Dancing With The Stars 13 – Week 6 Results Show

One-Sentence Summary:  Emotions run high as we wait to find out who has sung their last Broadway lullaby.

My Thoughts:

Don't make me get up out of this chair!

Rachel: Well obviously the big news from last night’s show and what’s on everyone’s mind is the outburst by Maks during judging.  I’ve read lots of opinions on other blogs and stories in the rags about whether or not he was right, so I thought I’d offer my two cents… You didn’t think I’d shy away from an opinion now did you?  First, let me state for the record that I have not ever been a huge Maks fan to begin with… Not that anyone reading this blog couldn’t have figured that out by now.  I think he’s arrogant and a diva.  Last night certainly didn’t do much to change that opinion.  Look, I can imagine how frustrating it is to be criticized endlessly, but you’re on a show that is about teaching people who can’t dance to dance and then being judged on how well they managed.  So, you might want to expect a little judgment being tossed your direction.  If the judges sat there and blew sunshine up everyone’s derriere after every dance, we’d all be bored and tune into The X Factor to watch Paula & Simon instead.  Besides, it’s not like anyone was saying anything that wasn’t true.  That dance was wholly terrible and that’s on you, Maks.  You played to Hope’s weakness (being sexy) and expected her to be something she’s not.  And let’s be clear, I am in no way bashing her for not being sexy (I may bash her later for being bratty again but we’ll have to wait and see).  Not every woman has that kind of sexiness… Hers is a totally different version of sexy that doesn’t translate the way he wants it to.  So, all that being said, I think Maks was way out of bounds to disrespect Len for saying what was, quite honestly, true.  I mean Len is Len… He’s the old school guy.  That’s his role and he plays it quite nicely.  They want him to get booed.  They need him to get booed.  As for the “This is my show” comment… Well, there’s nothing to say on that one.  We all know the truth there…  Shall we see if Maks sealed his fate?

Safety First

JR & Karina get the encore dance and are the first couple to find out if they are safe. Gee... I wonder.

Well, so far I have made it 5 minutes into the show with no breaking news or warnings of any kind so I feel like tonight, I am safe.  JR & Karina are safe as well.  I don’t think anyone had any doubts about that and the producers decided to just get that one out of the way.  You know, save the drama for the end.

She’s Back!

Kristin Chenoweth returns to sing "Lessons Learned" off of her latest CD by the same name.

Oh, my little mantlepiece nugget is back.  I really just love everything she does.  The song’s a bit of a downer but she sings it beautifully.  I read somewhere that she was starring in a new show this fall but haven’t seen or heard anything about it.  Hoping it’s a mid-season replacement so we can get our Kristin fix….

Ok, I did something out of character for me.  I actually looked something up.  Her show, Good Christian Belles, IS a mid-season replacement on ABC, natch.  Awesometown.  Oh, and it was originally called Good Christian Bitches… That is until the “advocates” got their hands on it.  Always have to ruin a good time.  Oh well, I’m still definitely going to watch.

Next On The Chopping Block

The next two couples to find out their fate are Ricki & Derek and Nancy & Tristan.

We go backstage with Nancy & Tristan post-dance where Nancy apologizes for giving Tristan a hard time.  She says he’s not actually Hitler or the entire Third Reich.  Ummm… Really, Nancy?  He’s not as horrible as someone that committed genocide?  Seriously, people have to stop comparing people they don’t like and that are tough to Hitler.  It’s enough already.  It’s just so ridiculous…  But enough of my soapbox for the moment.  Who is safe?  Ricki’s safe.  Boy, they aren’t making us work for this at all tonight.  Nancy & Tristan are also safe.  Ok, that’s a little surprising.  A baby step up in the drama.  That means only two of the remaining four couples are safe.  Yeah, I know.  Master of the obvious.  That’s why I’m here.

Corbin Who?  Corbin Bleu… and Martina McBride

Corbin Bleu sings and dances to a medley of Broadway shows featuring 42nd Street, West Side Story and In The Heights, the latter in which he made his Broadway debut. Then Martina McBride sings "I’m Gonna Love You Through It" from her new album, Eleven.

Well, it’s a Tuesday miracle… I just looked up who Corbin Bleu is as I had never heard of the kid.  That’s twice in one night I’ve done my homework.  Phone the press, people.  This is news.  Hey, if a bulldog on a skateboard is news, so is this.  So, for those that are in the dark as well, turns out Corbin is best-known for starring in High School Musical.  Yeah, definitely not in my wheelhouse.  I have to say that I wasn’t blown away by the performance.  He seemed to be trying to catch his breath the whole time.  West Side Story is my favorite Broadway soundtrack of all time and I just wasn’t buying his “Cool”.  I liked the In The Heights portion though.  Seems like that is in his wheelhouse.

Then we have Martina McBride continuing what seems to be a new trend the last few weeks, singing bummer songs.  Kelly Clarkson was angry.  Kristin was regretful.  The Band Perry was preparing to die young.  And now, Martina McBride is loving people through cancer?  It was a lovely performance, no doubt about it, but can we bring Chubby Checkers back, please?  If not, at least pour me something a little bit stronger so the pain is somewhat dulled.

Now, Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Suspense…

The final four couples are divided into two groups of two. David & Kym and Chaz & Lacey are first, with Rob & Cheryl and Hope & Maks next. There was a Halloween dance with Lacey, Mark & some kids in between but let's deal with the trickery next week and get to the results, shall we?

We heard from Chaz during the replay from last night and he’s pretty upset.  The judges are amazed when a woman is losing weight but the same excitement isn’t extended to the men.  He is tired of Bruno calling him an Ewok and a penguin and feeling like a fat troll.  Wow, that’s heartbreaking.  See, that I get being upset about… Those are personal attacks on your physique and rather cruel ones at that.  Bruno waves it off with a puh-leeze.  Not cool, Bruno.  Not cool.  David & Kym sail through to next week.  Chaz & Lacey are in jeopardy.

Next up, Rob & Cheryl and Hope & Maks.  Maks says he’s entitled to his opinion, but he apologizes for saying that this was “his” show.  He doesn’t seem to think he needs to apologize to Len for telling him to get out of the business. We also get to hear him essentially say Chaz shouldn’t be here by calling out the one that “just walks around the dance floor.”  Jackhole!  Then Hope says that she’s not a dancer and is starting behind many of these people.  Um, exactly which one of “these people” is a dancer?  Last I checked, none of them had that listed on their resume.  It’s not like you’re up against Nicole Scherzinger.  Yeah, I’m gonna say I’m ready to put up with Rob another week to send Hope (and Maks) home.  Brats.  I’m done…  Rob & Cheryl are safe.  Need I tell you that Hope & Maks are in jeopardy?  I do?  Ok, Hope & Maks are in jeopardy.

The Elimination

It's down to either Chaz or Hope for elimination. Sadly, Chaz's run has come to an end. On straight dance skill alone, it's not surprising but the show is definitely short a little inspiration now.

This elimination actually made me nervous.  I guess it’s time to admit that I’m invested?  Dammit.  So, Chaz is sent home and Hope gets one more week of whining under her belt.  I know it was a matter of time for Chaz but it’s still sad to see him go… and it’s also like rewarding Maks for being a jackass.

Chaz says, “I wanted to show America a different kind of man.  And I know that.. if there was somebody like me on TV when I was growing up, my life would have been a lot different.”  Right on, Chaz. That’s awesome.  I just hope that some of the haters watched and maybe learned a little something from him being on the show.  I know I am better for having watched.  You rock, Chaz!

Bottom Line:

Rachel:  So, now we’re down half the cast.  I think we all know the race is between Ricki & JR barring any major upsets.  It’s just the run-up until the finals now.  Next week, it’s all about Halloween.  Dead Man’s Party anyone?  Monster Mash?  What do you think we’re going to hear?


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