Project Runway Week 13 – The Finale Before The Finale

One-Sentence Summary:  It’s mini-collection time for the final four with only three heading to Fashion Week.

My Thoughts:

This is how Josh feels about Anya making it to Fashion Week.

Rachel:  Oh boy kiddies, here we go.  I feel like it’s been a long hard road for all the designers… as well as the viewers.  I am 100% Team Viktor at this point, which doesn’t bode well for him as my favorite has never won.  I just feel like Viktor has the best eye and the highest taste level mixed with the most skill.  I’m not an Anya fan as well all know.  I think she is super talented but I just don’t think she’s earned this yet.  Besides, it seems that most of you think she’s a bitch.  We can see the Google search terms that people use to get to our site.  Don’t worry. There’s no other information attached.  I can’t see where you live or any of the other odd search terms you are Googling.  That’s between you and the folks in California.  What I can see is that a lot of you have found our lovely little site by searching “Anya Project Runway bitch.”  And it’s been each and every week for the last, oh, 5 or 6 weeks.  At least.  So, I’m gonna guess that there aren’t a lot of you that are going to argue with me about not wanting her to win.  Shall we see if she makes it to Fashion Week at all?

No Sleep Til…

The designers have gone home to work on their mini-collections and Tim is off to check on them. His first stop is Maryland to see Kim. Her inspiration for her line is Brooklyn pre and post-gentrification. It's urban girl transformed.

Kim takes Tim into her workroom to show him what’s she has been working on.  Tim thinks it’s very her but wants her to take risks.  I think Kimberly has a shot if she can keep her line focused.  Afterwards, we get to meet Kim’s best friends and sister.  They have become her support system since her mother passed and say that Kim’s always had a great sense of style.  Seems like a super supportive community that she has around her.  That’s really awesome.  Making me miss my girls right now.  Sniff sniff.  Kim wants to be the first African-American winner of Project Runway.  I don’t think she’s going to be but you never know…

Island Life

Next stop is a visit to Trinidad to see Anya. Tim gets a boat tour of the island, has lunch with Anya and her brothers and then visits Anya's workroom to see her designs. Problem is, she has none. Um, that's a problem.

How happy is Tim that he got to score a trip to Trinidad?  I love that he’s still wearing a suit at the beach.  LOL… Loosen it up a little Tim… At least, loosen the tie.  Have a drink served in a coconut.  It’ll do a body good.  We meet Anya’s brothers who are happy that people see her for her talent now more than her beauty.  Yes, it must have been so hard being a beauty queen on a tropical island.  Anya’s inspiration for her line is the sea.  Too bad she has no actual garments to show Tim.  Needless to say, Tim is not feeling good about this.  He makes sure she remembers she can’t have any help.  Well, this doesn’t bode well for her.

Bite The Apple

Next we're off to see Viktor who is a New Yorker so Tim is back in the Big Apple. Viktor tells us he is inspired by his visit to Mexico on the anniversary of his brother's death. He wants to make him proud. Unlike Anya, Viktor has a lot of pieces done that he share with Tim.

There are a million stories in the City and Tim has to climb 5 of them. Poor Tim had to walk up 5 flights of stairs in his crisp suit to get to Viktor’s workroom.  This was not what he was thinking when he said make it work.   But the beads of sweat on his brow are soon forgotten as Tim is very impressed with Viktor’s work and is loving the collection.  There is only one piece he doesn’t like.  Tim says, “Let your viscera dictate.”  Viscera…  Love that word! I may have to find a way to work it into conversation today.  We get to meet Viktor’s partner and we hear about their relationship being “love at first sight.”  It’s all about the people around you that love you and support you.  Viktor is from an immigrant family and is living the American dream.  Warm and fuzzy oozing out of every pore!  Team Viktor!

Tea With The Queen In Queens

Josh brings his sister McKenzie to meet Tim in Queens before taking him to his studio to show him what he's been working on. Tim thinks the collection is gimmicky and sherbert-y. Well, that's not a good start.

I think the most shocking moment of the visit is find out that Josh was an athlete in high school.  Even Tim is openly shocked.  We see a pic of Josh back in the day, pre-eyebrow grooming.  Awesome.  The collection viewing isn’t as good of a time.  Josh shows Tim the blue & green wackiness in his hands but Tim is barely affected by it as he is so scared of the print on the mannequin behind him. He calls it the homeliest textile he’s ever seen in his life.  It’s sad and it makes him want to weep.  Wow, that’s an ugly fabric.  So, basically Josh is screwed because that was the centerpiece of his collection.  Now, he’s down to two pieces.  Well, that’s two more than Anya.

One Big Happy Family

The kids are back and they're staying at the Hudson Hotel in the penthouse. Walking onto the balcony Josh feels a breeze and knows it's his mom. Tim welcomes the designers back with a champagne toast.

Mein Gott, the sentiment on this episode is killing me!  We have got two moms that have passed and two brothers.  Heartstrings being plucked all over the place.  Josh on the balcony feeling his mom in the breeze near broke me.  I’m fragile people.  We get a little more happy with the lovely pop of the champagne bottle.  Champers makes everything better.  Always.  But after the flutes are put down, the collections are unveiled and the eying of each others designs begins…  As does the critiquing.  Too casual… not pushing far enough… not my taste.  All the good will and positivity goes flying out the window and a much colder breeze  blows through.

One Last Time In The Workroom

Everyone's back in the workroom for the last runway before Fashion Week. Tim tells the designers that three looks will go down the runway. The models will be fit for the first time the day of the runway. That is not anyone's favorite news. But it's time to show Tim the three looks they're thinking of sending down. Not everyone is in good shape.

Viktor shows Tim his white leather jacket, which causes a collective “Oh shit” from the rest of the room.  Tim gives him the thumbs up.  Josh shows his new collection. It’s better than when we last saw him but Tim wants him to make sure it’s not schizo. Good luck.  Kimberly’s 3 pieces are more like 10 pieces.  Tim needs her to center herself and find the three.  Om…  Anya finally has something to show but Tim is disappointed because it’s all totally her comfort zone.  There needs to be a surprise and it’s not there.  Tim says commit and finish it.  If Anya doesn’t make it to Fashion Week, it will be, IMHO, the single biggest crash & burn in Runway history.  I have a feeling, however, that we’re being set up.

Week 13 Runway

Ok, here we go!  I’m actually excited, if you can believe it!

Viktor’s Collection

First is Viktor's dress with the leather skirt. That's fun. I like the dress a lot. Next are the print pants and jacket. I love this. I am not generally a print girl and i'm not sure how you wear glass but I'm digging it. The last look - The white leather jacket is awesome but I'm not sure how I feel about the dress.

Anya’s Collection

First up is the batik dress - It's got a cool shape. I like. Next up, the bathing suit - There is nothing interesting about it and the coverup is terrible. The gold dress - I want to like it more than i do. Looks kind of thrown together.

Kimberly’s Collection

Kimberly's first look is the upscale sweats and top - Um, its' fine. Not a huge fan of the blue. The pink skirt & blue top - Yikes. I hate that skirt. The black gown - This is pretty amazing from the back and the shimmer is insane. i don't see how it goes with the other pieces but it's the best one.

Josh’s Collection

Josh's first look is the pink pants and jacket - I really like the jacket and pants but not sure about the shirt underneath. The little black dress - It's ok but if it makes the model look bumpy, what would it look like on a real woman? The gown - The neck is cool but I'm confused by it. Wait, there are pants in the back. So, it's a jumper-gown. What?

The Feedback

No guest judge this week. It's just Nina, Michael & Heidi sending three to Fashion Week.

Anya – Nina loves the batik dress. Heidi likes it too but the bathing suit is not flattering and the caftan is drab.  the gown looks like something done in a day and not made very well.  It should be the wow piece.  Michael thinks it looks tortured.  It’s satin, which shows everything.  The styling isn’t helping.  It needed to be beach-ier.

Kimberly – Michael loves that he knows they are her clothes.  He likes how she handled sexiness.  It’s full of color and sex appeal so she didn’t need all the jewelry.  Nina thinks the accessorizing is an issue and that the clothes should look cooler  Heidi doesn’t like the bubble but skirt.  It’s awful.  Michael says it would be better if it wasn’t quite as “arced”.  Heidi thinks she should have shown more of her palette b/c this is the last day.

Viktor – Michael loves first two.  The jacket is great. He loves how he played with the print on the pants.  The tailoring is impeccable.  Heidi likes see-through top.  She loves the jacket, but not with the dress.  She actually puts the white jacket  on with her black pants and it looks amazing.  That was what the styling should have been.  Nina loves the top of the dress but thinks the skirt is too full.  She actually loves it without the skirt.  Michael thinks he finally turned the volume up but maybe too much.  Editing is important.

Josh – Heidi likes the modern feel of his design.  She likes the jacket but doesn’t love the buckle.  Michael thinks the jacket is great and actually likes the seat belt.  He thinks the black is great as well, but it doesn’t need the modesty tab.  As for the gown-jumper (gumper?), he loves it from the front, but hates it from the back. He laughs at the notion that any woman would want her butt exposed in Olivia Newton John leggings… It’s a weird combo. Nina says he styled the girls the best of the group.  She is very impressed and thinks  he is a very good designer.

And The Winners Are…

Wait... What just happened?

Damn, I’m nervous.  I don’t know why.  Nobody’s sending me home.  Josh is the first one in.  Viktor is next. (Yay!)  Comes down to the ladies as we all knew it would being that the judges said that the girls choked today.  Kimberly is in.  If they say Anya is in too, I’m gonna be pissed… And they say that Anya is in, as well.  I knew it!  I effing knew it.  Wait, didn’t they do this before?  Josh is not thrilled to say the least.  Viktor looks like a deer in headlights.  I had a feeling they wouldn’t let her go home.

Bottom Line:

Well, it’s a 4-way contest for the top prize.  See you all next week at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!


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