Project Runway All-Stars – Episode 2

One-Sentence Summary:  Our designers go haute couture when they dress their models for a night at the opera and face judgement by Badgley Mischka.

Still not sure this hosting thing was a good idea.

My Thoughts:

Rachel:  Ok, so last week I was carping about the crappy editing and weird camera work… basically calling this the poor man’s project Runway and then they spring Badgley Mischka on us Week 2.  Well, let me insert my “Wish They Were Manolos” in my mouth for a minute.  Badgley Mischka really make the most beautiful dresses and I really love a beautiful dress.  So, I think I will love this challenge.  I wish someone would invite me more places… and by more, I mean any places… where I could wear a gown.  The only time I’m ever in a gown is when I’m performing my own personal version of 27 Dresses.  And that, my friends, does not count.  I actually was taken to the opera on a first date once upon a time.  How’s that for classy?  However, I failed to realize that people still wore gowns to the opera and missed my opportunity.  Ah, youth.  For the record, I wanted to poke my eyes out about halfway through the opera.  Yeah, so much for my life as a sophisticated lady.

The Lady In Red

The designers meet their guest judges, Mark Badgley & James Mischka, early this week and learn that they will be creating a dress fit for an evening at the opera. This is no easy task in general, but add in that you'll be judged by two of the world's best dress designers, the pressure is on. At Mood, April & Michael both go for red fabric. Michael, being as unflappable as he is, has a fit and decides he can't also do red. And maybe, just maybe, insinuates that April is copying him. April scoffs at it being an issue, buys her red fabric & dyes half of it black. Michael buys black matte jersey instead.

Dun dun dunnnn…. Michael & April both want to do red.  Let the duel begin.  So Michael buys black so as to not have competing colors.  Um, what are the odds that someone else isn’t using black?  It’s ok to have two black dresses but not red.  That’s bananas.  Firs the mops and now the red.  And then April dyes the red fabric black… Oh the irony.   Every word that comes out of Kenley’s mouth irritates me and that bums me out because visually, she looks like someone I’d like to like.  But I don’t.  At all.

Tagline Time?

Joanna Coles stops by the workroom to see what the deisgners are up to. We're waiting for her version of "Make it work." Will it happen today? Seems like it's leaning towards something about surprises since she tells Austin they'll expect surprising from him. Joanna wonders if April's dying is a good use of her time. She says remember movement & energy. She worries about Michael's bodice and a potential nip slip. Well Jerell said it, Joanna just hinted at it. Joanna warns Kara not to make a bridesmaid's dress. She is worried about Anthony making a wedding dress. He's convinced his is more daring & forward thinking.

Joanna Time!  Let’s see if she’s charming two weeks in a row.  She’s back to talking about surprises which will be in highest expectation for Austin.  This is his challenge.  Personally, I think Rami is a big one to watch too.  He is king of the Grecian drape.  I look forward to seeing what he dreams up.  So far, Joanna is still likable, if not a bit boring.  I get backing off the bitchy thing, but a little ‘tude is ok.  Dear lord, what is that fabric Kara is using?  I haven’t seen that pattern since Laura Ashely was in every mall in America.  There’s a reason it no longer is… And we’re all thankful for it.

Kara is the concern in the room for the other designers as well, but everyone is panicked about time.  It is kind of crazy to make a couture dress in a day.  But you know they’ll pull it off.  Would be a boring show if they didn’t.  Everyone is doing the “whatever it takes” to get their dresses done.  I have a feeling we’ll be hearing about the construction and tailoring in judging.  Well, that is if the judges woke up from their “it’s cool” coma from last week.  Come on people.  Get your bitch slap on!

The Runway, Week 2


Oh, my word. Glinda the Good WItch goes to the opera! That's a lot of pink.


For the most part, I like this dress. Very old Hollywood glamour. I think she styled it right. Don't love the chains on the top.


Hmm... It's interesting. I can't decide how I feel about it. I do like the color, but it's not what I expected.


It's pretty. I like it. I'm not sure why Mila doesn't think it's feminine. You don't have to look like a cream puff to be feminine (Kenley).

Sweet P

She looks pregnant. I don't quite get the waistline or volume on the skirt.


Ooh, I like that he didn't go full-length. It's very Breakfast At Tiffany's meets Cleopatra. I dig.


Oy... It's like someone made a dress out of the curtains & slippers of one of the Real Housewives of NJ


I like the design but I'm still not feeling the fabric. I'm sure I'm not interesting enough to get past it.


Oh me likey this dress. If I could borrow the model's body, I'd totally wear this.


Not the biggest fan of the black netting. It's weird to me, but the rest of the dress is pretty.


The bodice construction is bad. I get where she was going with the dye but I'm not sure it worked.


Oh that's fierce. I love that dress!

Top & Bottom 3

Anthony, Austin & Michael are your top 3. April, Kara & Sweet P are the bottom 3.

What the judges say…

Anthony – Isaac – Love the context for white.  It isn’t bridal.  Vampy & sexy.  Angela – Love the shoes & dress.  Brings toughness to the elegant dress.  Georgina – Does it go too vampy? However, it’s draped beautifully.  B&M – Love that it’s body-conscious on one side & blouson on the other.  Great, dramatic, show-stopper.

April – Isaac – Like that it was a color but the opera isn’t the place for tie-dying.  B&M – There’s a lot of personal style but it looks a teeny bit tortured & rushed.  Personally, I can’t stand red & black together.  Angela – Cut of the dress is interesting.  Georgina – Love the red but when you mix fabrication you have to make sure the reds fit.  They look more like a mistake than meant to go together.

Sweet P – Isaac – I get more prom than ball gown.  B&M – Looks like you started a ball gown but looks like dirndl skirt.  Like that the color would stand out in a room but the bodice needs to be tauter and more expertly sewn.  It’s not for the opera. Georgina – Wish you had used the fabric at the bottom to do something at the top.  Angela – Like the color element of this.  Very daring but it’s more a day dress.

Austin – Isaac – I love this dress.  Looks fresh & classic & expensive.  Love it because it’s modest.  B&M – You konw how to cut a beautiful dress.  I can see it hanging it Bergdorf’s.  Just lovely.  Just one thing – it’s a bit lopsided on the bodice (the tulle).  Georgina – Would like to see maybe the bustline cut just a touch lower.  Other than that, I think you did a fabulous job.

Kara – Issac – Think the print is pure and like that it’s so pure.  But if you’re going to be so simple needs to be utterly perfect.  Everyone loves a black grosgrain at the waist but it’s slightly too high.  B&M – Wish the tails on the ribbon in the back were 3 – 4 feet longer to give it more drama for the opera.  It’s a good dress but it could have been spectacular.  Georgina – I think it’s a very pretty dress but I just question where are you in this dress?

Michael – Isaac – I can’t believe you made this dress in a day.  It’s perfect.  Shockingly perfect.  It’s Kim Kardashian at the opera.  The back is really something too.  But don’t kid yourelf.  This isn’t a dress a lot of women could wear.  Angela – Love the back.  Super sexy.  I want to wear it. Georgina – I love that you used matte jersey.  It’s such a flattering fabric.  Even if she’s going alone, she’s not going home alone in that dress.  B&M – Exquisite.  I love how closed up she is in the front and how bare she is in the back.  So sexy.

And The Winner Is…

Austin's gold lamé dress wins the challenge. Sweet P couldn't save herself twice and is sent home.

I liked what Austin did, but I liked Anthony & Michael’s dresses better.  I also am still hating that mustache which doesn’t make the win any easier for me to handle.  Sorry to see Sweet P go, but it was the right decision.  Honestly, I think she’s an awesome person and I enjoy her on the show, but I don’t think she’s of the same caliber as the rest of the designers.  Bye bye, Sweet P.

Bottom Line:

Rachel:  Ok, better camera work, better challenge, better designs, better judging.  I’m happy.  You’ve got me another week, Project Runway All-Stars.


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