From The WTF Files: Grapes of Snatch

We may have found someone that has a bigger affinity toward the grape than we do:

The censor is not ours, but I think we can all agree that we're grateful it's there.

Rachel:  I hear this vintage has a musky bouquet and goes well as an accompaniment to sausage dishes and tongue sandwiches…  While I am quite glad the censor box is there, I also kinda want to know how that bunch of grapes ends.  If there was a way to see it, get the info and then un-see it, I’d be in.  But since that’s not an option until I invent a time machine (I am currently cruising Craig’s List for a DeLorean to get started on that), we’ll just stick with the imagination.  I also would like to know exactly what is happening with those red straps.  Whatever happens when they meet, can’t be comfortable… or pretty.  Then there’s the overall issue of choosing to honor your love for the vines on your chaunch.  I can’t quite grasp the correlation between the two thoughts.  Then again, I can’t grasp why anyone would do that to their nails either.    I mean I have had some intense moments with a good glass of wine but it’s never inspired that kind of a reaction.  Well, at least you have a nice view of the ocean when you visit the vineyard.

Melissa:  OK, so when your partner sends you a link to WTF Tattoos, you know you’re pretty much in for a treat or two – Not to mention a few “you dumb ass” musings.  I must admit to being completely dumbstruck with the backstory for this tat.  Yes, confusion from a girl with a “hang loose” gecko on her back/ass.  I mean, did you meet a guy who worked at a vineyard and want him to feel at home and be willing to spend some time (wink-wink) with the lady parts?  Also, at what spot do they actually stop the ink process, because I’m sorry, I barely want to get a bikini wax let alone ink my chooch.  What the hell is she taking to sit / lay through that pain??  Also, who does this?  What woman in her right mind (Yes I know.  Stupid of me to even ask.) walks into a tattoo parlor, drops her panties and says, “Give me grapes and some vines on my business end. I’m a huge fan of Pinot Noir.”  For real, who does this??  More to the point, when she runs this by her girlfriends, how is this a “good idea”?  I mean I’m all about wine, all about the Winey Bitches, and I’m not scared of ink, but I have a line.  And grapes down south crosses that line… Call me crazy.

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3 responses to “From The WTF Files: Grapes of Snatch

  1. Ok, I occassionally have to check out the two winey bitches site, especially when something of interest forces me to stop in. I must say, this one was hard to ignore. I am definetly not against a bit of ink here and there…but this one takes the cake….I mean really, who thinks to do something like this…although it did make me suddenly have a craving for a glass of red! Melissa, you have a hang loose Gecko tattooed on your ass? Did I read that right? All these years, who would have thought ;).. Great post!! I will now be a regular reader ;)..

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