December’s Featured Wines – Hanukkah Round 2 With Layer Cake Pinot Noir

Hanukkah Round 2!! 

The Winey Bitches score the latest offering from Layer cake, their 2010 Pinot Noir - A Holiday treat indeed!!

Melissa:  So, my 6-year-old comes home from school and asks what Hanukkah is.  Hmmm… Being raised Catholic I stammered, “Well, there was some oil and it burned for 8 nights…” Yeah, that’s soooo not going to cut it with my kid.  However, like the quick thinking woman I am, I enlisted the other Winey Bitch for a full-on Hanukkah experience for my boy.  To commemorate his first Hanukkah dinner we thought it best to enjoy the first Pinot Noir (2010) offering from the Layer Cake portfolio.  This really is a latest offering… When I asked my wine guy George (White Deer Package Store) about it, he hadn’t gotten any yet. So keep trying at your local wine shop.  Surely, our securing of a bottle is a Hanukkah miracle no??

What They Say:  The goal for our Layer Cake wines is to maintain distinct varietal correctness and expression of terroir with whatever wine we make. The Layer Cake Pinot Noir follows the same path, but Pinot Noir is a much more finicky grape. It can be very rewarding, and incredibly challenging, to make a wine that has good extraction, ripe rich flavors, complex yet delicate aromatics and fine balance on the palate.  This Pinot Noir is highly aromatic and a rich and classic California Pinot Noir. It is loaded with bright red fruits, hints of spice and layers of dark berries, ripe plums and big juicy black cherries wrapped in a glycerol creamy mouthfeel. A touch of smoky earth lingers in the background with the faintest wisp of delicate tobacco.

What We Say:  We found this to be a light Pinot Noir which given the heavy meal we were having (brisket, latkes and roasted brussels) wasn’t the best pairing, but this is a wine that is wonderful to sip on it’s own.

Food Suggestions:  We would pair this with a lighter fare with a heavier preparation like roasted chicken.  We also think it could pair nicely with more buttery cheeses… but we’ll need to confirm that at another point in time as we’ve horked down all our triple cream yesterday.

Blend Information:  100% Pinot Noir

Price Point:  $12.99

Click here for the Layer Cake website


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