Project Runway All-Stars – Episode 3 & 4

One-Sentence Summary:  Your trusty Winey Bitch loses a week & more female designers get sent home.

My Thoughts:

Rachel:  Well, somehow I totally missed last week’s episode which I find baffling because I love me some Muppets.  I don’t find it baffling that I could forget an entire show because that is very typically Rachel.  Forgetting the Muppets, more specifically Miss Piggy, is not typically Rachel. So, I am coming to you this week in a full shame spiral.  I have let you down my fan.  Not a typo.  One fan.  I don’t like to brag.  Anyway, so here is a quick overview of La Piggy and my thoughts on tonight’s Runway.  I know the fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg is making a special appearance, so I’m already happy.  She’s amazing.  Shall we see if the designers live up to that as well?

Pink Pig On A Red Carpet

Miss Piggy & The Cast

Miss Piggy is tonight's muse. She is getting ready for her walk down the red carpet during the premiere of the new Muppets movie. The designers are tasked with creating an outfit for her to wear. While some of the designers remember that Miss Piggy is always a lady and is happier in happy colors, some try to push her into new territory. That doesn't go over so well, which puts Austin (too sexy) and Mila (too black) in the bottom of the pack. But it's Gordana who missed the mark altogether with a shapless pink frock that Miss Piggy did not find flattering. On the winning side are Rami, Michael & Kenley, but it's Michael's fun, flirty and Piggy-esque dress that wins the top spot.

Ok, my quick overview of La Piggy.  I really love making a cocktail dress for Miss Piggy.  How fun is that?  Kenley is excited too because she grew up watching the cartoon… What cartoon?  Did I miss a cartoon?  Or does she not know what a Muppet is?  It’s interesting to me to see what direction the designers go.  I mean she’s a children’s character so do you work that into the thought process.  Or is this grown-up Miss Piggy out on the town?  Things I never thought I’d be pontificating… Let’s see what Joanna thinks when she comes in.  Sidebar:  Does anyone else think Joanna looks a little like a more girlie done-up version of Tilda Swinton (whom I love, by the way)?  No?  Just me?  Fine then…  Anywho, Joanna wants the overall looks to be feminine and sophisticated.  She’s overwhelmed by all that is going on and says just don’t disappoint Miss Piggy.  Probably a first for her.  Kara and Austin get into it over accessories.  After she & Mondo get into it over accessories.  Gonna be a feud up in that room over pink gloves and pearl bracelets.   Now that’s a cat fight I’d love to see.

On the runway, I like Jerell, Michael & Anthony the best.  Only Michael makes it into the top three.  I thought Mondo might end up in the bottom three but he skated by.  I really hated his outfit and we know it takes a lot for me to be mad at anything Mondo does.  I also thought Austin’s dress was hideous.  How do you put giant bows on a woman’s, let alone a pig’s, hips?  Bad.  I don’t really think Gordana should have been sent home for her dress, but I don’t make the rules.

To see all the outfits, click here.

A Scoop of Taste With Diane Von Furstenberg

This week the designers are tasked with creating a "tasteful" outfit inspired by a tasty dessert, gelato. Michael gets to pick first since he won the Miss Piggy challenge. He picks Grapefruit and gets a swatch of fabric that represents the color palate with which he will work. Mondo picks Cantaloupe. Mila - Milk & Sour Cherries. April - Blueberry. Jerrel - Fruit of the Forest. Kenley - Passion Fruit. Austin - Vanilla Madagascar. Anthony - Green Tea. Rami - Kiwi. Kara - Chocolate with Cayenne Pepper.

This week's twist comes from the queen of taste herself, Diane Von Furstenberg. She tells the designers that this week they only have 6 hours to complete their outfit. The short timeframe makes this the fastest challenge in Project Runway history... which clearly is super surprising to Angela.

I like that they are letting the designers design clothes and not make gimmicks on this season thus far.  I am way more lenient with the wrenches they throw in – time constraints, a muppet, etc – if they don’t make them design outfits for a wrestler.  So, off the designers go, high on sugar and ready to rock out something fast.  I wonder if a gelato high lasts 6 hours.  Guess we’ll find out.  Although I’m willing to do my own research on the subject.  I’m a team player, you guys.

Mini Mood!

Since the designers don't have time for a field trip to Mood, Mood comes to the them. It's Mini Mood! The designers hustle to find fabrics the are in the same color palate as the swatch they were given. There is some improvising having to be done since Mini Mood only has a mini selection. All is going at warp speed when Joanna comes in an gives everyone her two cents.

Mila actually grabbed some color this time around which is good being that her ice cream was sour cherry.  I’m thinking even Mila could figure out that all-black might not work here.  Michael, who has been singing about how easy it is to rock something out quickly, is rocking out a dress that is mismeasured by 8.5 inches.  Uh, how does that happen?  But it’s Austin that is having the diva meltdown.  I blame the mustache.  Joanna brings more gelato to the designers to keep them hyped on sugar.  She partakes not at all since I can’t imagine she would allow herself such frivolities.  She visits all the designers and gives them her thoughts.  She’s worried about Austin & April, isn’t sure about Kara’s time budgeting, and loves Mondo’s versatility through accessorizing.  Anthony says this challenge isn’t about being a good designer.  It’s about being a fast seamstress.  Can’t say as he’s totally off, but I’m gonna venture to say that it’s your ability as a designer to understand your time constraints and have a “make it work” moment that will be the deciding factor.  Austin & Kara keep circling each other and throwing the evil eye, but have yet to pull the bitch-out trigger.  I think it’s coming though.  You know, should they both survive tonight. And let me just say that I hope they do solely so I can watch that face-off go down.

The Runway, Week 4


Great dress. He so nailed Cantaloupe.


It's constructed well but I think there's too much going on.


It's cute but I feel like I've seen it before... not the fabric, the design.


Meh... That's the nicest thing I can say about this.


I watched this 3 times but couldn't figure it out. Think I like the dress, but hate the belt and shoes.


That's kind of fun. Definitely stand out in the crowd.


It could be cute, but Jerell is right - she looks pregnant.


It's pretty but is there too much volume?


Holy short skirt! Uh, no. Bad.


Pretty dress. Kinda bridal.

Top & Bottom 3

The top 3 designers - Michael, Mondo & Mila. The bottom 3 - Anthony, April, Kara. The winning design will be worn by guest judge & model Miranda Kerr to an industry event.

What the judges say…

Kara – Georgina – Couldn’t get the passion in the dress.  Angela – The dress doens’t move me.  Miranda – Not a fan of ruffles. Diane – Not flattering.  Isaac – The minute the word pregnant comes up you know you’ve missed.

Anthony – Isaac – Liked the dress less before the explanation.  Angela – Went too conceptual. Diane – Loves the skirt & the concept.  Georgina – More flattering without the back panels.  Miranda – More simplicity in the back would have been great.

Mila – Issac – Says cherry ice cream so clearly.  Angela – Creative approach with lines & layers.  Diane – Kind of looks like it was done in such little time.  Georgina – Ambitious dress.  Lightness of dress is distracting with the weight of the accessories.  Miranda – Easy to wear and I like that.

Michael – Isaac – Love the dress but not mad about the color.  Georgina – Concern of the color but understand it’s the color of the ice cream.  Diane – It’s beautiful and very fluid.  She tells Michael to call her after the show and he has a coronary on stage.

April – Georgina – Color gives a nice read to the eye but too ambitious with the corset.  Isaac – The back & belt are really scary.  Diane – Two fabrics are nice but it’s a little like a Halloween spider.  Angela – Nice ideas but don’t translate clearly.

Mondo – Diane – Thinks it’s great. Miranda – Like that it’s paired with flats and the back is to die for.  Georgina – These colors don’t go together and yet this works.  Angela – Love a caftan but don’t love the bright orange.  Isaac – Wish there was more of her body on impact but the back saves it.

And The Winner Is…

Michael pulls off his second win in a row and isn't bashful about how it makes him feel. Unfortunately, April is this week's loser and is sent packing.

I really think this was Mondo’s challenge, but you can’t be mad at Michael when you see the pure happiness in his face; not to mention that the dress was beautiful.  He’s really upped his game from his season.  Go Michael!

As for the loser, I’m in total disagreement for the 4th week in a row.  I really think it should have been Kara.  Well, at least now there’s a chance for that Kara-Austin showdown.

Bottom Line:

Rachel:  Anyone notice only girls are going home? What’s up with that?


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