December’s Featured Wines – Welcome to Sparta With Layer Cake Cabernet Sauvignon

Let The Festivities Begin!

What better way to say “WELCOME TO SPARTA!!!” (yes, it must be said as though you are a cast member of 300) than the lovely Cabernet Sauvignon offering from Layer Cake.

Upon Rachel’s arrival to the North Jersey office, we ran straight to the wine cellar giddy like we had just received tickets to our first Duran Duran concert to choose our first selection.

What they Say:  Beautiful deep garnet color. Aromas of blackberry, cassis, violets, cedar, tobacco, and hints of minerals and graphite. Sweet, densely packed and creamy in the mouth, but with firm, underlying structure that gives lift to the dark berry, chocolate, and coffee flavors. This is a very lush, soft, complex wine that coats the palate and spreads out on the long, lingering finish.

What We Say:  We appreciate this intense Cabernet whose initial tastes reveal an earthy smokiness giving way to a soft finish that really plays up the berry notes.

Food Suggestions:  While we didn’t actually dine on anything while chatting in the kitchen over our glasses, this rich and full bodied dish would pair nicely with grilled meats or a hearty pasta dish.

Blend Information:  100% Pure Cabernet Sauvignon

Price Point:  $15.79

Click here for the Layer Cake website


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