December’s Featured Wines – The Holidays With Layer Cake!

Merry Holidays With Layer Cake Wines!

It's a good month to be a Winey Bitch

Merry Holidays and a Fabulous New Year to all our readers!  We are hoping your season is merry, bright and full of the fermented grape.  Over at Winey Bitches Headquarters, Santa (or whatever imaginary present delivery system you believe in) came early and bestowed upon us a beautiful bounty of Layer Cake wines.  When we told the good folks at Layer Cake that we wanted them to be our “Holiday Winery of Choice”, they were so flattered that they showered us with this lovely gift.  Aw shucks guys, now we’re the ones blushing.  Love is in the air…

Why Layer Cake?

Oh, so many reasons.  First, how can you not love a winery whose name is inspired by the owner’s grandparents?  As Jayson Woodbridge tells it:

“Layer Cake is a wine that was inspired by my Grandfather and Grandmother.  Every Sunday, my Grandmother would bake a huge layer cake for dessert. My Grandfather would pour me a little glass of wine and place it at the table for me. He explained wine in terms of that cake. ‘The vines,’ he would say, ‘live in layers of soil just like the layers in Grandma’s cake; each layer bringing a different flavor.’ My grandfather taught me that everything in life is about layers and complexity. I loved those words and when I was a cake-focused boy, it made perfect sense… in fact, it still does.” – Layer Cake website

I mean it’s like kismet… There are aren’t two women more passionate about wine & cake than these here Winey Bitches.  So, already on a spiritual level, we’re holding hands and skipping down the lane together.

But you know we don’t like to get too sentimental over here, so clearly the wine has to be good for us to feature it.  And it is.  Being that this is the same team that brings us the lauded Hundred Acre Cabernet, you know you’re in good hands.  Establishing vineyards in the regions known for specific varietals (Shiraz in Australia, Malbec in Argentina, etc), gives an authenticity to the wines.  Overall, these are incredibly drinkable wines that taste like bottles that sell at twice the price.

They produce a Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Malbec and Primitivo.

Check back next week when we review the individual varietals and follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for pictures from the Two Winey Bitches’ Holidays With Layer Cake!

Price Point: $12.99 – $17.99 at ABC Fine Wines & Liquor

Click here for the Layer Cake website


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