Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2 – Reunion Part 1

One Sentence Summary:  The ladies reunite for the first of three rounds of mud slinging and accusations.

The Housewives are back and they open fire on Lisa who "won't be lied on."

So we decided to review the RHOBH Reunion as a unified front.  That’s right – Two Winey Bitches, one united voice.  Can you handle it?  No really, can you?  We know the combined power of our individual sarcasm could cause damage to one’s senses.  Well, you’ve been warned.  Read on at your own risk….

So, we’re happy Kim is in rehab getting the help that she clearly needs.  Yet, we’re suuuuuper pissed she isn’t there to defend herself.  Andy asks if the women are surprised at the news and they all sort of acknowledge that something wasn’t right.  Didn’t we know this last year?   It’s a lot of softball questions to start this off… boring.  The most interesting thing about this thus far is that Lisa is not wearing pink.   Oh lord, do we have to see Kevin Lee again?  Anyone else think Lisa has had way too much Botox in the off-season?   Her face is barely moving and freaking us out.

First dig on the table!  Ding ding… Adrienne says to Lisa about Pandora’s wedding & her having worn a tiara: “Once a princess always a princess.”  And the gloves are off.  Adrienne is angry about a joke on Twitter where Lisa called her dog Jackpot “Crackpot” and her saying her shoe was the Maloof Hoof?  Um, it’s called a joke. Get a sense of humor, Adrienne.  Can someone double check that we’re watching The Housewives and not Degrassi High?  Apparently, Lisa’s attitude and comments towards the rest of the ladies is the issue at play here.  Can someone roll tape on the crap that the rest of them said?  OK, this is ridiculous.  Leave Lisa alone.  She has a snarky sense of humor.  Clearly we’re biased toward the snark, but these ladies need a thicker skin.  Lisa is mature enough to take their digs at her & still apologize, but they keep on going.  Mob mentality.  Shame on you, ladies!

We’re glad they brought up the stupid $25K sunglasses, but it’s totally glossed over. Why not bring that up with Dana when she is actually sitting on the sofa so she can try to justify such a waste.  Now, that we want to see!

Time to switch gears to Russell’s suicide.  Again, we want to support any woman who deals with abuse on any level and we’re glad that Taylor & Kennedy are not living in that word anymore.  So, hopefully, they can move past the tragedy and find themselves again.  Everyone admits that they had questions about what was really going on, but ultimately realized that it was a really bad situation.  Taylor seems calmer and less bananas.  But we still can’t take her lips.  They’re insane.  Even Lisa Rinna has backed away from the collagen.  You can too, Taylor.  You can.

And back to ragging on Lisa… We revisit the war between Lisa & Adrienne’s chef, Bernie.  Unfortunately, Bernie is the only one that knows war has been declared.  Lisa, on the other hand, has no opinion on Bernie’s food.  However, she doesn’t appreciate Adrienne backing Bernie against her.  How come no one asked why Bernie showed up at the Sur party, then?  Come on, Andy!  Get on your game! And now Adrienne thinks Lisa has sold stories to Radar Online?  This is getting ridiculous.  Camille says she was told the same thing but thinks it was a ploy to get her to spill to Radar.  Finally, someone with some common sense!  Lisa sees Adrienne’s accusations as slanderous and insulting.  Can’t say we disagree.

Finally, we get Brandi on the couch, which can only mean one thing:  a good time.  However, before we can get into anything good, we get the rug pulled.  Guess we’ll have to wait another week for some real fireworks.

Bottom Line:  Looks like Bravo is going to make us sit through another 2 episodes to get all the dirt.


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