RHONJ – Reunion Part 2 – 300 or less

Melissa:  We’re back for part 2 of the reunion and hang on folks… I’ve been drinking since my nephews’ Baptism party at 1 this afternoon so I have no idea how many words I’ll have by the time we’re done – I might even channel my inner Teresa and make up words.  What I DO know, is that tonight, all things will be revealed for the Jersey ladies… or so Bravo will have us believe.  Jersey is in the house and just getting warmed up!!

In a rare moment of silence, it seems Teresa is plotting who she can throw under the bus next - or she's still trying to determine if "un-ducated" is a word. It is... right??

Part 2:

Why start off with sex lives?  COME ON – Joe’s toe licking and “the poison”??  I’m about to lose my stomach!  Wait, Melissa swam in the lady pond??  Oh, just a “rumor” – right… and I’m a “real blonde”.  I jest, I actually like Melissa… I feel bad she has to put up with paw-paw McGraw, but it works for her.  I do not however, like the viewer attacks against my Mamma Manzo!  She speaks her mind and has since the first episode.  The Caroline / Dina story?!  Who even knew there was an issue??  What happened between my mamma Manzo and Auntie Dina?  PLEASE… CAN’T WE ALL GET ALONG??  Do I need to pull a Gia and sing??  Speaking of kids… Ashley drama recap… oh joy.  Let me get my soapbox… that girl is just a spoiled little shit – on a good day!!  She needs to grow up, get a job and show a little respect!  OK, sorry… back to the hostile Housewives.  Clearly Teresa feels she has to screech about every “injustice” done to her, and while I’m here… can someone explain the louder you yell, it doesn’t make you right!  Maybe it’s the drink talking, but I really can’t keep up: Joe doesn’t like Joe, Rich is mean to Teresa, Melissa is a gold digger, Caroline lies and Kathy has the same comforter.  Anyone else a bit thrown over Teresa’s obsession with her brother?How can she can speak so negatively about Melissa and not regret any of it?  What has happened to you Theresa??  E list celebrity does not look good on you my dear!  I think the NJ Housewives need to give themselves a reality check!  Bring on Atlanta!!

RHONJ brought to you by the word: un-ducated – which this winey bitch thinks translates to uneducated – I think… 

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