Real Housewives of Atlanta – Week 5: Whine Bar

One Sentence Summary:  We can’t shake strippers this week… apparently they’re appropriate for any Atlanta Housewife occasion.

Our Thoughts: 

"The hand crafted marble floors in the ballroom are going to cost an extra 100K? Well, it is a necessary room, I should tell my ex he owes me child support"

Melissa:  Sadly my partner is off on a girlie weekend relaxing.  Excuse the solo effort if you find it at all lacking, we all know Rachel is the clever one, but my girl was in need of some down time (there was rumor of much wine indulgence – so good on her).  Peter’s Bar One investor’s check goes $40K boing-boing-boinging, and Miss Cynthia may have to bail him out – oh boy, Mal is going to have a field day with that!!  Seems Sheree has some financial concerns – maybe Chateau Sheree might not have been a good idea – and confronts her ex-husband for child support. Kandi and Mama Joyce have their sit down over the “Ridiculous” incident at the birthday party and Cynthia gives a go at talking the catwalk instead of walking it.

Let them eat cake

Phaedra is making a career of the “I’m sorry”... this time she says it with cake... you have our attention Phaedra, baked good are always an easy in with the Winey Bitches.

Personally the “I’m Sorry Cake” would be a huge hit with me.  Just in case anyone needs to apologize to me for anything, a chocolate chip bunt cake may win my forgiveness forever.  Love the confusion with Khandi and Phaedra around NeNe being offended by a stripper… my point exactly ladies!!

Don’t quit your day job

Poor Cynthia offers to MC a fashion show... and we learn she really should stick to just walking.

Ah, the Fashion show for Cynthia to show off her “non” model skills.  Ouch, maybe Cynthia should just consider walking and not speaking during a fashion show… sorry Cynthia, but I have to call it like I see it.  But oh-ho… Gossip Time at the after party when we meet Charles whom NeNe may have had a “friendship” with <wink> <wink>.  You know the Housewives are all over this new tidbit!!

Doom and Gloom party of 1

Mal and Cynthia’s Mom stop in to visit the Bailey Agency. Unfortunately Cynthia shares the news of Peter's investor bouncing the check... And cue Mal crying over the news as though someone was just diagnosed with cancer. Really Mal?

I have to ask why you would want your sister who can’t help but rain doom and gloom and disproves of your life and marriage be involved in your business?  Why?  Cynthia offers up the information that Peter lost his investor for Bar One so Mal takes the opportunity for another attack on Cynthia becoming poor again… wha??

Pay up Sucka

Sheree and her ex Bob have a sit down to figure out their relationship with the kids and the child support. Well hey now, Jersey has the table flip, and now Atlanta has the water toss!

OK, here’s a question, was her husband SUPPOSED to be paying child support and hasn’t or does she just want him to pay child support because Chateau Sheree is getting costly?  I mean you would think the court would step in if he is supposed to be paying it.  WOW, that was just a bizarre exchange of two people crying pauper.

Mamma said there’d be days like this

We get a private view at some Mother / Daughter time as poor Brielle shares her concerns with the upcoming baby, and the size of her Mother's belly button.

OK, so I have to take a side bar and ask… seriously, the wigs?  Why?  I mean is it just easier to go with the wigs?  Cheaper?  I’ll be the first to throw it out there, I need a little help nowadays with my “natural” blonde hair, and I know those high and low lights add up, not to mention conditioning treatments.  Come to think of it, if I didn’t have to wash, condition, Moroccan oil treat, blow dry, flat iron, moisture treat and spray every day…  Maybe Kim isn’t as crazy as I thought. Does she do a GI Jane and just shave the head to make it easier?

The Hostess with the mostest… narcissism

"How can I spin this so it's all about me... and Peter... and me and Peter? Really, what dies he see in that stick Cynthia, I've been on the Apprentice." Bar One sneak preview and NeNe is her usual LOUD self... but has Cynthia on her bandwagon and “Apprentice dropping” for her.

Why the hell would they ask NeNe to play hostess at Peter’s opening?  Shouldn’t that be something Cynthia does?  At least she can just stand there looking pretty and say “Welcome to Bar One”, OK, maybe just “Welcome”.

Aw now we’ve all been poo-pooing Peter going to Cynthia for the money, he said no to her offer.  Look at you Peter, not taking your wife’s money.

Pitbull on the prowl

Sheree makes a stop in to visit Phaedra to talk about why Bob doesn’t pay child support and act all "I am Woman" in front of her gal pal. Phaedra does not approve of his lack of responsibility, and offers her pitbull legal skills.

Why are Sheree and Phaedra both crying??  I’m confused, you either go after your child support or you don’t… it’s not that difficult a decision.

Beg your Pardon?

Khandi and her mom finally have their get together for discuss the flip out fallout from the party. Khandi doesn't understand how Joyce blames her for Ridiculous's show, and wants some answers.

I get the whole disrespect Joyce feels… Wait, there was a stripper at Khandi’s baby shower? Wait, what??  Beg your pardon, you said stripper… and baby shower… in the same sentence?  OK, I have lost track of their entire conversation trying to understand the purpose of a stripper at the baby shower.  I’m sorry, maybe we should just move along because I can’t focus on anything but trying to figure out why on earth you would have a stripper at a baby shower.

it’s getting hot in heeere

Side Bar: Um, there’s a big ass mural of Cynthia with a big ass ‘fro on the wall - anyone else not understand?

Finally, the Grand Opening for the hot new bar – no joke, there are AC issues.  WTF is on Cynthia’s head?  Who the hell told Cynthia a headband was a good idea?  Really, you need to bitch slap that stylist for making you look like a wanna be Flower Child.  Seems the co-host is a no show as the ladies ponder if it’s the fact because her “friend” Charles is there.

Finally NeNe strolls in… very late, begging the question why did she even show up?  Oh wait there’s a camera.

Bottom Line:

Melissa:  Still trying to wrap my head about the Stripper at the Baby shower.


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