think it’s really a hipster cry for help.  I think when you get to the point where you’re “rocking” a ‘stache and wearing a straw hat with jazz shoes at the same time, you’ve fallen off the edge of the hipster cliff and are in need of an intervention.  That’s just my two cents.  Shall we look at some fashion?

Party In The Park

This week, the designers must find people in the park to be their muse and inspire a fashion forward look. They have to convince said muses to give them the clothes off their backs, literally. They have money to bargain with and they can buy additional fabric at Mood later. At least half of their outift has to be made from the clothes they buy in the park.

This should be fun.  I’m loving watching Anthony running around and talking to people.   He’s seriously hilarious.  The real challenge here is finding something cool that someone is willing to sell.  You know people would sell you their $10 crappy t-shirt, but you know the designers don’t want that.  They want the cool stuff which is the stuff no one wants to sell.  It’s not like they’re running up on the dude in the muscle t and Zubaz asking if he can be their muse.  Although it would be a-muse-ing… ha… see what I did there.  Looks like Kara might be picking up more than just a shirt.  You go girl.  Though while she was long on flirtation at the park, she turned up short on money at Mood.  Thankfully, these designers were high on Vitamin D from the sunshine and helped a sister out.

The Workroom

Everyone is working away when Joanna pays her weekly visit. She thinks "street style" is in Mondo's ballpark and a challenge he could win. She's anxious about the mix that Jarell has going on. She likes where Austin is going but thinks that it needs to be tamed. She feels like Anthony is out of his comfort zone but has faith in him. Then, she tells Michael his top looks like a doily. Hey, that's what I was thinking! The girls are in a better place than the men this week which makes Kara happy since they're down to three ladies. Again, could it be time for one of the boys to go home?

Michael is struggling with this crocheted top… Probably because it’s a crocheted top.  Sorry but I just think “knit doily” when I see crochet.  See! Joanna & I are on the same page.  Where’s my job at Marie Claire?  Anthony is struggling though which makes me nervous because I love me some Anthony.  Have I said that enough yet?  Seriously, they could give him a show where he just sits in front of the camera and talks.  It’d be a huge hit and I’d be the biggest fan.  Anthony likened Jerell’s outfit to a costume from “Coming To America”…  Ha!  He’s so right.  See, I could listen to him all day.


Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

It's the day of the runway and things are coming together. Kenley thinks Michael's girl is super sexy and Anthony finally got an idea going. Jerell's outfit, on the other hand, is the question mark in the room. But the real drama is that Kenley is helping Kara finish her pants. This makes Mila very unhappy. Uh-oh, dissent among the women?

You know, normally I’ll say it’s cool to help out your fellow man, but actually sewing someone’s outfit seems to cross the line.  Lord knows Anya got help last season at every turn and that was not cool.   So, in an “All-Star” setting, it seems even more egregious.  Then again, Michael running in to tell Mila about the situation is probably not “All-Star” behavior either.  Granted, we are talking about Michael Costello.

Guest Judge

This week's guest judge is the smoking hot Sean Avery, NHL hockey player & Vogue Intern (for real).

I love me some Sean Avery.  Seriously, I may have to start stalking him in ways you only see in a Lifetime movie.  He is that rare mix of man that is super tough, but still sensitive with a sense of style.  I mean how many men do you know that can hip check someone into the boards, edit for Men’s Vogue online and pour you a glass of wine from his vintage wine collection all in the same day?  Let me answer that for you.  You know none, except Sean Avery.   

The Runway Week 5


I know people dig that super short hot pant look and it's really well-done here. I just don't see how that plays in real life. Ever. Wear does one wear that? I mean maybe a pool party or the Playboy Mansion?


He pulled it off. It's a bit too much for me, but it looks good.


I wish I could wear a pair of pants like that. Never gonna happen thanks to the Thigh gods who gave me an extra helping of love in that area. But it's a cute outift.


Love. I love her clothes.


I don't get this at all. If you need a wax to wear a skirt, it's a problem.


I like it. Very well-constructed.


Don't love Kenley. Love the dress.


I think it's cute. He pulled it off, but I am not sure what part is something he bought from his muse.


Nice job. Love the jacket


Good News/Bad News

All the ladies are safe tonight. Rami, Mondo & Austin are the Top 3. Jerell, Michael & Anthony are the Bottom 3.

I would have had Mila in the Top 3, but let’s see what the judges say:

Rami – Georgina – Love the trim on the shorts. I can see who your woman is. Isaac – I really like the look.  It’s not easy to do shorts.  Angela – Always love to see in business suits with style.

Michael – Georgina – I don’t see many women in New York like that. Angela – I thought it was a bathing suit when I first saw it.  Isaac – The saggyness of the top is bothersome.  Sean – I wish it was paired with a jacket so she wasn’t so bare.

Jerell – Isaac – She should be in the Lion King.  It’s a costume.  Sean – It’s like Lady Gaga & Gwen Stefani at Burning Man on acid.  Georgina – Love the top but I’m torn because there’s so much going on that it’s confusing.  Isaac – Something about the big stomach doesn’t look sexy.

Mondo – Angela – I would die for this outfit.  Grace [his muse] would be so proud.  Georgina – All the details in the back and on the shorts make it so flattering.  Isaac – I love how bare it is and how covered it is.  Everything about her, I really really like.  Sean – I can picture girls on the streets wearing it.

Anthony – Angela – She looks great.  Sean – I love it.  I would do a double back of a woman who walked by me in that.  Georgina – I love the look but 50% of the fabric doesn’t seem to be there.  Isaac – It’s lovely but it doesn’t seem to answer the challenge.

Austin – Georgina – Love the proportion.  It’s sweet but tough.  Sean – Might be a little too much on the left shoulder.  Isaac – When I see the details on the lapel & the rip in the stocking, I go “No, she’s out of control.”  Yet it’s divine.  Angela – I think your muse would be really happy to wear this.

And The Winner Is…

Mondo pulls out his first win.

Yay, so happy for my boy Mondo!  He finally gets a win!  I may be more enthusiastic about this than he is.  He’s awfully subdued about it, but it’s still nice to see him win one.

Week 5 Loser:  Anthony gets sent home.  While they liked the outfit he created, they felt he was lazy and didn’t really embrace the challenge of being inspired by a muse.  Ugh, I’m so super bummed!  You know, because he’s one of my faves. But I understand why they made the choice.  Seems from his reaction that he understands as well and it’s actually Michael that is on stage crying.  Anyone else think Michael has the emotional maturity of a 5-year-old?

Bottom Line:

Well, the first male designer was eliminated tonight.  I’m not pleased it was Anthony, but only one can win… And that one will be Mondo.


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